Visit the Tango Capital and Boogie in Buenos Aires With Private Tour

Visit the Tango Capital and boogie in Buenos Aires with Private Tour and you will see it all.  ‘Fair winds’, the magical sounding literal translation of Buenos Aires got its name by the Spanish Sailors that first inhabited the city back in the 16th century.  

Giving thanks for their safe journey to the ‘Holy Virgin Mary of the Good Winds’  they named their new found land after her.  Since that first arrival, this mega metropolis has grown from strength to strength and is a mosaic of diverse and varied cultures and nationalities. 

With a Private Buenos Aires Tour sees how from the early days, it has depended on trade, and this resulted in menacing pirate stories and subsequently a thriving industry in contraband.

Remanents of its various occupations remain at every turn; the Buenos Aires guided private tour of La Boca District will show you how the buildings are painted in bright rainbow colours, and everywhere hazy bars throb to the sound of Tango music the true beating heart of Buenos Aires.

Let the activities begin!
Discover Tierra Del Fuego National Park
1264 reviews

Discover the beauty of Tierra del Fuego National Park and take in the incredible Patagonian landscape. This tour includes a ticket for The End Of The World Train.

From USD
13160 customer recommendations
4 hours Buenos Aires
See The Wonders Of Iguassu Falls - Brazil Side and Itaipu Hydroel
1258 reviews

See the complete wonders of Iguassu Falls on the Brazil Side and tour Itaipu Dam, the largest operational hydroelectric power plant in the world

From USD
12867 customer recommendations
8 hours Buenos Aires
Immerese Yourself In The Argentine Tango Show In Piazolla Tango House
Immerese Yourself In The Argentine Tango Show In Piazolla Tango House
1226 reviews

Witness an Authentic Argentinian Tango show at the classic Piazolla Tango house founded in 1915. Transfers are included from downtown Buenos Aires hotels.

12801 customer recommendations
3 Hours Scheduling Shared Tour Buenos Aires
Sail Along the Parana Delta While Having a Delicious Lunch
1097 reviews

Allow yourself to be charmed with lunch and sailing along the Parana Delta in Tigre!

From USD
11263 customer recommendations
9 Hours Buenos Aires
Explore the fascinating San Ignacio Jesuit Mission and Wanda Mines
808 reviews

Explore the fascinating history of the Iguassu Falls area on this guided tour of the Wanda Mines and San Ignacio Jesuit Mission, founded in 1610

From USD
8632 customer recommendations
11 hours Buenos Aires
Fall In Love With The Iguazu Falls On The Brazilian Side
790 reviews

Enjoy a wonderful view of the falls on the Brazilian side of Iguazu National Park.

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8272 customer recommendations
4 hours Buenos Aires
Visit The Famous Mines Of Wanda
772 reviews

40 kilometros from Puerto Iguazú, are the famous Mines of Wanda, where is a deposit of semiprecious stones of quartz crystals, amethysts and topazes

From USD
8070 customer recommendations
3 Hours Scheduling Private Tour Buenos Aires
Get The Taste of Uco Valley - Wine Tasting At Its Best
Get The Taste of Uco Valley - Wine Tasting At Its Best
757 reviews

Enjoy a full-day wine tour and tasting in the picturesque Uco Valley. Indulge in three tastings at three different wineries of your choice

7904 customer recommendations
9 hours Buenos Aires
Are You Ready To Party - Gaucho Party At The Santa Susana Ranch
747 reviews

Escape the city and journey back to simpler times with this Gaucho Party tour. Let us pick you up and transport you to the ranch for a fun-filled day

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7910 customer recommendations
8 Hours Buenos Aires
Visit The Fuegian Andes - Lake Fagnano and Lake Escondid
649 reviews

Enjoy a group tour through the valleys of the southernmost outstretches of the Fuegian Andes. Revel in spectacular views of the lakes Escondido and Fagnano

From USD
6839 customer recommendations
8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Buenos Aires
Iguazu Falls 2 Days Private Tour - Both Sides
630 reviews

Explore Iguassu Falls from both Argentina and Brazil! This tour includes panoramic views from both sides of this unique, natural phenomenon.

From USD
6902 customer recommendations
2 days Buenos Aires
Lets Dance - Spend Your Evening in El Querandi for Dinner and a Tango Show
Lets Dance - Spend Your Evening in El Querandi for Dinner and a Tango Show
623 reviews

Satisfy your senses with a classic tango show and a dinner at the intimate El Querandi theatre in San Telmo. Transfers from downtown hotels are included

6465 customer recommendations
4 hours (approximately) Buenos Aires
Take in the Natural Beauty of Tierra Del Fuego National Park
615 reviews

Experience a tour to Tierra Del Fuego National Park and take in the incredible views of mountains, lakes, and lagoons only found at "the end of the world." Take this short visit to see all you need in the national park.

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6413 customer recommendations
4 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Buenos Aires
Iguazú Falls Tour on Argentina Side
587 reviews

Argentine Falls tour: One of the 7 wonders of the world

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5913 customer recommendations
10 Hours Buenos Aires
 Rojo At Faena Hotel Welcomes You To A Tango Show
Rojo At Faena Hotel Welcomes You To A Tango Show
572 reviews

Indulge in a night of passion at the exlusive Rojo Tango Show at the luxurious Faena Hotel. Tour package includes admission and transfers from downtown hotels.

