White Sands and Crystal Waters, Treat Yourself on Private Crete Tours

Discover the magic on Private Crete tours, the largest of the Greek islands which is known for its varied terrains ranges that stretches from the sandy beaches of Elafonisi to the White Ida  Mountains.

Mount Ida is the tallest of the ranges and is home to the Ideon Cave. Take one of the sightseeing tours Crete provides to this cave, the birthplace of Zeus, according to Greek mythology. Heraklion homes the renowned Heraklion Archaeological Museum, displaying many artefacts, from Knossos, a Bronze Age settlement.

Take any of the walking tours Crete offers and you can explore the old town of Chiana. Walk through the cobbled backstreets, exploring some of the many churches, synagogues and mosques that stand side by side.

The beautiful Arkadi monastery which overlooks vineyards and ancient olive gardens is a great place to take Crete history tours. It is known for protecting the women and children of the island, from the Turkish troops in the rebellion of 1866.

Let the activities begin!
Heraklion Archaeological Museum
1 Take private Crete tours of the Heraklion museum. This museum brings together finds from all over Crete under one roof.It is one of Europe's most important museums because of the stunning collections that include the remains of a 3,000-year-old Minoan civilisation. The selection of artefacts is spread over twenty-two rooms. Within the display of the most significant and important finds, Crete museum holds the enigmatic disc of the second millennium BCE.
Chania Old Town
2 Visit Chania old town, on sightseeing tours Crete, a quaint historical town village. Walking through the many cobbled side streets discovering the churches, synagogues and mosques side by side. The old town of Chania has three sections, one for the Turkish quarters, along with the quarters for the Venation and Jewish. The port of Chania has rampart walls and a lighthouse built in the 16th century, constructed in an Islamic style.
Crete Food Tours
3 Discover and taste the many cuisines of Crete has to offer with one of the Private Crete tours, Crete Food Tours. Visit shops, markets, and delicatessens, sampling its beautiful gems of cheeses, and olives. Visit bakeries and watch the making of the famous doughnut-shaped bread, known as koulouri. As in most countries, the recipes of the fine cooked dishes have been handed down through the generations.
Crete Safari Tours
4 Enjoy a day out on Crete safari tours, travelling through the beautiful landscapes filled with olive trees. Visit the olive making plants, seeing the amazing transformation of olive into oil. Moving on to the vineyards of Crete where you get the opportunity to sample many wines Crete has to offer. Also in the region visit the chapel of Asia, that is set above a cave and was once a shrine to the fertility goddess.
Historical Museum of Crete
5 Enjoy Crete History tours of the Historical Museum, which collects and preserves valuable archaeological and historical materials.The Byzantine and post-Byzantine collection displays fascinating pieces of art, jewellery, costumes liturgical vessels. The museum holds the only two Greco paintings in Crete. There are items from the interwar and World War II, 13-14th Century rare coins, liturgical jewellery ornaments and medieval pottery.
Kourtaliotiko Gorge Canyon
6 Enjoy walking tours Crete of the Kourtaliotiko Gorge Canyon, burrowing between Kouroupis and Xiro Oros mountains. This is one of Cretes most dramatic natural attractions. It runs along the 3 km straight of the Kourtaliotiotiko Rive. Following the road at the top of the canyon, descend into the gorge visiting the historical church of St.Nicholas  sitting on the hillside.Explore the hidden caves, waterfalls and streams.
Amazon Park
7 For family and kids, take one of the private Crete tours to Amazons Park, which is dedicated to the conservation of endangered and wildlife animals. Carefully designed eco-friendly shelter shades the animals from the sun. Be introduced to the lovable and very friendly monkeys, lemurs competing for your attention, goats, tortoises. Beautiful coloured peacocks and parrots. In the play area for the kids there are donkey rides.
Arkadi Monastery
8 From its position perched on a hill,  overlooking the many vineyards and ancient olive groves is Arkadi Monastery. Enjoy Crete sightseeing tours of the monastery that was built in 1587, on the grounds of a 13th-century Byzantine church. The monastery is famously known for protecting the lives of over 900 women and children in the rebellion of 1866, that was under siege from the Turkish troops. 
9 CretAquarium is a must see place and a wonderful way to spend time as a family. This aquarium is the largest in Greece and on Walking tours Crete, passing the tanks showcasing sharks, loggerheads and turtles, will give you the impression that you are swimming along side them. See the beautiful colours of shoals fish flash in front of your eyes from the many viewing points specially designed. 
Crete Boat Tours
10 Enjoy excellent sightseeing tours Crete when you go on Crete boat tours which take in the beautiful coastline. See the stunning views of the mountain ranges dotted with olive trees, venture into the caves of the Drepano cape coast, swim in the crystal clear blue azure waters, snorkelling in search of fossiled bones that are embedded on the caves rocky surface are what you can expect on these tours.

Travel Tips for Crete