Maputo Is Simply Maravilhoso on Private Sassy Sightseeing Tours

The capital of Mozambique is Maputo, and on private custom guided tours around the city, you will see why it is the cultural hub of the country.  It is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in Africa with a coastal setting and wide accessible avenues scented with lovely jacaranda trees it is simply beautiful.

Maputo is the most modern developed town in Mozambique, and on city sightseeing tours you will be fascinated by the number of stunning hotels, bars, and restaurants.  While the heart of the town center is bustling with locals, the old town district is where there is a lot of walking tours with private guides escorting groups of tourists around the highlights of the city.   

Maputo is a little more expensive in terms of eating out and accommodation than other cities in Mozambique, but the exchange rates are reasonable enough so staying within an average budget is possible.  If you choose to take a holiday to Mozambique, research as much as possible and book as many private holiday tours before you arrive for your vacation of a lifetime.

Let the activities begin!
Maputo Botanical Gardens
1 Maputo Botanical Gardens offer visitors on guided tours a lovely shady retreat to take a break and enjoy the surrounding scenes.  The garden designed by Mr. Thomas Honney in the late 1800's was laid out in a grand style with beautiful statues and lovely green areas with tropical and subtropical flowers.  A walk around these gardens is just magical and a great way to spend an afternoon with your traveling companions.     
National Art Museum
2 The Maputo National Art Museum is located near the Karl Marx Avenue and is a stop on all City guided tours.  There is a fantastic collection of interesting sculptures and cool paintings from many of the finest contemporary artists from the Island like Chissano and Malangatana. This museum is unique in that it mainly displays works of art from artists that originated or reside on the Island of Mozambique.
Chissano Gallery
3 The Chissano Gallery solely displays the works of renowned sculptor Alberto Chissano, a lot of time he worked with wood, stone, and iron. Coming from a humble background, Alberto Chissano completed his national army service and got a job as a cleaner in an Art Museum.  He fell in love with the sculptures and produced pieces for his first exhibition in 1964.  His remains are also on display in the family’s residence area of the Gallery.      
Maputo Natural History Museum
4 Maputo, Mozambique’s Natural History Museum is located in one of the cities oldest buildings with beautifully kept gardens. Tour guides will escort you around the many exhibitions and artifacts including information on animal migration, pottery, and ethnology. Home also to dioramas and rare elephant exhibits the museum chooses to use neon green water on all the exhibitions which are crazy unique.    
Marrabenta Festival
5 Private tours to The Marrabenta national music festival is held annually in Mozambique while it is usually held in Maputo sometimes other cities like Beira or Inhambane play host.  Fantastic musicians are playing the national music of Mozambique "The Marrabenta" it is just fabulous. There is a smashing atmosphere in the city with dancers and music and plenty of fun.    
Maputo Cathedral
6 Private guided walking tours of Maputo will take you to The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.  On you way to the entrance of the church, you will immediately be taken in by its sheer size and pristine white color.  There is a clean white spire that is visible from most areas around the city and ideally positioned stain glass windows finish the idyllic look of the Cathedral.      
Maputo Safari Excursions
7 There are lots of opportunities for Safari guided tours of the many nature reserves and national parks which are wonderful in Mozambique and Maputo is the perfect place to start all these tours from.  There is a great variety of safari tours available to Natural Parks like Bazaruto, Pomene, and Bazaruto or Nature Reserves like Maputo, Nissan Quirimbas, Gorongosa.  Escorted special tour to Kruger Park is also an option as you can see the Big 5.
Maputo Train Station
8 One of Maputo’s best-loved and preserved landmarks believe it or not is their train station.  This magnificent and imposing building has a fantastic Dome which was designed by Mr. Gustav Eiffel (famous for designing the Eiffel Tower). The exterior design has unique pillars, and iron lattice designs that are very unusual in this area, but it is the green paint that catches every tourist's eye on city guided tours.   
Praça dos Heróis Moçambicanos (Mural)
9 One of the best sightseeing opportunities on city tours of Maputo is the massive 95-meter long mural depicting the revolution.  In the middle of this lovely park, there is a massive structure shaped like a star; the white marble building is where the remains of Mozambique revolutionary heroes are buried.  This is a very sacred place, and you can not take any pictures and need to behave appropriately around the mausoleum.     
Maputo Old Fort
10 Maputo's old fort was built on the site of the cities previous fort in the 19th century by the Portuguese.  Private guided tours of the fort are usually on all Maputo's city tours.  There is a lovely little museum dedicated to the remains of any Portuguese artifacts left in Mozambique. Watch out for the burial place of Ngungunhane the last ruler of Gaza, the carvings on his wooden coffin are excellent.   

Travel Tips for Maputo