Swakopmund on Private Tour to See a Sweet and Nostalgic City in Namibia

Take a private tour to Swakopmund in Namibia and you will see a very sweet and nostalgic coastal city. Located on the Northwestern coast of the country, it is sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the Namib Desert.

During the German colonial era in Namibia, Swakopmund was of great significance and the influence of the Germans is evident with all the beautiful German style architecture found here.

On a guided tour of the city, some of the wonderful sights to be seen include the Railway Station that is now a hotel. This building which was built in 1901 was declared a National Monument in 1972 and is an impressive sight.

There are excellent sandy beaches that face the Atlantic Ocean and it is because of these that Swakopmund is a very popular tourist resort for foreigners and natives. Thanks to lots of exciting activities that the Atlantic Ocean can provide you can be entertained for days.

Let the activities begin!
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The Jetty in Swakopmund
1 When you are visiting Swakopmund and taking a sightseeing tour, go for a stroll along the Jetty. This jetty was first built of wood in 1904, but due to extreme weather, it was damaged. Building work began to build it in steel but then the first world war but a stop to that. It was left unfinished for years until work began again in 2003. It was reopened to the public in 2006. It is an interesting piece of Swakopmund history. 
Swakopmund Museum
2 Take a guided tour to the Swakopmund Museum. This museum is the oldest largest and privately run museum in Namibia. When you are here you can see an array of cultural and historic objects, an exhibition on archaeology, displays on minerals, indigenous plants and animals. There is also a very educational exhibition on the ‘People of Namibia’ with emphasis on the varied ethnic groups found in the country.  
National Marine Aquarium Swakopmund
3 Swakopmund has the only marine aquarium in Namibia and it is a great place to take a guided tour. You are given an introduction into the cool marine life of the South Atlantic Ocean. The highlight of any tour here has to be the tunnel through the large waterfront aquarium where you get to see the likes of sharks, rays and many other amazing marine species up close. This tour is especially enjoyable for children too.  
The Mole Swakopmund
4 The Mole or sea wall was erected in 1899 and due to the history and age of it, it is well worth taking a sightseeing tour to. It was built to improve the harbour and form an area for cargo vessels, but unfortunately, the architect knew nothing of current and eventually the entrance to the harbor was filled with sand. That sand is now Palm Beach one of the most popular sandy beaches for everyone visiting.  
Rossing Mine
5 On the outskirts of Swakopmund is Rossing Mine and it is the world’s largest uranium mine. The first person to discover uranium here was Peter Louw in 1920, but his attempts to develop the mine failed. It was finally opened in 1965 and there are spaces for 2,500 or more workers. This mine is now essential to Swakopmund’s ongoing economy. Take a guided tour of the mine which can take up to 3 hours.
Desert Safari tours from Swakopmund
6 Thanks to the close proximity of the Namib Desert, there are great Adventurous Desert Safari Tours to take that start from the city of Swakopmund. Quad bike safari tours or alternatively you can go by 4x4  through the dunes of the desert on an adrenaline infused tour. There are half day of full day tours where you get to stop off for lunch somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
Sand boarding adventures
7 Swakopmund lives up to its reputation of being the adventure capital of Namibia with the likes of sandboarding adventures being available here. Due to the fact that the Namib Desert has some of the largest sand dunes in Africa, it is ideal for sand boarders to whizz down the slopes. Sand boarding is the same as snowboarding, with sand replacing the snow. Better chance of getting a tan doing sand boarding!
Living Desert Safari Tour
8 The desert surrounding the city of Swakopmund is full of desert wildlife that you can see on a Living Desert Safari Tour. Not only do you get o see the spectacular views from the high dunes, your guide will educate you on the conservation strategies ongoing while you are in search of the roaming wildlife. Much of the wildlife are reptiles and small crawlers, but no matter what you get to see, it is a fantastic tour to take.
Ocean Adventure tours Swakopmund
9 With the South Atlantic Ocean on the doorstep of Swakopmund, there are great Ocean Adventure tours to enjoy. Go on a leisure boat cruise and see the seals and pelicans which sometimes land on the boats. There are many fishing outings where you can catch some fish and have it cooked on board for lunch. If diving is your thing, there are diving tours where you are brought to prime diving locations.
Balloon and Skydiving Adventure tours
10 Possibly the best way to see anywhere you visit on holiday is from the sky and when you visit Swakopmund, there are many ways to do this. Take a leisurely balloon ride, have a thrill in a helicopter or for the more adventurous skydive or paraglide over the city and desert below. Whichever option you decide upon, you will see the city, desert and ocean from an entirely different and beautiful aspect.

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