The Mother of All Cities Private Guided Tour of Kiev

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, with unique historical traditions and unique culture with a European-style of life.

The mother of all cities private guided tour of Kiev, as known by the Ukrainians.

It is classed as one of the most beautiful cities of the world that picturesquely spreads over onto the Dnipro river hills.

As with other old towns, Kyiv has no exact date of beginning. However, legend states Kyiv was founded more than 1,600 years ago by three brothers Kyi, Schek, Khoryv and their sister Lybid. 

The city was renamed after the oldest brother Kyi.

In the 10th century, it became the capital.

Christmas and new year in Kiev is a magical time, with much celebration and fun with twinkling lights and a festive atmosphere, they certainly know how to party!

Take a private tour of Kiev and enjoy your cultural experience.

Let the activities begin!
Private City tour of Kiev
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Meet with the history of the capital of Ukraine. Experience Kiev from the ancient time till nowadays with a professional guide.

Price varies by group size
3 hours Scheduling Private Tour Kiev
Caves Monastery
1 An unusual attraction of mummified bodies of the ancient monk's with their religious relics and icons in the caves. The monks are still active here, and you can see them praying and chanting. Beautiful gardens around the caves and monastery. You need to cover up before entering the caves, and there are free cover-ups available. Your tour guide will keep you informed.
Saint Sophia Cathedral
2 Saint Sophia is the original cathedral and not a reconstructed building. It serves as a museum now, and no pictures are allowed to be taken inside. It is fascinating to see parts of the frescoes, mosaics and original flooring. The amazing collections and tiled walls and floors. The enormous chandeliers and columns. The views from the top of the bell tower are breathtaking. A guided tour here is a must !  
Great Patriotic War Museum
3 If you are a war history enthusiast, this is a significant landmark with three museums inside to see on a guided tour. It also has a great outdoor vintage WWII weaponry exhibition. The museum itself is well put together with endless facts and figures and well documented. Lots of photographs and personal belongings of the people who lost their lives fighting the Third Reich. Sombre and moving.
Khreshchatyk Street
4 Such a fantastic place to walk along and view this historic and beautiful city, and the centre of this amazing country!! Take multiple walking tours, share in the celebrations as the street Kreshchatyk is closed to vehicles on weekends, the boutique and trendy stores are phenomenal. Take a seat in the many bars and cafes and watch the locals go about their day.
Certificate of Excellence National Opera House of Ukraine
5 The orchestra and the dancers are incredible. The Opera house was old but stunningly beautiful. I would highly recommend going anytime when you are in Kiev on a private tour. Even, if you are not a big fan of ballet, you will still enjoy going to see the ballet here and especially at Christmas time seeing the Nutcracker. The symphony performs the live music orchestra. It is an incredible opportunity to be part of the dance ballet show in such an old theatre.
Landscape Alley
6 A lot of interesting statues and sculptures and impressive buildings from the beginning of 20th century surrounded. Lovely place to visit, fabulous statues. This is good in the summer for photos, and you can take some interesting pictures and check out the local street vendors selling souvenirs and other local treats. Great view of the houses down the street in various colours. Very different and exciting place to visit while in Kiev.
Walking tour of Kiev City
7 The only way to truly explore the wonderful city of Kiev is by a walking tour. This way you get to take in the enjoyable ambience found in the city. Stroll around the Besarabsky Market and pick up a few souvenirs while on this tour. Admire the architecture and learn about the older buildings from your expert tour guide. The tour guides have a great way of making even the most boring thing into something exciting and fun.
The Tunnel of Love Tour
8 If the reason for your visit is romance, then you must take a private tour to the Tunnel of Love. This is among the most romantic and fantastic attractions found in all of Ukraine. It is located a couple of hours from Kiev, but with a well organised private tour, the travel adds to the romance. The atmosphere found here is incredible and the optical illusions make the tunnel look endless in a beautiful archway of leafy trees.
St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery
9 An impossible building to miss when on a city tour of Kiev is St. Michael’s Golden Domed Monastery. The striking gold of the domes and the blue walls make this monastery an impressive vision. There is a fascinating history attached this building and on a guided tour of the museum located in the Monastery’s bell tower, you will learn the majority of it. The monastery is as impressive inside as it is outside.
Maidan Nezalezhnosti / Independent Square
10 The central square of Kiev is called Maidan Nezalzhnosti or Independent Square. It is somewhere you will pass through or around many times on city tours or walking tours of Kiev. Within the square, there is the Independence Column, six fountains and even an artificial waterfall. At different stages, throughout the year there are concerts, parades, colourful festivals and other public occasions held here.

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