Tour of Myanmar and Experience Traditional Life With the Locals!

 Tour of Myanmar and Experience Traditional Life of the Locals! There is so much to see, admire, learn and enjoy in Myanmar. From the men still dressing in their ‘Longyi’ (skirts),  both men and women covered in traditional makeup, Thanakha, or the elderly ladies with their mouths full of juice, which looks like blood, from chewing Betel, you are welcomed to their country with open arms. 

The people of Myanmar are very happy, so friendly and their interest in you, the traveller, is genuine. With their pace of life being very laid back and you cannot help but do the same.

Travel with your guided tour through the Ayeyarwady River in a luxury cruiser or a river steamer, visit the many sacred stupas, trek through the forests, experience traditional life in villages or just relax on the beautiful beaches, your options are endless. 

Thankfully too, there is always a cup of tea to be found, even in the most rural village due to a bit of British influence in the early days.

Even with all the recent changes to this Country, the people remain staunchly traditional.

Another place to visit whilst in this beautiful country is Yangon, thanks to Myanmar's recent liberation, the city of Yangon s being rejuvenated, the buildings and monuments are getting makeovers, new shops, bars and restaurants are constantly opening. There is an air of excitement and hope everywhere you go in Yangon.   Read More...

Tour of Myanmar and Experience Traditional Life With the Locals!

This is definitely a new Country to tour to, sooner, rather than later as it starts its new life with a new name and without as many restrictions. Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar had changed dramatically since 2015 when the people of Myanmar voted for its first democratic government in 500 years.

As a result, the new government has removed sanctions which in turn has businesses investing there and helped the tourism business ten fold with lots of private tour companies opening up.

 We also get to find out more about the country and what is going on, thanks to the relaxation of media censorship. Modern technology is gradually coming in with Wifi and phone coverage found in the large cities and towns.

Once you have been, take the road to Mandalay! There are numerous monasteries and pagodas of stunning architecture, workshops to learn how they craft beautiful Buddhas and other grand statues and teahouses to sit and relax in.

Top 10 Things to Do in Myanmar

Mandalay's Hill
1 To the south of Mandalay hill, you find a covered stairway to walk up, during the climb you will have to walk barefoot through sacred temples. The climb takes around 30 minutes, but if you want to stop and take in everything on view, it can take considerably longer. There are other routes to take up the hill, but this is the best. A superb time to climb is sunset; as young monks come out
Botataung Paya
2 Found in Yangon, this beautiful Buddhist Temple is on the riverfront and best seen with a guided tour. It has an amazing Zig Zag corridor leading up to the Golden Zedi stupa. Other Zedi Stupas are solid but inside this temple is hollow and here, there are glass showcases displaying artefacts and relics from ancient times including. 
Sadden Cave
3 Like everywhere in Myanmar you will find Buddha statues, but here at the entrance to Sadden Cave, they are breathtaking. Take a private tour to this cave which is the size of a football stadium and where it takes 15 minutes to creep your way through the chambers with high ceilings, which are home to lots of bats, as it is dark, so be sure to bring a torch. Then you emerge on the other side of the cave to see a magnificent sight of a secret lake full of ducks and lily pads.
Mahamuni Paya
4 This is another beautiful Buddha temple to take a guided tour of, situated in Mandalay. Thousands of faithful's dressed in colourful wear, attend every day to the Mahamuni Buddha. There is a 6-inch layer of pure gold all over the sacred Buddha except for his face that is polished as 4 pm every day, the story of how the Buddha statue got to this temple is told through paintings in the courtyard gallery.
Shittaung Paya
5 Located in Mrauk U this temple, built originally in 1535, is not like others found in Myanmar, it feels like it was clumsily made which makes it even more intriguing. Shittaung translated means ‘Shrine of 80,000 Images’ and has lots of holy images inside. There are lots of areas, halls and rooms to visit, admire and learn about from your guided tour and a passageway that opens out onto a view like no other, it will literally take your breath away.
Shwedagon Paya
6 Shwedagon Paya is one of the holiest places for Buddhism and is situated in Yangon. The Zedi here is 325ft and covered in tonnes of gold leaf, diamonds and other gems. It is spectacular to see at dawn when it is so tranquil and relaxed with only a few people paying their respects at that time.  A private tour guide will explain to you all the fascinating history!
Ananda Pahto
7 Found in old Bagan, Myanmar, Ananda is one of the best preserved, finest and largest Temples. As you approach the temple on your private tour, you can see the gold 170-foot tall building shimmering in the distance like a mirage. It was built perfectly proportioned back in 1090 and has so many different statues, carvings and Buddhas to admire and learn about. Outside the temple is just as impressive.
Dhammayangyi Pahto
8 This huge temple can be seen from all places in Bagan. It is a 12th century walled temple, famous for its bricked up passageways inside and cruel history. After killing his father, brother and executing one of his wives, King Narathu built this temple to atone his sins. He was a cruel man and the stories are unbelievable but true. It is a stunning temple with receding terraces and porticoes, high ceilings that have bats in the corners.
Shwe Oo Min Natural Cave Pagoda
9 Above Pone Taloke Lake, Pindaya, you will find these natural Caves and tunnels bursting with approximately 8000 Buddha statues all shapes and sizes. As they are on a ridge, there are various heights to climb to different caves all with something to excite you and only to be done on a guided tour for safety. It can be a trek to the highest cave or tunnel, although there is a lift for the last bit, but, so worth all the exhaustion. A very unique experience .
Central Market Kyaingtong
10 It is a must, if you are anywhere near Kyaintong, to visit the Exotic Central Market. You will find the true taste of local culture with a mix of tribal people from the hills bringing their fresh and unusual produces to sell in the market. There is some delicious food to taste for the adventurous. The banter with the people selling their stuff is brilliant and there is such a lively and happy atmosphere at every turn.
Let the activities begin!
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