Have Zesty Safari Adventures in the Zambezi Region on a Private Tour

Visit Namibia’s Zambezi Region on a private tour and enjoy some of the best zesty safari adventures. This region is a strip of land in the northeast of Namibia that is sandwiched between Angola and Botswana with Zambia at the end.

Up until 2013 when the name was officially changed to Zambezi Region, the area was called the Caprivi Strip and is the most commonly used named for the area still.

What makes this area slightly different from other regions in Namibia is that it has good rainfalls. So with the rainfall, Zambezi River and Kwando River, there is an abundance of rare and unusual flora and fauna to be explored and seen on the many varied safari tours available.

The capital of the region is Katima Mulilo and is located in the far northeast. You have to travel almost all of the Caprivi Strip to reach it and before the improvements of roads, it was unreachable during the rainy season.

Let the activities begin!
Bwabwata National Park
1 Located in the Zambezi Region, Bwabwata National Park is an excellent national park to go on adventurous safari tours. This is still a developing park, but so far the resources and forward thinking have led to a steady increase of endangered animals under the park's protection. There are many great areas to be explored such as the Kwando River or Rundu and lots of wildlife like elephants, kudos and hippos.
Mahango Game Reserve
2 This game reserve is actually in the Bwabwata National Park but has a lot to offer by itself by way of game drive safari tours. The wildlife includes elephant, leopard, cheetah, lion, buffalo and more. The wetlands are great to explore with a mix of trees, grass and reeds. It is also a birdwatching paradise with over 400 species. Take a 4x4 safari along the trail that follows the course of the Mahango and Thinderevu fossil rivers
Kwando Game Park
3 Another Game Park in the Bwabwata National Park is the Kwando Game Park or Kwando Core Area. It is found just off the Kwando River on the west banks. There is a combination of fascinating views and a huge variety of wild animals to be seen on 4x4 adventure safari tours. Visit the Horse Shoe Lagoon which is a popular attraction for elephants. The hills have different breeds of antelope lurking about. See giraffes and Kudus too.
Nkasa Lupala National Park
4 Take 4x4 safari tours to Nkasa Lupala National Park formerly known as Mamili National Park. It is situated in the south parts of the Zambezi Region. It is not always accessible as this area has the highest rainfall during the rain season. The animals to see include elephants lions, crocodiles, buffalo, several breeds of antelopes and hippos. Not to mention over 400 species of bird.
Mashi River Boat Safaris
5 There is a very special experience to be had on boat safaris in the Mashi River. Along the river banks, there are opportunities to see from the river elephants, buffalo, lions, cheetah, leopards, antelopes and wild dog. Lurking in the river edges are hippos and crocodiles. There are boat cruises, angling tours or an all-inclusive three-day tour to be enjoyed when you come here.
Mafwe Living Museum
6 When you visit the Zambezi Region, a very interesting place to take a guided tour of is the Mafwe Living Museum which is the same as visiting a traditional village. In this open air museum, learn all about the traditional culture and the general way of life for the people the Mafwe. Taste their traditional cuisine and enjoy their wonderful personalities. There is a guide to translate conversations
7 Kongola is a small town and area in the Zambezi Region. It is used as a stopover destination on the way to the town of Katima Mulilo or a starting point to the Mudumu National Park. There are still great off road 4x4 jeep safari tours to do here where you get to see the interesting landscape and river courses. There is something very intriguing about here about this area and its inhabitants.
Mudumu National Park
8 For great game viewing adventures, take a game drive safari tour in the Mudumu National Park. The remoteness of this national park and the tropical climate meant that not many tourists ventured here and the wildlife and vegetation great in abundance. It is a bit of a trek to get here, but when you do, it is worth it to see the hippos and crocodiles in the river and elephants, buffalos and zebras roaming the land.

Travel Tips for Zambezi Region