Private Islamabad Tours Through the City of Natural Beauty

Islamabad Pakistan's capital is in a class of its own. Located in the northwest of the country on Potohar Plateau Private Islamabad Tours Through the City of Natural Beauty and symbolic in history are very popular. Part of a crossroads of the Rawalpindi and the North West Frontier Province, Islamabad was built in 1960 to replace Karachi as the new capital of Pakistan. When you book a Private Islamabad sightseeing tour, you will see how it has preserved its natural beauty, its heritage and still made great strides of development and modernisation. 

While you are on an Islamabad guided tour, you will notice how clean, quiet and spacious it is in comparison to other major cities around the world. You will also see the city is full of greeneries and is noted for its high standards of living and safety.  Read More...

Private Islamabad Tours Through the City of Natural Beauty

Islamabad makes a perfect location for group tours or individual trips. Each day the golden sunshine travels through the blue skies to meet the numerous shades of green in the city. The city has a healing power of its own as it is filled with parks, clubs, malls, cinemas, sports facilities, restaurants and hotels.

 Private Islamabad custom tours will enable you to escape the daily pressures of life on a city tour of full tranquillity and peace. Islamabad is known as the city of peace, and during your stay, you will experience picturesque views of the Margalla Hill, lakes and lushes greenery and much more. Islamabad is also home to Pakistan largest mosque; its beauty is not to be missed and even more, breathing taking when touring there at night as you will experience the stunning mosque with exquisite lighting. Guided tours inside the mosque will allow you to escape into a spiritual journey. This experience will give you the ultimate relaxation!

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