For Thrilling and Memorable Safaris Go on a Private Tour of Mbombela

For thrilling and very memorable safaris, you need to go on a private tour of Mbombela, the capital city of the Mpumalanga Province, formally known as Nelspruit.

This vibrant sub-tropical city combines amazing wildlife, nature adventure activities and a rich history.

Mbombela is often known as just being the gateway to the Big Five country in Kruger National Park but it does have a lot more things to see and do here. Such as some of the oldest caves in the world, a remarkable botanical garden, museums, excellent shopping and a dynamic nightlife.

There is a very large farming area in Mbombela that specialises in citrus because the climate and fertile soil are ideal conditions. Such produce like grapefruit, oranges, mangoes, bananas, avocados and nuts that you buy from your market may very well have come from here.

When you visit Mbombela, the first impression you have is one of a tropical feel. The vibrant blooms and flowering trees give you that uplifting feeling.

Let the activities begin!
Kruger National Park
1 There is no getting away from what everyone knows that the main attraction in Mbombela is the Big 5 that are found in Kruger National Park, for which a private safari jeep tour is needed. The Big 5 are Buffalo, elephants, rhino, leopards and lions and they are all on view on a safari tour but there is also hundreds of different mammals, bird species, mountains, bush and forests. You are guaranteed an unforgettable experience here.
Sudwala Caves
2 Take a day sightseeing tour to the Sudwala Caves. These caves are set in Precambrian dolomite rock. It is believed that these rocks were the first laid down about 3,800 million years ago. Around that time Africa was still part of Gondwana. It is also believed that the Sudwala Caves were formed about 240 million years ago. The caves are stunning and a wonder to walk through but mind your head from the odd stalactite.
Lowveld National Botanic Gardens
3 On a sightseeing tour to Lowveld National Botanic Garden, you will see that it consists of a lovely cultivated garden that is surrounded by a much larger are of natural vegetation. What makes this garden stand out is The Crocodile River and Nels River that flows through it, which in turn brings fabulous Cascades.This botanical garden has been around since 1955 and a very beautiful one it is too.  
South Africa Chimpanzee Sanctuary
4 The South Africa Chimpanzee Sanctuary  (The Jane Goodall Institute)  is situated in Mbombela and is currently home to 34 Chimpanzees that have been lost from their habitats around Central Africa.  This tranquil and beautiful sanctuary has committed itself to rescue and care for Chimpanzees in need of medical assistance, attention and love.  This institute works closely with the community to educate them in the conservation and well-being of these animals.      

Travel Tips for Mbombela