Visit the Stunning Cosmopolitan City of Rosario on a Private Tour!

Visit the stunning cosmopolitan city of Rosario on a private tour!. Once a great river port of Argentina, Rosario has now reinvented itself into a cosmopolitan city filled with stunning early 20th-century architecture alongside modern towers.

Most importantly, though, it is here many years ago where the Argentine Flag was born, and this is something the local Rosarinos are staunchly proud about.

On a Rosario sightseeing Tour, your guide will no doubt tell you of its two most famous residents Che Guevara and Lionel Messi.  Football is like an obsession, and most men, women, grandparents all follow their idol on match day.  

Along the riverbank, derelict buildings and grain silos have been converted into trendy restaurants and modern galleries adding to the feeling of growth in the area.

During the summer months, the beaches along the Parana river buzz with people relaxing or taking trips out to small islands, taking picnics and drinking mate the famous local drink.

Let the activities begin!
National Flag Memorial
2 At the National Flag Monument come not only for the amazing architecture of this landmark but also as it is the best place to see breathtaking panoramic views to the city on a private tour. As an important part of Rosario's history, it is the most recognised landmark, built as a memorial to Argentinas flag creator Manuel Belgrano whose tomb lies beneath the monument.  The tower is open to visitors and well worth the climb for the impressive views.
Provincial Historical Museum
3 A guided tour to Rosario's Provincial Historical Museum takes you back in time through its various occupations. It has outstanding exhibits of post-colonial displays and indigenous artefacts all housed in this modern building. It also gives you the history of the regional drink here, Mate, a kind of herb tea that is an obsession here, along with items related to the process and rules of brewing this ‘sacred’ blend.
Catalunya and La Florida Beaches
4 Escape for a few hours from your guided tour of Rosario and relax on the northern sandy beaches. It is a surprise to many that a river can have beaches, but here it is ideal to enjoy the balmy temperatures in October to May. Although the river may look muddy brown, this is not from pollution but silt, and it is a safe place for you to take a dip. Lining the sand are cafes serving freshly caught fish to enjoy at the end of your day.
Cathedral Santuario
5 Dating from the 19th century take a sightseeing private tour to Rosario's central Cathedral. Don’t be fooled by its relatively plain exterior although it does have some delightful intricate carvings; you will have a change of mind when you see inside. A delicately painted sanctuary and ornate marble columns vie for your attention, but it is the graceful beauty of the stain glass windows depicting the history of the city that wins hands down.
Cycling and Kayaking
6 For the more adventurous visitors and to get an alternative view of the city, rent a bike for a few hours.  Take the City Guided Tour or Make your own itinerary and see what you come across.  Explore the hidden streets and find areas of beauty and interest off the tourist track.  Another escape is to go out to the picturesque Parana Delta to see some of the local wildlife and flora and maybe do a spot of river kayaking.
Museum of Contemporary Art
7 Take a private guided tour out to this modern museum housed bizarrely in an iconic multi-coloured grain silo.  However, it is the perfect place to have a museum as grain was once an important and integral part of Rosario's Industrial past.  It now houses ten floors displaying various artwork mainly by local young artists.  Climb to the top viewing platform to get spectacular views over the sparkling river and the city.
Municipal Observatory
8 An educational and interesting place to visit is the Municipal Observatory and Astronomical Facility.  Found in Urquiza Park, it is surrounded by many varieties of trees from all around the world making it a peaceful place. You can take custom tours and see informative screenings at the Planetarium and Experimental Science Museum, or if the skies are clear, you can be lucky and go to the Observatory for an amazingly unique experience.
The Canals Palace
9 Designed and built in 1888 by Juan Canals this eclectic building is pleasing on the eye and is a typical design of buildings of that era. Later it was donated over to the Government and used as the first local Hospital.  It is considered Rosario's oldest public health building still in existence today and has been sympathetically renovated.  Private Tours are daily, and the Museum now houses medical exhibits and instruments from that era.
El Salvador Cemetery
10 An interesting if not a bit creepy thing to do is visit the El Salvador Cemetery. Wander amongst the massive carved mausoleums and carved marble statues that are both beautiful and morbid at the same time. However, it is a captivating look at the past and some of the graves in the basement date back to the early 1900s. You can also take a guided night tour by torchlight where your guide will narrate some local legends.

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