Fulfil Your Quota of History, Culture and Nature on Private Bogota Tours

Diverse and multicultural are what you get when you go on private Bogota tours. This City is Columbia’s largest city and capital with a unique blend of colonial and modern architecture, sanctuaries, museums and multifaceted in terms of charm and personality.

Bogota is now a cosmopolitan city that has come through difficult times to be known for its vibrancy, excitement, extravagance and richness.

Bogota private city tours are the best way to experience this city because with these trips, you see Bogota through the eyes of a local, learn fascinating history and see places you never thought of visiting.

Green is a colour long associated with Bogota due to its location among the Andean Peaks at an altitude of 2,640 meters. It also has a multitude of beautiful city parks, botanical gardens and natural parks which are lovely to either relax in after a day of sightseeing tours Bogota offers or to explore with excellent  Bogota private adventure tours.

It is no wonder Bogota is becoming a destination in which many travellers are curious to visit.

Let the activities begin!
Chingaza Private EcoTour
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Chingaza National Park is located in the Eastern Hills of the Colombian Andes, northeast of Bogota, This park has at least 76,600 hectares of paramo.

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6 to 7 hours Scheduling Private Tour Bogota D.C
Private tour of Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira
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Enjoy an interesting tour to Zipaquirá visiting the Salt Cathedral and discovering the Main Squares of the colonial town.

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6 to 7 hours Scheduling Private Tour Bogota D.C
Private Monserrate & Gold Museum Tour
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Enjoy the best views of Bogota from Monserrate and see magnificent pieces of pre-Columbian gold when we visit the Gold Museum, home to largest collection of pre-hispanic gold in the world!

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Half Day City Tour of Bogota
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Meet the most representative sites of Bogota and the most important attractions of the Colombian capital and enjoy the beauty of this city on this tour!

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5 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Bogota D.C
Private Coffee Tour to Hacienda Coloma From Bogota
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Experience every step about the cultivation and production of coffee. Enjoy a private all-inclusive Coffee Tour to Hacienda Coloma in Fusagasugá!

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6 to 7 hours Scheduling Private Tour Bogota D.C
Salt Cathedral and Guatavita Lake
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Get to know the first wonder of Colombia, the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá and the birthplace of the Legend of "El Dorado, the Sacred Lagoon of Guatavitá" in this tour.

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7 to 8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Bogota D.C

Top 10 Things to Do in Bogota D.C

La Candelaria
1 An attraction which is among the most popular places to visit with private guided tours Bogota is La Candelaria. This is a neighbourhood in the city that is the historical centre of the city. The narrow streets are lined with many museums with the Plaza de Bolivar surrounded by colonial architecture including a palace and a cathedral. It is also home for Bogota’s oldest cafe. You find history and culture in abundance here.
Cerro De Monserrate
2 Cerro de Monserrate offer magnificent scenery on sightseeing tours Bogota. Travel to the top of Monserrate hill by cable car, teleferico, and the views along the way are nothing compared to the panoramic views at the summit. Cerro de Monserrate is the mountain which dominates the capital city and the view of the city can be breathtaking once there is no smog on the day. Visit the church with a shrine that is devoted to El Señor Caido.
Gold Museum
3 The famous Gold Museum or in Columbian Museo del Oro, in Bogota is located in La Candelaria. It is a world-class museum that is well worth seeing when on Bogota private city tours. The primary focus of this museum obviously being on Gold, the spectacular gold objects and the craftsmen. Explore the pre-Hispanic gold collections on display, watch local gold craftsmen master their art and hear fascinating stories behind creations.
Colombian National Museum
4 Originally built as a prison, it is a large imposing structure which houses the first ever museum in the Country and Columbian National Museum. A must see with private guided tours Bogota. When first opened in 1823 it was small and nowadays the museum is home to over 20,000 objects which represent Columbia and its experiences. There are archaeological artefacts, the Spanish colonial collection and an extensive art gallery.
Bogota Botanical Garden
5 The Bogota Botanical Garden is a beautiful place to visit when on Bogota private city tours or to relax for a few hours with a picnic or yoga class!. There are 19 hectares of garden here full of native plants and flowers. It opened in 1955 and named after Jose Celestino Mutis, a botanist and astronomer from Spain. See the 600 plan trees, a rose garden, native orchids or the greenhouse dedicated to aromatic and medicinal plants.
Sanctuary of Our Lady of Carmen
6 The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Carmen or as the Columbians know it, Santuario Nuestra Señora del Carmen is a historic and very beautiful catholic church in Bogota. The look of this church is impressive with both gothic and Florentine style. The very obvious horizontal red and white strips of the building are not just outside, they are a very prominent part of the exquisite interior too. Enjoy any of the private Bogota tours here.
The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira
7 Around an hour from Bogota is a place well worth a visit, the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira. Within the historic town of Zipaquira are famous salt mines and among those mines is a cathedral which was carved inside the large caves. It is one of the top attractions in all of Columbia and still functions as a church on Sundays. On sightseeing tours Bogota, see the marvellous architecture and be in awe of its ingenuity.
Graffiti Tour
8 Bogota private city tours will include the Graffiti Tour which is very meaningly for the people and city. These magnificently drawn graffiti walls spread all over La Candelaria depict the culture, history and politics of the city. The walls with graffiti were all drawn by local artistes and it is the best and most fascinating way of learning about the city when you are a tourist. Opinions are expressed clearly in the graffiti.
Chicaque Natural Park
9 Just 30 minutes drive from the city is a place for many enjoyable Bogota private adventure tours, the Chicaque Natural Park. This park is unique for containing part of the Andean cloud forest. The best way to explore the park is through a wide range of activities including zip lining, horseback riding and hiking. There are excellent canopy observations and if you wish to stay overnight, fabulous tree houses!
Chingaza National Natural Park
10 Experience Bogota private adventure tours with a visit to Chingaza National Natural Park which is located not far from the city. On amazing safari tours, go in search of the wildlife that call this park home. They include the likes of the paramo tapir, puma, the spectacled bear and the Andean Condor. Visit the ancient sacred site of Muisca land, relax or do activities in and along the majestic lakes.  

La Candelaria Is a Historical Gem That Must Be Visited on Private Guided Tours Bogota

Whenever you decide to visit this wonderful city, a highly recommended attraction is La Candelaria which you should see with any of the private guided tours Bogota offers. It is the most fascinating group of narrow streets with many of the top museums of Columbia lining them. In addition, it has the oldest cafe in the city.

Bogota private adventure tours are also very popular with plenty of thrilling and exciting activities to do in places such as the Chicaque Natural Park and the Chingaza National Natural Park.

The after dark scene of Bogota is entertaining and as diverse as the city. Excellent cuisine in great restaurants, a mix of bars and clubs to suit whatever mood you are in from quiet, romantic to wild and hectic!

Travel Tips for Bogota D.C