Look Out for Lions on Limpopo & Kruger Parks Private Safari Tours

Limpopo National Park is only one section of the Great Transfrontier Park that includes the great Kruger National Park in South Africa.  The GTP spans over one million hectares and covers three countries; Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Mozambique with some of the best custom sightseeing tours in the world. 

Safari's and guided tours in Limpopo National Park safari will tick all the boxes if you are looking for adventure.  The park is full of gorgeous grasslands, and spectacular savanna's with mountains and waterholes full of lions and mystery.  There are three zones in the park; wilderness, tourist, and resource zones which your tour guide will point out while you take a private safari of the park.  

There are some awesome tours, Safaris and attractions in Limpopo National Park like the Machampane Wilderness Trail, the Massingir Hiking Trail, and the Machampane tented camp.  With so much to choose from you will definitely have the holiday of a lifetime when you travel around and book tours in magical Mozambique.     

Let the activities begin!
Canopy Tour
1 Suspended meters above the ground with safety harnesses, the Limpopo & Kruger canopy tour is a super.  Gliding above the beautiful scenery below you can have a one-off experience you will never forget.  Accompanied by a qualified tour guide relating information about the sights, animals, birds and stunning landscape bring your camera to record everything as you will not want to forget a second.
Palala Rhino Sanctuary
2 Get your camera ready because you will get some of the best wildlife shots of your life.  Qualified and trained tour guides will escort you around the sanctuary and are always willing to share their knowledge and help you have a fantastic experience.  Your heart will start pumping as you approach these huge animals, but it will be a once in a lifetime never to forgotten experience in a controlled environment.           
Meropa Casino
3 Situated in Limpopo is the Meropa Casino and Entertainment World which offers a very upmarket casino and an experience that will transcend you into another world.  Private casino tours will show you through this state of the art establishment where you can have hours o fun.  Stick to a budget and stay at it whether you win or loose, it can be easy to get carried away.    
Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
4 If you want to get really close to some of the most dangerous animals in the world, then make a visit the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, located at the foot of Drakensberg Mountains near Limpopo Park. This fantastic center, nurses and rehabilitates injured and poisoned wildlife back to health, they rescue orphaned animals and operate breeding programs.  
4X4 Kruger Limpopo Trial
5 An excellent adventure tour to take in the Limpopo and Kruger National Park is the self-drive 4X4 Trail private jeep tour. The circular route is 48-kilometre long and is everything you think it will be. The steep climbs, gravel roads, river beds and sandy stretches offer a diverse experience. The areas to view game safely and to do a bit of bird watching are perfect but watch out it's a bumpy ride so be prepared to be bruised a little. 
Kruger Walking Safari
6 If you love a bit of adventure and excitement, then a safari park walking tour is for you.  There are a wide variety of walking tours to choose from with specialist qualified guides.  The most popular Big Five Tour includes a visit to one of the elevated viewing decks.  On the tours, you might catch sight of a giraffe, hippo or one of the many wild dogs.  Be camera ready and follow the health and safety procedures do not stray away from your group.   
Pafuri Camp
7 Nestled between the Luvuvhu River and Limpopo is the Parfuri Camp, which offers guests lovely tented accommodation and private guided tours.  This tour is great if you want to be in a small group as the camp can only cater for about 50 guests. Daytime can be spent exploring the wonders of the park and at night camp out by the fire with al-fresco eating and drinks from the bush bar on site.       
Machampane Wilderness Camp
8 Machampane Wilderness Camp private sightseeing day and night tours are perfect while staying in The Limpopo Transfrontier Park area. Secluded and unfenced the camp gives tourists a great opportunity to see the real African bush and how the animals interact.  Morning and evening excursions with an armed ranger and tour guide are an excellent way to see the animals come to life with the early morning sun.  
Elephant Back Safari
9 Imagine swaying through the bush on the back of one of the most magnificent and placid animals in the world.  Elephant Back Safaris are a unique and unforgettable way to go on a private sightseeing tour around the Limpopo National Park.  While you are sitting on comfortable seats attached to the elephants back watch as the amazing handler guides these animals on this Limpopo tour.        
Rhino Tracking Safari
10 Take a Rhino Tracking Safari through Kruger and Limpopo National Parks and discover some of nature’s hidden wonders and treasures. Walking tours are specially tailored with specialist qualified guides who are happy to share their knowledge with you about Rhinos and general bush life. The adrenaline burst you get when you come across a pack of rhino is an experience you will never want to be forgotten.

Travel Tips for Limpopo And Kruger Parks