Sightseeing Private Tour of Gozo island For a leisurely break !

When visiting Malta, taking a private tour to the gleeful Island of Gozo is a gogo! There are many people who describe Gozo as a city that is what Malta was like before in the influx of tourism industry and commercial businesses. Sightseeing private tour of Gozo Island for a leisurely break!

It is definitely a lesser known island compared to Malta itself, but it is as beautiful as any island in the Mediterranean if not more.

Gozo is still hanging on to its old charm and slower pace of life which is ideal for a leisurely break away from the hustle, bustle, and stress of the daily lives.

As the ferry leaves from the shore of the island you honestly feel as though if is leaving you on the island but taking all your troubles away with the boat, a strange thing to say but the truth spoken by many who have experienced this.

What a great feeling! Gozo works really hard to ensure that it keeps its away from the commercial life and keeps its rural lifestyle that can be enjoyed by all visitors.

After the slow pace of Gozo, take a guided tour of Valletta, a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen, so said its founding father. This magnificent fortress city was constructed by the Knights of St John in the 16th century and is now the commercial and administrative heart of these islands.

Let the activities begin!
1 This Citadel is found in Victoria on the Island of Gozo and is aptly named as the 'crown of Gozo'. A fascinating place to take a guided tour to, situated on the top of a hill, it is a bit tiring to get to but so worth all the effort. Dated back thousands of years, even to before the Bronze Age, you can still make out many of the buildings uses such are the Cathedral. The history you hear is awesome!  
Calypso Cave
2 Purely for the myth about this cave, a guided tour is a must. It is said that it is this cave, which Homer mentions in ’The Odyssey”, the nymph Calypso kept Odysseus a prisoner for seven years promising him, if he stayed with her, immortality but he escaped at first chance and returned to his wife. The view from the cave, which is in a cliff near Xaghra, of the very popular Ramia Bay is breathtaking.  
Tal-Merzuq Hill
3 Take a sightseeing tour to this hill which is seen from much of Gozo and has a statue of the Risen Christ that is 320-foot tall on the top of it. Tal-Merżuq Hill is now known as Tas-Salvator – The Redeemer. There are lots of myth and legend surrounding this hill. One legend is that God covered the island in darkness for 3 days as a punishment and the first bit of light was seen coming from this hill.
Ta Kola Windmill
4 While on a private tour of Gozo, visit this windmill called Ta Kola in Xaghra. This windmill is a great example of life and how things were done as a Miller back in the 18th century. Originally there were 12 windmills built, but Ta Kola is the only one that is in a reasonably good working condition and thankfully open to visitors. There is a museum part which has lots of artefacts relation to milling going back eras.
Xewkija Church
5 The church in the village of Xewkija was first built around the 17th century and has since been rebuilt twice on the very same spot. The latest rebuild was in 1952 and it is a stunning piece of architecture with a huge dome roof that matches the best in Europe in size and beauty. The Church can be seen from far away as it stands grandly over all the other buildings in the village. It is quite a sight to see!
The Azure Window
6 When in Gozo or just Malta an absolute must of a guided tour is to the Azure Window. This is an iconic landmark situated within two other landmarks Dwejra Bay and Inland Sea. The Azure window is a flat-topped natural rock that is arched over the sea at Dwejra. This landmark has been used as a film location for many blockbuster movies. It is also a great place for scuba diving, snorkeling or just swimming around.
Wied il-Ghasri Bay
7 An amazing private tour to take is the one to Wied il-Ghasri Bay. The journey to this bay is what is exceptional as you sail through a gap between tall cliffs either side, staring down at you. You then reach a cove that is heavenly with lots of places to dive from and some extremely high. It is a fabulous day out to this Bay and well worth it even if you are not a diver, to swim in the crystal clear water is out of this world.
Maritime Museum
8 For the history buff take a guided tour of this Maritime Museum that is situated in Nadur. It is a privately owned museum and has some of the rarest and priceless pieces of marine history found in Malta. There are hundreds of displays to look at and learn all about, such things like sailor uniforms, old photographs, vessel parts and pieces of wood from Lord Nelson’s ship ‘HMS Victory” the first US warship.
St. George’s Basilica
9 This marble basilica called that because it is covered completely in marble, dates back to the 16th century and is a beautiful, serene place to visit on a private tour.A statue of St George is the main attraction in the basilica but the gilded bronze and gold canopy over the altar is not far behind it. The painting in the dome ceilings are all done by famous artists and needless to say are incredible to look up at.
Quad Tours of Gozo
10 The ideal way to see the island of Gozo is by quad bike, so definitely through your private tour company, go on one of these. Guided by an experienced team of drivers you are brought to the hidden gems of the island that can only be reached by quad bike. The excitement on top of all the brilliant places you are getting see is the best experience ever. The quad bikes are safe and easy to drive if you have never ventured on one before.

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