Discover the World's Greatest Treasures by Private Tour of Athens

Home of the first Olympics visit ancient amazing Athens on a private tour. Continuously inhabited for over 7,000 years, Athens is one of the oldest cities and the most ancient capital of Europe. 

It is no wonder that due to its respectable cultural and political systems it has a great impact on the European continent. Not surprisingly, it is the birthplace and the cradle of democracy and western civilisation. 

Well-known as the center for the arts, learning, and philosophy, it is also the place of most of the wise men in western philosophy, western literature, and significant mathematical principles.

Despite reading and hearing so much about Greece, nothing beats seeing the real thıng, feeling the mystical atmosphere surrounding these places and visualise yourself time travel back to ancient Greece.

A magical city once worshipped by gods and people take a private tour of Athens where you will be guided to all the must-see places to make you feel that you have seen the best of Greece!

Today a large section the town’s historic center has been converted into a 3-kilometre radius pedestrian zone. 

Let the activities begin!
1 This has to be on your Bucket list if you are in Athens. This breathtaking holy site situated above Athens on a hill is just oozing history! Set atop a large hill the 360-degree view from the top looking down over Athens is breathtaking! Take an informative private tour guide and see for yourself. Without a doubt, Acropolis is the heartbeat of Athens.
2 This Parthenon was dedicated by the Athenians to Athena Parthenos, the patron of their city. The most magnificent creation of Athenian manpower this big bold and beautiful as you will see on your guided private tour.  Even though this is the 3rd incarnation of this temple it is still a staple and must see on your Greek holiday.   
Temple Of Hephaestus
3 Take a private tour to what may be the best preserved historical building in Athens! The temple was built in honor of a local blacksmith! It is situated on a hilltop and gives stunning scenic views across the city. It gives you an insight as to how the Greeks lived back then, and you can let your imagination run riot! The ancient agora with the roof still intact is a highlight!
National Archaeological Museum
4 This museum is one of the best to see the Greek civilization culture. The museum itself dates back over 150 years! The many artifacts include many stunning jewelry pieces, statues, and gold. The unique exhibits are in fantastic shape and well maintained. The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful and are always eager to answer any questions.
Mount Lycabettus
5 The highest peak of Athens and for the view alone it is worth the hard trek of around 20 minutes to climb to the top, on the walking paths. At the top, the chapel of St. George stands tall and proud, and it made me think of the patrons of the church climbing this hill in all weathers to pray. There is a lovely little cafe selling food and drink all at reasonable prices. The views over Acropolis and the temple of Zeus was beautiful.
Temple of Zeus, Olympia
6 Take a guided tour of the Temple of Zeus when in Athens. See the remains of beautiful bath houses which had fabulously tiled floors. The Roman architecture was astounding and there are 15 of the approximate 105 marble columns originally built remaining. From what you see, you can imagine the grandeur that was once here and it is an excellent place to visit and well worth it.  
The Plaka
7 The Plaka is Athens oldest part of town. It's a lovely little place to walk with a massive selection of small shops and boutiques. The bars and cafes are extremely lively!! So if you love an entertaining evening amongst the friendly Greeks, this is the place to be! If you just want to relax grab a seat at a cafe and have a tea and some baklava! 
Church of the Holy Apostle
8 Situated on the site of the ancient agora, this beautiful little church is well preserved. It was built in the 11th century, the inside is very Byzantine style architecture with pictures of St. John the Baptist with little angels. It is a lovely place to visit here as it was very peaceful and serene.
New Acropolis Museum
9 A visit to this five-floor new museum, which is located at the bottom of the hill from Acropolis is a must for any history buff. The museum exhibits over 5,000 artifacts dating back centuries and a great insight to Greek and Roman civilization.It holds the most popular statue "the goddess of Athena."
Syntagma Square
10 A visit to Athens isn't complete until you visit Syntagma Square, this area has so much political history and is wherein 1974 the military government was overthrown. If you are lucky you will catch the changing of the guards beside the tomb of the unknown soldier. Ideal for photo opportunities.

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