5867 customer recommendations
"Chill Out" on a Boat Ride to the Perito Monreno Glaciers
500 reviews

Book this tour for the opportunity to experience the ever growing Perito Moreno Glacier. Including a boat ride to the south wall followed by a walk on the Mirador.

5060 customer recommendations
7 hours Buenos Aires
Polo Experience in Buenos Aires Argentina!
Polo Experience in Buenos Aires Argentina!
498 reviews

Argentina is Polo, and only 50 minutes away from the city, you will find a beautiful place, with more than 200 horses for any riding level to learn and play polo yourself!

From USD
Price varies by dates
21835 customer recommendations
7 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Buenos Aires
Take a Trip on the Wild Side of the Famous Circuito Chico
497 reviews

The famous Circuito Chico is a must in Bariloche, not only because you can see representative places in the mountain landscape, but also because in half a day you can know and fall in love with this city.

From USD
5424 customer recommendations
4 Hours Buenos Aires
UNESCO JEWELS: The Famous Perito Moreno Glacier
477 reviews

Take in the rare and breathtaking beauty of the Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the UNESCO JEWELS. Explore the glacier that is still growing

From USD
5013 customer recommendations
6 Hours Buenos Aires
4x4 in the Jungle, Boat Ride and Argentinian Falls
438 reviews

Argentine Falls Tour: One of the 7 wonders of the world. Take on a 4x4 in the Jungle, Boat Ride and Argentinian Falls in the great adventure for people who love thrill.

From USD
4508 customer recommendations
8 hours Buenos Aires
1 Recoleta's Art Nouveau and French style buildings line the streets of this popular neighbourhood. This elegant district is the most expensive postcode of Buenos Aires and is alive with trendy restaurants and coffee shops. Book a Private Tour and see the stunning Del Pilar Church and the Law Faculty of the University are also found here. A fascinating landmark is the Cemetery with its intricate marble mausoleums one of which belongs to Eva Peron.
2 The imposing neoclassical Palacio del Congreso sits behind a pleasant square with sparkling fountains.  Built of sandstone, it is adorned with sculptures and an 80-metre high bronze dome as you will see on your sightseeing tour of Buenos Aires. Home to the Senate and the Chamber off Deputies you can take a private tour visiting several rooms including the library and the Chamber of both Houses. 
3 A peaceful residential area of leafy streets, boutiques and cafes. On a guided tour of the Central Plaza see the Majestic Belgrano Cathedral known affectionately by the locals as La Redonda or ‘the round one’. At the weekend the plaza comes alive with artists setting up their craft stands outside the Museum of Spanish Art. Take a stroll to nearby Chinatown where the array of restaurants and groceries are is alive with Asian culture.
La Boca
4 Multi coloured taverns and houses make up this lively district next to the old Port of Buenos Aires.  La Boca is quite literally Tango and football and is probably the most important centres of culture.  Wander with you guide on a private tour of Carlos Gardel Caminito a cobbled street of original artwork and beautiful coloured houses and its arts market.  It is also like one big open air Tango museum with live shows of this passionate dance at most cafes.
5 On the shores of the picturesque Parana Delta lies the colourful town of Tigre.  Take a custom tour to this town to make the most out of the outdoor activities on offer.  Wander the charming town streets or meander the waterways around the Tigre Delta Islands.  Once the primary fruit and vegetable port for many years, the Puerto de Frutos craft market draws in many local artists to exhibit their unique work.  
Plaza De Mayo
6 Politics is still an important part of Argentinian life, and the most iconic tour and political landmark since their Independence is the Plaza De Mayo Private Tour. People still gather here for regular demonstrations similar to the ones organised by the famous icon Evita Peron.  The attractive red-walled Residential House and the original Government House from the Colonial period are found on this delightful square too.
San Telmo
7 Exuding old world charm and culture welcome to Buenos Aries’ oldest residential neighbourhood. Jam packed with history and fantastic architectural landmarks it is a perfect place to wander the Artisans Market or have a quiet coffee. Take in the historic Churches and dusty antique shops or sit and ponder life. Spend Sunday afternoon on Plaza Dorrego where locals come to dance the famed Tango on its cobbled square.  
Puerto Madero
8 After the culture of the old city visit Puerto Madero the charming waterfront of the modern city.  Popular with the wealthy its towering glass skyscrapers are a stark contrast to older architecture nearby.  The heart of the business centre, its modernisation in 1993 has created a fabulous area for luxury living and leisure.  Walk the contemporary footbridge or take a few hours at the Ecological Reserve.
9 A buzzing neighbourhood of cafes and trendy bars surround the lively Plaza Palermo Soho now home to all major radio and TV companies. Nearby is a Botanic Garden with over 5,000 species of plant and pretty sculptures making it a peaceful oasis. Bosques de Palermo a lush green park is alive with glorious, fragrant roses and cooling lakes and is a great place to take a relaxing stroll along the beautiful waterfront.
Boca Juniors Stadium
10 After Tango take in the other great passion of Argentinians, football. They are simply crazy for the sport so what could be better than watching their love and devotion at a match at the Boca Stadium where each game attracts many supporters. Be prepared for noise and lots of it as they show their support for their local team. The huge stadium also goes by the name La Bombonera as its shape resembles a box of chocolates.

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