Visit the Vivacious and Vibrant Victoria on a Guided Private Tour!

Visit the Vivacious and vibrant Victoria on a guided private tour, formally Rabat this is the capital city of Gozo.  Rabat means ‘suburb’ in Arabic, as the town was a suburb of the Citadel.  With a population of about 7,000, it’s the most populated city in Gozo. 

On a sightseeing tour, you will see why Victoria is the Crown of Gozo Malta.  Fortified sometime in the Bronze Age it was further developed during the Roman era.  It’s rather large, and an impressive defensive stone wall surrounding the city protected the locals from any attacks. 

Book a guided tour of the town to see it at its best.  Named after Queen Victoria in 1887 to honour the British Queen's Golden Jubilee at the same time it received its status as a city. The Cittadella is a must see here and the most popular tourist attraction. 

The Grand Basilica dedicated to St. George in the old town, just off Independence Square. The small streets surrounding the basilica are the oldest in town and are worth a walk around.

Another one for your bucket list while in Malta take a mysterious Mdina private guided tours of the ‘silent city’ where according to tradition the Apostle St Paul lived for many years. After being shipwrecked on the islands around 60 AD, he is said to have then lived in Fuori le Aura a grotto outside the city walls.   Read More...

On a Sightseeing Tour, You Will See Why Victoria Is the Crown of Gozo!

Visit the Vivacious and Vibrant Victoria on a Guided Private Tour!

The centre of Victoria is Independence Square, also known as it-Tokk, dominated by the Banca Giuratale, built between 1733 and 1738. This building was the seat of the municipal government of Gozo, while nowadays it hosts the Victoria Local Council.  

Tour the square and see the activity in the morning; a daily open-air market sells all sorts of souvenirs, cafes surround the square, offering cold beverages and pastizzi to the visitors.

Republic Street is the heart of the city with shopping arcades, banks, band clubs and opera theatres dominate this street, while you can also find Villa Rundle Public Gardens for a relaxing time away from the noise of the city.

After leaving this city head on out to Valletta it has World Heritage City status, and it is easy to see why as apart from its interesting Baroque buildings it has idyllic gardens and piazzas. It is easy to lose yourself in the lanes and alleys and imagine you have turned back the clock to those ancient times. 

Top 10 Things to Do in Victoria

Museum of Archaeology
1 To find out the history of archaeology in Malta, take a guided tour of this museum. Even where it is located is an archaeological site, inside the walls of the Citadel. The museum maybe quite small but its content is huge and you get to see stone carvings that date back 5000 years. The thing that stands out most when walking through the museum is the craftsmanship that was around all those years ago
The Old Prison
2 Located inside the walls of the Citadel is the Old Prison which dates back to the mid 16th century.  A guided tour or the prison brings you into the cells that were used by prisoners and there is still graffiti of crosses, ships and the Knights Cross on the walls that were done by the prisoners. The cells are well preserved and there is an exhibition at the entrance explaining the fortification of the prison and artefacts left behind.
Villa Rundle Gardens
3 If you have spent the day on a sightseeing tour or a day out shopping, an ideal place to relax is the Villa Rundle Gardens. Located in the centre of Victoria, it is a peaceful, tranquil place within the city. There are plenty of national trees, plants and flowers but also a good few varieties were imported from other countries. There is a birdhouse with different species of colourful birds for the bird lover to spend their time eyeing.
St. George’s Basilica
4 This grand basilica, which is covered completely in marble, dates back to the 16th century and is a beautiful if not an opulent place to visit on a private tour.A statue of the St George and the gilded bronze and gold canopy are the main attractions but the painting in the dome ceilings, all done by famous artists, are very impressive too. The gilded gold or crystal statues and carvings situated all over the Basilica are mesmerising.
Folklore Museum
5 A guided tour of the Folklore Museum or as it is now known, Gran Castello Historic House will educate you on the life of the Maltese over thousands of years. This museum is found inside the Citadel. There are displays of rural skills such as stonemasonry and agriculture and the tools used over the past generations. You also get to see what type of hobbies people had centuries ago and what they used to do or play them.
The Cathedral of the Assumption
6 This cathedral was built between 1697 and 1711 and is located inside the walls of the Citadel. A guided tour of here is interesting and impressive especially when you see the painted ceiling and the way it gives the impression the roof is a dome. The statue of Santa Marija, The Assumption of Our Lady, is another beautiful and peaceful viewing point. A sense of ease and calmness comes over you when you enter this cathedral that is wonderful.
Natural History Museum
7 For something different, why not take a guided tour of the Natural History Museum. There so much to investigate in this museum like the explanation of the evolution process compared with horses! See fossils that were unearthed thousand of years ago and in the marine section see dried crustaceans and shellfish that highlight the ecosystems in Maltese waters. A fascinating tour and definitely different.
St John’s Demi-Bastion
8 For a fantastic panorama view of Victoria take a private tour to St John’s Demi-Bastion. This fortress in Victoria is good to see, but really it is all the other landmarks you can see from this spot that captures your attention. The fortress is situated in such a place you can see the landmarks of many cities and not just Victoria.With fabulous sea and the landmarks.
Pjazza Indipendenza
9 In the main square of Victoria is the Pjazza Indipendenza which is known all over the Island as the meeting place (It-Tokk). In the meeting place is a market every day from 6 am to 2 pm. It is where the local farmers and traders sell their goods and the best place to pick up some bargains and souvenirs to bring home. It is fun experience in the market with lots of chat and laughter among tourists and traders
10 While on a city tour of Victoria you will be brought to II-Borgo which is actually the Old Town of Victoria. It is a brilliant place to wander around through the maze of little, narrow alleys and lanes. Be sure to stay with the group you are with as it is easy to lose a crowd here. In these alleys and lanes is where you will find the cutest bistros and shops and maybe find that hidden treasure.

Travel Tips for Victoria

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