Explore Kos, The Island of Hippocrates on a Private Customized Tour

A private customized tour is always the best way to explore magical Kos with its beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise waters. The island is famous for its great weather, beautiful landscapes and if you enjoy the nightlife, you will have a fantastic time. Enjoy exploring ancient medieval monuments, picturesque villages along with a wide variety of activities for nature lovers and adventurers alike.

Kos has had a long, illustrious history and the island has had settlements since the early Helladic period – around 2,300 BC. Evidence of these ancient civilizations can be found all over the island. On a Kos culture tour, you will visit sites such as the Asclepeion, Paleo Pyli Fortress, the ancient Agora and the Roman Odeon.

Cycling is a great way to fully explore the towns, and there are many rental facilities with a great selection of bicycles. For the more daring, take a Kos guided cycling tour through beautiful landscapes to the Volcano in Nisiros.

There are great sailing trips around the island and where you can go island hopping, enjoy the dolphins and swim in the crystal clear waters. As Kos is located only 4 miles from the Turkish coast, with boat tours Kos visitors can enjoy a day in Bodrum. Bodrum is one of the most popular cities in Turkey. It has a fantastic Marina, beautiful beaches and of course, Bodrum Castle is a must-see.

Let the activities begin!
Tour the Beautiful Greek Island of Kos Island from Bodrum
Tour the Beautiful Greek Island of Kos Island from Bodrum
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On this day tour, you can see excellent samples of Greek and Italian archaeology, splendid beaches, beautifully painted houses, and a town square vibrant with cafes and shops.

10 to 11 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Mugla
Antimachia Fortress
1 If you want to see Antimachia in all its glory, visit in the early evening when the sunsets and where you will have great photo opportunities as the sun radiates its warm glow over the battlements. This castle-fortress encloses an entire settlement, and once you have seen it, you will understand why it was so crucial to the Knights of St. John, to stand sentry over the entire coastline.
Haihoutes Village
2 Otherwise known as the “Ghost Village” Haihoutes once had a population of around 450 people, however; it has long since been abandoned. Today there is a trendy tavern which sometimes has jazz or Greek music nights. Close to the inn, there is a small museum that portrays the area’s history and a small church showing photographs of how life once was in the village.
Paradise Beach
3 Often called bubble beach as bubbles caused by volcanic gases rise to the surface of the water. Forget your troubles as you lie in this natural phenomenon. The beach has a variety of water rides and a small bar, making for a truly relaxing day out. Near the beach, you will find a small water-park which is constructed right in the sea.
Palio Pyli
4 Close to the village of the same name, Palio Pyli was constructed by the Knights of St John in medieval times. The treks up to the castle may be steep, however, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views, stretching as far as The Bodrum Peninsula in Western Turkey. Of particular importance is the 14th-century church of Ypapanti, with its stunning frescoes, a superb wood-carved altarpiece and columns from an older temple of the area.
Kos Boat Tour
5 There are many fun and relaxing boat tours available in Kos where you can visit nearby islands and swim in crystal clear waters. Islands such as Kalymnos, or Nisyros, the amazing volcanic island where you can enter crater of the volcano and feel the lava grumbling beneath your feet. Why not visit another continent with a day trip to Bodrum on Turkey’s western coast. The first image you will see is the fantastic marina and Bodrum castle.
Asklepion of Kos
6 Probably the most visited attraction in Kos the Asklepion is famous for its many renowned doctors, including the most famous one of all; Hippocrates who practised medicine here. The sick came from near and far in the hope of being treated, and you can still see the patient’s rooms on the first terrace. It is not difficult to envisage the infirm that came here and would only be treated if the Priests deemed they were worthy.
Ancient Agora
7 Located in Kos town and dating back to the 4th century BC, this ancient Agora was once considered the most essential Agora in the world. Admire the temples and the columns, two of which are dedicated to Hercules and Aphrodite. Along with a ruined Christian basilica that was built on top of the Agora, there are also two small Byzantine chapels.
Kos Island Tour
8 With a Kos Private Guided Island Tour, you will really get to know the island well. Customise your tour and visit mountain villages, archaeological excavations and the tree of Hippocrates, the choice is yours as there are many places to choose from. The great feature about this tour is the personalised attention you will get from your guide. 
Roman Odeon
9 Erected in the 2nd century AD, the auditorium today hosts a variety of musical and cultural events for you to enjoy. As you stroll through the Odeon, you will discover a gymnasium and Roman Baths which are still in good condition. Originally the auditorium was roofed with a seating capacity for about 750 people. Today it has a total number of 18 rows of seats. As there are many important sites in the area, you can visit them all on a Kos walking tour.
Neratzia Castle
10 Situated on the seafront in Kos town, Neratzia Castle was constructed by the Knights of Templar in the 14th century. The castle looks very striking from the outside with bastions on all four corners. A drawbridge links the inner and outer boundaries over the former moat. It took over 130 years to build the castle, and on a culture tour Kos, you will see the evidence of different architectural styles.

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