Without Delay Take a Private Tour to Mandalay in Myanmar

 Fresh from many restrictions and a with a new democratic government Mandalay is a city of hope and dreams, without delay take a private Tour to Mandalay in Myanmar.

The second largest town in Myanmar, from first glance, can be seen as a busy, traffic jammed concrete building place, but once you look past all that, you find a beautiful location to explore. There are numerous monasteries and pagodas of stunning architecture, workshops to learn how they craft beautiful Buddhas and other grand statues and teahouses to sit and relax in.

The people of Mandalay and Myanmar are most welcoming, friendly and happy people. They love to meet new people from all over the world and learn from them especially because of the restrictions that were in place before there were not as many tourists.

Take a sightseeing tour to the rural parts of Mandalay and find the active traditional people, both men and women covered in traditional make-up known locally as thanakha and men wearing longyi which are like skirts. Their mode of transport is a horse and cart.

Let the activities begin!
7-Day Private Guided Myanmar Classic Tour with Hotel Accommodations
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The wonderful 7 Day Private Myanmar tour provides you the significant highlights of Myanmar’s most popular attractions in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Amarapura, Ava, Saging.

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Price varies by dates and group size
7 days Scheduling Private Tour Yangon
Mandalay Full Day Private Tour
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Explore Mandalay on a full-day tour with your own private guide. Visit top attractions such as Kuthodaw Pagoda, Golden Palace Monastery (Shwenandaw Monastery), Mahamuni Pagoda

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8 hours Scheduling Private Tour Mandalay
Bagan Day Tour
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If you are looking for a tour with breathtaking views look no further! I highly recommend this cultural Bagan Private Tour

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8 hours Scheduling Private Tour Mandalay
Day Trip To 3 Ancient Cities Around Mandalay
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This tour covers 3 ancient cities near Mandalay and enjoys rural area near Mandalay by local boat and horse cart at Ava. This tour is highly recommended by many travelers.

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8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Mandalay
7 Days Culture Highlights of Myanmar Private Tour
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Start from Mandalay and it was over in Yangon. Your guide will meet you at Mandalay airport, visit around Mandalay, Bagan, Yangon and transfer to Yangon airport for departure.

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7 days Scheduling Private Tour Mandalay
Shwe In Bin Kyaung
1 While all other temples and pagodas in Mandalay are covered in gold, this fabulous monastery is of carved teak and is stunning to look at and admire. It is built upon tree trunk poles and the interior is majestic with more dark teak everywhere. A guided tour of this monastery is extremely enjoyable and the history keeps you enthralled. The gardens surrounding the monastery is pristine and it all looks so picturesque.
Atumashi Kyaungdawgyi
2 A very unusually shaped Monastery that is found in Mandalay. It is actually made up of a few different stupas (temples) in one area, all with terraces and peacock motifs. Each building has its own use with the largest one being the prayer chamber. It once had a Buddha with a huge diamond set in it, but it was stolen after the British takeover in 1885. What is there today is a reconstruction as fire in 1890 destroyed it.
Mandalay Palace
3 A must see destination on an escorted tour in Mandalay is the Mandalay Palace. Originally built in the 1850s it was completely reconstructed in the 1990’s and has more than 40 timber buildings. You have an opportunity to climb a spiral watchtower made of timber and you get the most fantastic view of the whole Palace and gardens. The most impressive thing that strikes you immediately is the multilayered tilted gold pyramid above the main throne room.
Jade Market
4 For something completely different to do in Mandalay, visit Jade Market. This fun trip is where you get to see jade traders trying to sell their ware and haggling till someone finally gives in. Or watch the craftsmen and women cutting and polishing jade. You may not go with the intention of even liking Jade, but after the traders finish with you, you think you have bought the most precious gem ever, it is hilarious.
Yankin Hill
5 A hill with a Temple on top does not do justice to describe Yankin Hill. It is the place to go on a private tour, for great views of Mandalay and while on the way there, feed some domesticated stags to bring you Buddhist merit. There is a covered stairway up to the hills, but a car or motorbike can get near the hilltop on one side. The Pagoda walkways are along the ridges where there are goldfish statues that the devoted splash water on for good luck.
Ta Moke Shwe Gu Gyi
6 This is a massive complex and one of the finest sites in Myanmar for archaeology. A private tour is a must to Ta Moke Shwe Gu Gyi as there is no on-site English guide or even English signage. It is a fascinating site none the less with the ‘encased’ Buddha that has three Buddha statues built into each other, resembles the Russian dolls concept and the remains of a two-story temple with depictions of animal,
Mya Kyauk Kyaung
7 The Mya Kyauk Kyaung is a modern monastery with a notable brass stupa. The Mya Kyauk area is well known for its subterranean source of alkaline mineral water which is supposed to promote IQ, which helps such things as diabetes, gout, constipation and morning sickness. To have some of this water, you have to first seek an audience with the head monk who will decide if you are worthy of drinking this water.
Mandalay Hill
8 The trek to the very top of Mandalay Hill is only 30 minutes if you walk directly there but as there is so much to see on the way it will take you a lot longer. There are parts of the climb that you have to be in your barefoot as you are walking through a sacred temple and you will be told when on a private tour. There are a few different routes to the top, but the most popular one is covered, so you are sheltered from the heat or rain depending on the time of year.
Mahamuni Paya
9 A beautiful Buddha temple situated in Mandalay to be viewed and admired. Thousands of faithful's dressed in colourful attire, attend every day to the Mahamuni Buddha. There is a 6-inch layer of pure gold all over the sacred Buddha except for his face that is polished around 4 pm every day. Inside the temple, the story of how the Buddha statue got to this temple is told through paintings in the courtyard gallery.
Pinya Stupa Ruins
10 Pinya was once an ancient capital of Myanmar after the last Mongol attacks in 1303. Built by Governor King who was not well liked, he created great Bagan style buildings, but all that remains are large brick stop ruins. It is a novice archaeologist ideal place to go and visit on guided tour, which still has images of Buddhas visible. 

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