Visit Lovely Lviv on Private Sightseeing Tours for Charm and Uniqueness

The charm of Lviv, a Ukrainian city, is apparent the moment you arrive. It is located in western Ukraine and only approximately 70 kilometres from the Polish border. The best way to take advantage of the attractions in this city is on private sightseeing tours otherwise you are sure to miss places and things that make this city so unique.

There is a wonderful blend of charm, rustiness, architecture and friendliness that warms the hearts of all who visit. While there are tourists here and they cater for tourists, it is not as popular as other cities and this is a good thing. It is not overcrowded with tourists, guided tours are small and compact, no queues and best of all there is time for the very welcoming locals to interact with you.

This is by no means a boring city, just because there are not many tourists, there is still a lively atmosphere, great places to visit, thrilling activities and festivals that last days!

Let the activities begin!
Rynok Square
1 When in the city of Lviv the first stop of any city tour will probably be Rynok Square or translated Market Square which is the heart of the city. This square has been the bustling city life centre for the past 500 years and thankfully has kept every ounce of an old European city charm. The Traditional City Town Hall has been here since the 19th century and 44 houses surround it. Some are homes others are museums or cafes.  
Lviv’s Chocolate Factory
2 If you see a big crowd gathering, then you have found Lviv’s Chocolate Factory! This very popular workshop is a must on a private guided tour. It is located in the heart of the old city on the quaint pedestrian street. If the legend is to be believed, then Lviv chocolate has been well known since the middle ages. Relax in the cafe drinking a choice of hot chocolate flavours or coffee sampling the candies before you buy.  
Lviv’s Opera Theater
3 A famous landmark of Lviv is its Opera Theater, the formal name being The Lviv National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet of Solomiya Krushelnyts’ka. Using a blend of Baroque and Renaissance architecture, it was built in 1900. It is among Europe’s most beautiful opera houses and its interior is as beautiful as its exterior and luxurious. Taking private guided tours in the daytime is possible and at night see a performance.
Dzyga Art Gallery
4 Where you will find many of the city’s cultural events throughout the year is in Dzyga Art Gallery, the heart of intellectual Lviv. City artists and members of the Lviv Students Brotherhood founded this gallery in 1997. It hosts, on a regular basis, works done by contemporary artists. These will include sculptures, paintings, graphics, iconography and performances. Visit this gallery on a city tour or just drop in yourself. 
Lviv’s City Town Hall
5 When out on a sightseeing tour of Lviv, it is recommended to stop at City Town Hall. Climbing the steps to the very top of the building is regarded as one of the most fun things to do in Lviv. There is a secret that cannot be revealed as it would ruin the fun but there are between 300-500 steps that wind up to the top of the tower. The building now here dates back to the 19th century but the first one was built in 1381.
Lviv History Museum
6 The building that is home to the main History Museum is a very charming building and among the most romantic places in the city.  The museum is possibly the most impressive and oldest city museum.There are over 300,000 artefacts that are spread out among 4 architectural buildings which date back from 16th -18th century. The courtyard in the middle has classical music performances and a cosy coffee shop.
Armenian Cathedral of Lviv
7 The Armenian Cathedral is believed to be the oldest building in Lviv dating back to the 14th Century. When Armenians started to inhabit Lviv, they quickly completed this cathedral which is said to be modelled after Armenia’s Cathedral of Ani. For a place of tranquillity and spirituality, this is the place to visit and with or without a guided tour. Hear the heavenly hymns on Sundays even if you are not a Christian.
Biking Tours in Lviv Parks
8 There are a number of parks in Lviv where you can be active and do some biking tours on specially made trails. There are trails for an easy cycle or more tricky ones for the more adventurous. It is a great way to explore the parks with hills, ravines and forests. For families, there are especially family orientated biking tours for all to enjoy. These tours are great getaways from the city and better when you bring a picnic!
Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life
9 Take a fascinating guided tour to the Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life which is a place to be educated, entertained and relax. Learn about Ukrainian villagers lifestyle, exploring wooden village houses and churches or observing the well preserved everyday household items. Walk the park alleys within the 84 hectares of woods, picnic and generally have fun. This tour is an experience not offered in every city.
Underground Labyrinth Tours of Lviv
10 Check out when in Lviv the 18th-century sarcophagus which is made of solid stone when on a tour of the underground labyrinths or hear the legends of the full Black Monk in the catacombs of St Peter and Paul Cathedral of the Jesuit Order. Also, on this tour, you can visit the fascinating underground Pharmacy Museum. There are many spooky twists and turns involved in this tour and not for the faint hearted.

Travel Tips for Lviv