Visit the Picture Perfect Frontier of Patagonia on a Guided Private Tour

 Visit the picture perfect frontier of Patagonia on a guided private tour this southern frontier is barren but beautiful; natures just grows wild and untamed here.  

The silence of Patagonia is palpable in the wide open spaces; there is a lot of time to think and find yourself here.

On a Patagonia guided tour you can experience how enormous and vast this beautiful place is and when you see the jagged peaks, glaciers and dusty oasis you will be shocked at the sheer scale and diversity of this area. 

On your escorted tour you will travel on the famous RN40, this highway iconic as it connects the ancient forests with the towns and the journey is a mix of spectacular scenery and quirky locals selling their wares.  

This area was originally a backpackers dream, but in recent years it's attracting an increased number of tourists from cruise passengers going around Cape Horn to explorers heading to Antarctica.  El Calafate and El Chalten are a tourist sightseeing tour dream and a must see.  

Let the activities begin!
Lake District
1 On the Northwestern tip of Patagonia is the picturesque Lake District. Sitting between the Andes mountains a Private Tour of this area is a must do.  See the breathtaking vistas from ever angle possible and appreciate what this area has to offer it is pure beauty. Bariloche is the region's hub and your starting point for all guided tours.  See the beautiful scenery and taste the delights of the eclectic food.    
Southern Patagonia
2 Southern Patagonia hosts some jaw-dropping sights—including Mount Fitz Roy, Cueva de las Manos, Perito Moreno Glacier which attracts nature seekers and cultural enthusiasts.   On the verge of Antarctica and on the east of the Chilean border all Private Tours of this region are packed with activities and fun.  See the ice fields of El Calafate that stretch to the forest.  Hike or trek across the jagged peaks or head to the cave of hands.    
Atlantic Patagonia
3 On most Atlantic Patagonia Tours you will be amazed a what you can see and do.  This region has wildlife havens and of course whale watching tours (when in season).  The main cities of Puerto Madryn and Threlew are little gems offering visitors a slew of attractions, great food and lovely shopping areas. On a booked private tour you can out on one of the many whale watching tours available, and they won't disappoint.   
Perito Moreno Glacier
4 At the southern tip of Glacier National Park, Perito Moreno Glacier is the most magnificent glaciers in the region.  On your guided tour you will note that over 90% of the world's glaciers are disappearing, but the Perito Moreno Glacier is unique in that it is growing in volume.  Tourists flock to visit this marvel every year to admire this natural creation. You can go mini trekking on the ice so book with a private tour before you go.     
Punta Tombo
5 On a Private Tour of Punta Tombo see why over half a million penguins flock there to mate.  There are many guided and sightseeing tours available, but mainly people come to Punta Tombo for the Penguins.  You can observe them and their habits up close its a must do tour.  There are also other attractions such as cormorants and many bird species but if you travel to the region between September and March you might see the guanacos and seals.     
Mount Fitz Roy
6 Towering at 11,000.00 feet over the Southern Patagonia region is Mount Fitz Roy.  Normally obscured by clouds this ancient mountain is a sight to see.  Check out what a Private Tour has to offer and book before you journey to Argentina.  The hike up this magnificent scenic mountain is not for the faint of heart, a certain fitness level is required as its and exhausting journey.  
Cave of Hands
7 It is said that many visitors have felt the presence of spirits in these unique caves.  On a private guided tour, you will see why for many years these caves have been shrouded in mystical mystery,  The exhibits on the walls show three distinctive styles from 10,000 BCE onwards.  Murals with native guanacos predate the famous handprints, so this details further complicated the history of this cave.  While the journey to the caves is not present, it is well worth it.   
Peninsula Valdes
8 The Peninsula Valdes on the eastern coastline of Patagonia is a wildlife refuge for many endangered species.  Elephant Seals, Penguins, Guanaco, Sea Lions and Orcas are present here.  This natural reserve was registered by UNESCO in the late 1990's.  If you are lucky on a guided tour, you might have a close encounter with the many species of sea life living here.  Many tourists have to be quoted as saying it is nearly impossible not to fall in Love with this place.   
Estancia Cristina
9 Farmer Joseph Percival Masters founded the unique Estancia Cristina in the early 1900s. Situated near the Glacier National Park this historic lakeside home is a great platform from which to explore the area especially the 33 miles long Upsala Glacier.   While you relax at the manor partake in a large drink and soak in the unparalleled scenery and atmosphere before you decide what private tour to do next.   
Egidio Feruglio Paleontology Museum
10 Egidio Feruglio Paleontology Museum with its four galleries and over 1700 fossils on display will transport you back in time.  This primary Patagonian research institute houses many plant fossils and relics.  On a guided private tour you will see the main attraction of this museum, the 150 million year old dinosaur skeleton.  Watch as the palaeontologists clean many unearthed fossils from the earth.  This museum has it all and is well worth the trip.      

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