Let Your Troubles Melt Away With an Amazing Malta Guided Tour

On a Private Tour let your troubles melt away with an amazing guided tour in Malta.  A country packed with temples, hidden coves, cliffs and sandy beaches Malta has it all. 

On a guided sightseeing boat tour, see the cliffs from the best vantage point and relax before maybe scuba diving to check out the hidden treasures under the sea.  The contrast of the coast and the rocky limestones cliffs here is second to none.

Watch out for the hidden bays and swim in the clear waters.  Malta has held one the longest track records of safe and clear dives in Europe. With no tides and a very small amount of current, it's perfect for novice and skilled divers, and there is plenty of treasures to find.   

Music and Theatre and are also very popular in Malta and the surrounding islands, so visit the famous Valletta Manoel Theatre or any of the two opera houses in Gozo or if you are really lucky and take in an open air Opera WOW!!.  

Let the activities begin!
Complete Valletta Walking City Tour
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On this tour you will visit the main highlights of Valletta, while also visiting often ignored but equally fascinating parts of the city.

3 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Valletta
Complete Mdina Group Tour
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Take a journey back in time on the Mdina Tour, admiring the magnificent palazzos and churches , as well as the spectacular panoramas from the high bastion walls.

2 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Mdina
Hagar Qim and Mnajdra
1 Take a guided tour to the best preserved prehistoric sites in Malta. It is located on top of cliffs so not only do you have the archaeology site to explore you have the most amazing views to see looking over the Islet of Filfla. As you enter the ruins of the temple, the front has been restored to give you an idea of how it was originally. There is a huge amount to explore and worth every second it takes to see it all.
2 Take a private tour by boat to this island that is situated between Malta and Gozo. For anyone interested in snorkelling, this is heaven. The island is almost uninhabited and has a sheltered inlet called the Blue Lagoon as its main attraction. The lagoon has white sand and aquamarine water that you just melt away in. Visitors come in winter too, as it is a great place for walkers and photographers.
Tarxien Temples
3 Take a guided tour of Tarxien Temples which are also known as Megalithic Temples of Tarxien. These prehistoric temples are regarded as being the most unique in the world and are included in the Unesco World Heritage Sites. Found near Paola, you can make out from the ruins such things as semi-circular rooms, apses with a concave facade and each of the 3  temples are in the shape of a fat lady, with each one bigger than the other.
St. Paul's Catacombs
4 Located outside Mdina, St. Paul’s Catacombs are underground Roman cemeteries all interconnected. The catacombs have nothing to do with St Paul; they were given the name because they are found near St Paul’s church. These are the earliest evidence of Christianity in Malta and the largest archaeological site of its kind. A fascinating tour in and around these catacombs.
Victoria Lines
5 The Victoria Lines or as some people like to call it ‘the Great Wall of Malta’ was built as a mechanism of defence back in the 1890’s by the British military. It is now a national landmark that runs for 12 km from Madliena to Rabat. Take a guided tour as there are areas where you could stray off the track. The views and scenery as you walk are terrific. Most important: make sure you have plenty of water with you for doing the long trek.
Blue Grotto
6 The southern coast of Malta is home to The Blue Grotto and a must see.  It got its name from a soldier who thought it looked like a grotto in Capri.  Attracting thousands of tourists a year this site is spectacular.  Its claim to fame is, of course, that is was one of the locations used in the movie Troy featuring Brad Pitt.  This natural grotto has amazing natural light and the caves surrounding it reflects fabulous light and colours.        
HMS Maori
7 A unique private tour is a day diving in Valletta. The uniqueness is that you get to dive around the wreck of a World War II destroyer the HMS Maori. This destroyer saw a lot of action and was bombed in 1942 while defending Malta. During your dive your get to swim through the wreck which has panels taken out so easy access to in and out, and sees camouflaged scorpions, seahorses and much more .
Fort Ricasoli
8 On a sightseeing tour of Kalkara, you have to go and see Fort Ricasoli. While at present you cannot enter the fort, you can still see so much walking around the outside. This Fort dates back to 1670 when it was built by the Order of Saint John. It is famous for being the location for big movies such as Gladiator and Troy, but the nowadays it is most famous for being the filming location for Games of Thrones where it doubles as 'Red Keep'.
St. Augustine Church
9 When the city of Valletta was first being created, St. Augustine Church was built. The architect Girolamo Cassar laid the first stone in 1571. A guided tour of this church will bring around all the fabulous nooks and crannies of the beautifully built church. The statues, sculptures inlaid into the church,  the domes painted ceiling, or the golden archways are incredible!!
Malta Maritime Museum
10 In Vittoriosa you will find the Malta Maritime Museum while on a city tour. This museum is the largest museum of any kind in Malta and it records the maritime history of Malta and of around the Mediterranean. As you stroll through this Old Naval Bakery,  which itself is historical, you will see the world's largest Roman lead anchor and artefacts going back centuries. This museum is huge in size.