Be Heartened in Historic and Harmonious Havana on Private Guided Tours

Cuba’s largest city and capital is Havana and it is a place of incredible history and culture along with friendly and welcoming people. For many fascinating days, take as many Havana private guided tours as possible.

The laid back attitude of the people in Havana is welcoming and refreshing. Walking tours of Havana are very enjoyable with all the interesting places to visit, markets to wander around and excellent cafes for rest breaks. There is music heard somewhere in the city all day and all night with a great vibe and atmosphere to accompany it.

For all the turmoil that Cuba has been through, Havana has always remained a destination of interest for many. The United States had an enormous influence on the city and helped it grow through the mid 20th century. However, everything changed after Cuba’s 1959 revolution when Cuba’s new leader Castro replaced the presence of the US with the Soviet Union.

Initially, the change caused a deterioration in economic resources which affected the upkeep of the city especially the 'old city'. Thankfully things have changed and since the 1980’s restoration has happened.

Let the activities begin!
Viñales Valley Day Trip From Havana
1 reviews

Enjoy the beauty of this unique Valley located in Pinar del Río Province, the only place on earth to see the mogotes, a mountain formation that can only be seen here in Cuba

22 customer recommendations
10 hours Scheduling Private Tour Havana
Havana Day Trip (From Varadero)
0 reviews

Discover the history of Havana City while riding an oldtimer from the 50's and getting the warmth of our people and a personal tour guide that will excel your expectations.

10 hours Scheduling Private Tour Havana
Havana City Private Tour in Classic Car
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On this half day tour, you will learn a lot about many historic things as well as many current happenings while sitting in an original Classic Car with a driver-guide.

Price varies by dates
6 hours Scheduling Private Tour Havana
Captivating Havana Full Day Private Tour
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Visit the captivating city of Havana on a full day tour. Not only is history revealed but culture also slides through its streets and different styles of architecture

1 days Scheduling Private Tour Havana
Varadero Half-Day Tour
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This is an option for those willing to really discover Varadero. We ride all through the peninsula showing you all the relevant historic and economic places.

4 to 5 hours Scheduling Private Tour Havana
Old Havana
1 A walking tour of Havana will include the fabulous Old Havana or Habana Vieja. Just walking through the public square and admiring the stunning and beautiful architecture of the older builders surrounding it is impressive. Within this area, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can find a magnificent cathedral, a military fortress and museum to name a few. The charm oozes from the cobblestone squares and narrow alleys.  
El Morro Castle
2 Official name Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro, El Morro castle is an interesting place to visit on a Havana private sightseeing tour. This castle is located on rocky high land that juts out into the sea at the entry point of the bay of the city. Work began in 1590 and completed in 1630. It is great to explore the nooks, crannies and lighthouse on your tour and then to enjoy the beautiful views from the highest point possible.  
El Capitolio
3 With private guided tours of Havana visit El Capitolio which is a landmark building of the city. It resembles the Washington DC’s capitol building but is slightly taller and wider. This building was the Cuban Congress headquarters up until 1959. It then became a Cuban Academy of Sciences and the Science and Technology National Library. The architecture and features are stunning, more so now as it is gradually being restored.  
Castillo de la Real Fuerza
4 The Castillo de la Real Fuerza is said to be an engineering marvel for its time. On a sightseeing tour of Havana, you can see canons and mortars in the forecourt, a drawbridge to the castle which is where you will find the Museo de Navegación. The defensive moat is shaped like a four leaf clover and it surrounds the castle. There is much to explore when here including the bell tower which was added over fifty years later.
La Cabaña
5 La Cabaña is the locals name for the Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña which is an 18th-century fortress on top of La Cabana Hill. It was the largest fort built by the Spanish at the time of construction in the 1770’s. During the Batista regime, it was a military prison and became Che Guevara’s headquarters after the Revolution. Take a guided tour at night and see actors in 19th-century costumes perform a canon firing ceremony.    
Gran Teatro de La Habana
6 If you want to see the largest opera house in the world, then take a guided tour of Gran Teatro de la Habana. It's even better if you could experience a performance in this opera house as it will be memorable. Apart from performances, the architecture and decoration of sculptures, marble, stone and bronze works is very impressive. The four sculptures on the frontage represent charity, music, education and theatre.
Museum of the Revolution
7 The Museum of the Revolution is precisely as the name states, a museum on all things related the Revolution before during or after 1959. On a guided tour of Havana's most famous museum learn amazing facts and see artefacts such as period firearms, models of battles, life size wax model of Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos, historic photos and so much more. Tiffany’s of New York designed the interior of the museum.
El Malecon
8 The Malecón is a famous boulevard on Havana’s seafront. It is 7 km long and runs from Old Havana to Plaza area. The boulevard is overlooked by a mix of well preserved architectural styled buildings which are a colourful collection. On a Havana city tour, this is a must if only for the rest breaks in the Hotel Nacional de Cuba. This hotel is a World Heritage Site which had many famous guests such as Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando.
Havana Cathedral
9 Visit the 18th century Havana Cathedral which is renowned for its beauty and often called ‘music cast into stone’. In 1748 the Jesuits began construction of this building and in 1789 it was consecrated. From 1796 to 1898 it held the remains of Christopher Columbus. The Baroque architecture with two towers (one larger than the other) either side is asymmetry pleasing to all who come to visit on a guided tour.
Finca Vigía
10 Take a private guided tour in Havana of Ernest Hemingway’s home Finca Vigía. The famous author moved to Cuba during the 1930’s and quickly bought this 15-acre property. He lived here with his 3rd wife until a year before his death in 1961. The house is filled with books, letters and cats and today there are still descendants of his cats living here. The house was preserved in his memory and restored by the Cuban and US organizations.

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