Adventure, Fun and ‘game’ on a Private Tour of Kruger National Park

There is plenty of adventure, fun and ‘game’ to be had when you go on a private tour of Kruger National Park which is the largest game reserve in all of South Africa. It is so big, this park is larger than the country of Israel.

The park is so big, it is split into four regions to life easier when selecting the type of experience you want when visiting here:

Kruger Park Central Region: 30% of the park is in this region and it is where you will find half of the lion population, leopard, cheetah and hyena. You can also see antelope, buffalo and giraffe munching off the trees. This area is popular with tourists for camping.

Kruger’s Far North Region: The ecozones are different in this region. A few of the type of animals to be seen are rare bird species, the knocking sand frog, bats, nocturnal bush pig and Sharpe’s grysbok which is extremely rare. Also there are very interesting sandstone formations caused by river flood plains.

Let the activities begin!
South Africa Adventures on a 4 Day Kruger Classic Game Drive - Small Group Tour
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The Kruger National Park covers 19 500 km2 and is the second largest game reserve in Africa and the largest in South Africa. Welcome to the Big 5 on our classic Game Drive

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4 days Scheduling Semi-Private Tour Johannesburg
4 Day Kruger Safari
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For the adventurous traveller, we have created a 4-day Kruger camping safari where you can enjoy some of South Africa’s finest wildlife spots at a great price.

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4 days Scheduling Shared Tour Kruger National Park
4 Day Private Kruger Classic Safari and Tour
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A unique Safari experience giving you the excitement and authenticity of staying in a beautiful room and having a guide at all times.

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4 days Scheduling Private Tour Kruger National Park
Bourke’s Luck Potholes
1 When deciding on a sightseeing tour in Kruger National Park, how about visiting Bourke’s Luck Potholes which is located in Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve. After centuries of whirlpools at the meeting point of the Treur and Blyde rivers, these potholes were formed. There are fascinating interconnecting cylindrical pools that are divided by the sandstone surface rock formations. The bridges that cross above offer great views.
The Mananga 4X4 Trail
2 A brilliant adventure tour to take in Kruger National Park, especially if you are the driver, is the self-drive Mananga 4X4 Trail. This 48-kilometre circular route is everything you think it will be. The gravel roads, steep climbs, river beds and sandy stretches offer different experiences and bruises! There are excellent areas to view game safely and to do a bit of bird watching. Nearby facilities are restaurant and swimming pool.
Blyde River Canyon
3 On a sightseeing tour of Blyde River Canyon, you are seeing the third largest canyon in the world and the second deepest in all of Africa. The towering cliffs that rise above the fabulous winding valley offer amazing views of Drakensberg Mountain Range. Watch out for the rare Taita Falcons as they are one of the rarest bird species in the world. Man-made dams created placid pools that are perfect for swimming.
Bushmans Wilderness Trail
4 Take a safari tour to the Bushmans Wilderness Trail to see a vast range of things. There are endangered white rhino found in this area and hopefully, you can be lucky to see some. Also, the San rock art is a highlight in the rocky parts of this region. This trail is a 3-day hike but the camp super, hidden in among the huge granite rock formations. There is no electricity or mobile connection, but you do not even miss them.
Thorny Bush Game Reserve
5 See, on a guided tour, the grassy plain of Thorny Bush Game Reserve which borders the Kampala Game Reserve. It is home to almost 150 mammals that include the Big Five (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard), reptiles, amphibian, fish and bird. On a safari tour during December to April, you may witness a predatory hunt but also see the wonderful young offspring and cute baby animals chasing after their mummies.
Mac Mac Falls
6 Of all the many waterfalls to be found in Kruger National Park, Mac Mac Falls is probably the most dramatic. Located in the Mpumalanga Province, it is a pair of waterfalls the drop over 200 feet. The interesting name Mac Mac comes from the Scottish miners who came to the area in the late 1800’s looking for gold. There are excellent viewing platforms where you can experience the dramatic effect the waterfalls offer.
Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
7 When you are looking for a guided tour to get you very near some of the fiercest animals in the continent, then you should visit Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, located at the foot of Drakensberg Mountains. This fantastic centre, nurses injured and poisoned wildlife back to help, rescues orphaned animals and breeding programs. The guides help visitors understand more the plight of endangered animals.
Sabi Sands Game Reserve
8 A Safari Tour in Sabi Sands Game Reserve is highly recommended if you want to go more 'off road' and more 'into the bush' than other safaris offered in the Kruger National Park. Sabi Sands is situated right beside Kruger and as there are no fences, the animals freely roam. You are pretty much guaranteed to see some of the Big Five on these safari tours. You have to be with a private tour group to go anywhere in this Game Reserve.
Kruger Walking Safari
9 For those tourists who are not faint at heart and love adventure, then you have to do the Kruger Walking Safari tour. This tour is on in the Timbavati Nature Reserve which happens to be a Big Five game viewing area. All tours are led by game rangers that are armed. Before leaving on the walking tour, you are given the rules and safety instructions. Other animals to see are hippo, wild dog, giraffe, kudu and a vast variety of bird.
Rhino Tracking Safari
10 Take a Rhino Tracking Safari in Kruger National Park where you are allowed to discover some of nature’s hidden wonders. These walking tours are specially tailored with extremely qualified guides who are only too happy to share their wealth of knowledge about rhino and the Bush. The adrenaline burst you get when you come across a pack of rhino is out of this world and an experience never to be forgotten.

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