Overwhelming Odessa for Beauty and Intrigue on Private Guided Tours

Take a trip to the Black Sea coast and Ukraine's fourth largest city, Odessa, located in the south of the country. On private guided tours you will be treated to beauty, charm and intrigue as well as culture, history and art.

It was in the late 18th-century that Odessa was founded as a naval fortress for Russia. It was a free port for years in the mid 19th-century and as a result, it became a multinational city with many nationalities making this city their home.

There is much history attached to the city of Odessa which anyone can learn through guided tours of places such as the Museums, galleries, Palaces, monuments, churches or cathedrals found here.

There is also the coastal facilities that can be enjoyed as Odessa is a popular tourist attraction for beach holidays and relaxation. There are a number of beaches to choose from and the majority have boulevards, entertainment, cafes, restaurants and not forgetting water sports activities and tours.

Let the activities begin!
The Potemkin Stairs
1 The Potemkin Stairs / Steps are regarded to be the formal entrance to Odessa. They are a giant stairway from the sea front and lead up to the city. These stairs were built during the 19th century and are one of the most well-known symbols of the city. The stairs are 150 yards long and even though from the bottom it looks like the steps are continuous, thankfully, there are landings after every 20 steps. Great to see on a city tour.
Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre
2 The other well-known symbol of the city is the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater which is the Odessa’s oldest theatre. The architecture of this building is spectacular to see on a guided tour. There is an obvious mix of wealth and art. The architectural styles used are Vienna Baroque, Italian Renaissance, rococo and classical baroque. The details and features are amazing and wonderful to see. Try to see a performance when in Odessa!
The Catacombs of Odessa
3 No guided tour of the city of Odessa would be the same without a visit to the Odessa Catacombs. There is a huge tunnel network located underneath the city which is known as the Catacombs. The history you learn when on tour, will amaze you as these tunnels were used as a refuge during World War II by Soviet partisans and then, later on, they were very popular with smugglers. Make sure to visit the small museum here.
Transfiguration Cathedral in Odessa
4 Transfiguration Cathedral - The Savior, is Odessa’s largest Orthodox Church. The architecture of this building is very beautiful and the details found in the facade all add to it. When you are on a private guided tour, you can see the wonderfully preserved relics of a Nicholas of Myra ancient image and copies of ancient icons along with many other things. You will also learn a wealth of history attached to this cathedral.  
Odessa Archaeological Museum
5 Among the oldest in all of Ukraine, the Odessa Archaeological museum is a must see guided tour. It was established in 1825 and these days it has over 160,000 exhibits. There are relics of ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, archaeological relics of classical culture and primitive. Also here is the best antique sculptures and a valuable coins and medals collection. There is so much to see, be sure to have a few hours to spare.  
Pryvoz Market
6 Pryvoz Market is one of two largest and most famous markets found in Southern Ukraine and you can visit it on a sightseeing tour of Odessa. Primarily it is the largest food/farmer’s market in the City and was established in 1827, but there are vendors with stalls selling everything from cheap to luxury items. Be ready to haggle as it is a must when you shop in any open market and the prices given are based on the fact you will haggle.
Museum of Smuggling
7 One of the strangest and most unusual places to take a guided tour of is the Museum of Smuggling. Not surprisingly to learn it is the only smuggling museum in the world that exhibits different method on how to smuggle, would you believe the economics of smuggling and so much more. There is plenty on the most famous smugglers who use the catacombs. It is very interesting and most definitely different museum experience.  
Odessa City Garden
8 Located in the town centre of Odessa is The Odessa City Garden. This wonderful piece o f greenery with the city is a delight to stroll through at any time of the day whether with a sightseeing tour or by yourself. A man named Felix de Ribas founded this City Garden back in 1803 and it is recognized to be the oldest park in Odessa. It is immaculately kept and extra beautiful in Spring with flowers blossoming.  
Odessa Fine Arts Museum
9 It is believed that the Odessa Fine Arts Museum is the owner of the most interesting and one of the richest collections or Artwork in Ukraine. The museum is located in the centre of Odessa and even the building is beautiful. A guided tour is advised as they will make sure you get to see the rarest and best artwork on your tour. The artwork found in this museum is regarded to the most diverse and significant in the Country.  
Walking Tours of Monuments in Odessa
10 There are many stunning and fascinating monuments found in the city of Odessa within walking distance of each other. There is the statue of the Duc de Richelieu who was first governor of Odessa, the Monument of Orange with a statue of Emperor Paul I inside which symbolizes the saving of the city and your tour guide will go into more details as it is fascinating. Also, there is the very beautiful Love Heart of Odessa and so much more.

Travel Tips for Odessa