Visit the Beautiful Old Town Square on a Sightseeing Tour of Prague!

Prague, with all of its beauty and richness in people and culture, experience one of the largest turnouts of people annually in the name of tourism.

Visit the beautiful old town square on a sightseeing tour of Prague!

This city is hot candy among tourists, and that candy is never growing cold anytime soon as the crowd of heads visiting do not seem to be waning at all.

Private tours to an unusual location such as Prague would surely have much to offer.

Go back in time explore the real Prague in guided historical guided tour.

On the eye, Prague is undoubtedly pleasing with its amazingly beautiful medieval city layout coupled with a very rich history to back it up.

Vegas-inspired nightlife, parks that are as expensive as can be and also, a whiff of love and romance in the air, you simply could not but fall in love with this city.   Read More...

Guided Private Walking or Underground Tours of Prague

Visit the Beautiful Old Town Square on a Sightseeing Tour of Prague!

A walking tour of Prague is usually a good place to start from when you are trying to get yourself accustomed to the new environment.

During the walking tour in Prague, you would be able to gain access to some valuable and fascinating information such as a history of the city and it would also be a great place to know about any side attractions that are worth seeing before you repack your bags for home.

These guided tour groups will give you the basic knowledge that you need about locations such as the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, etc.

The underground tour of Prague takes you through an underground passage that runs under a series of houses. This would also expose you to even more of the catacombs that are present in the city of Prague.

It might now be time for you to unwind by just walking the streets of Prague and soaking in all the other sights as you see fit. Don’t worry, just be happy.

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Prague

Prague Castle
1 When in Prague, the next compelling place you should see after your walking tour is the Prague Castle. It is even much more logical since any walking tour you take would always make sure you end up near this popular view. The most famous and sight-worthy location in the castle is the St. Vitus cathedral – a large building that is even visible when you’re outside the city’s walls.
Petrin Park
2 Petrin Park is the biggest and most beautiful park in the city of Prague and from there, you can view the city’s landscape in a better way. Petrin park is home to attractions such as a garden, has a maze designed into it and also, a beautiful watchtower that bears semblance to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Petrin park is sited on a hill, and this can make it quite a daunting exercise to try and submit it, but it is well worth to visit.
John Lennon Wall
3 A day at Petrin Park should be rounded up by just proceeding down the neighborhood towards Kampa, from where you would see the John Lennon wall. The wall became to be known as such when some students from the 1980s started to write the lyrics of a famous artist, John Lennon, on the wall, in a bid to voice out their displeasures and grievances. Today, tourists are even allowed to paint and write on the wall.
The Waterfront
4 With everything you’ve done on this day one, you must have been spent already and relaxing near a waterfront is just what you need to unwind. Kampa has some impressive restaurants by the river, and you would find these by just walking down from the John Lennon wall and crossing a bridge on the way.
Old Town Square
5 From your walking tour, you would have gotten an excellent view of the Old Town Square itself, but this is nothing compared to fully immersing yourself in the beauty of the square. Hang around to watch while enjoying a nice snack, look at the much talked-about astronomical clock, make a visit to the churches in the area and do not forget to check out the city’s catacombs which would surely worth your exploration time.
The Jewish Quarter
6 The Jewish Quarter is one of Prague’s biggest attractions, given that this was the location saved by Hitler to make into a museum for the Jewish race he wanted to wipe out. The museums and graveyards in this area now serve as a memorial of honor to what used to be the largest community of Jews in Europe.
Letenske Sady (Letná Park)
7 The park is located just a few walking meters from the Jewish quarter. There are a lot of walking trails in the park, a broad view of the city and for your refreshments, a café is at hand. On the other side at Chotkovy Sady, you would be treated to a beautiful view of gardens and the Prague castle’s rear view. A secluded path in this area is as discreet as can be and a romantic stroll here would not be forgotten in a hurry.
Kutna Hora
8 Kutna Hora gained its prominent status in the medieval age as this was a very important mining site for silver, which generated lots of wealth for the Prague kings. The town has now also gained recognition for a location known as the bone church, containing tens of thousands of bones. Other site-worthy attractions in Kutna Hora includes the medieval churches, town square, and the well-groomed streets.
9 Vysehrad, alongside the Prague Castle, was also one of the castles that housed the kings of Prague. Built in the 10th century, the castle holds the oldest standing building in Prague – the Rotunda of St. Martin. This is a place that few tourists visit so be sure to have more of the view to yourself.
The Powder Tower
10 The Powder Tower is one of the 13 gates the city originally had. With its construction starting in the year 1475, the tower was named so because it was mainly used to store gunpowder. Unfortunately, the tower got damaged in 1757.

Travel Tips for Prague

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