Cabo Delgado Rich With Graphite and Coastlines on Private Custom Tours

Cabo Delgado province is in the most northern region of the Mozambique coastline which runs along the Tanzania border, private guided tours of this area will take you to one of the most remotely beautiful parts of the world. The coastline is dotted with tropical islands and crisp white sandy beaches lined with lush green palm trees, a perfect holiday destination.  

The coastline is subdivided into three distinct areas; Pembe, Qurimbas, and Vamizi / Medjumbe Islands. There is a lot of private excursions in this Mozambique province from National Parks like Quirimbas and Niassa or go island hopping around the Quirimbas Archipelago Islands.  

Cabo Delgado was recently determined to be one of the largest producers of natural graphite, and it is one of the top exporters of fuels, precious stones and metals in the world.  Many exported goods go from Pembe Town port which is a perfect spot to have as your base while on private sightseeing tours in Cabo Delgado. 

Let the activities begin!
1 Pemba is the capital city of the Cabo Delgado Province and has one of the most beautiful bays in the world.  The city is split into three difference provinces, and private guided tours of all three are available on Pembe city tours.  The old town area of Pembe is home to the port and very popular with the youth of the city while Wimbi has one of the most famous beaches in the region.     
2 Montepuez holds the largest deposits of precious colored gemstones in the world. This region of Mozambique includes in many private and guided tours to give holidaymakers an insight into the mining world and how the second largest area can produce such precious material. Montepuez is located in the most northern district of Mozambique and has some quaint sightseeing opportunities. 
Quirimbas National Park
3 Covering over 750,000 hectares of coastal land, The Quirimbas National Park private guided tours are unique in that the Park runs along the northeast coast of Mozambique.  The Park has mangroves and forests and a gorgeous coral reef full of hundreds of species of fish, turtles, and dugongs.  Scuba diving here is a must do as you can appreciate mother nature at her best.  The WWF currently protect this amazing and natural park.     
Niassa Reserve
4 Bordering Tanzania the Niassa Reserve is home to the largest amount of wildlife populations in Mozambique and perfect for private sightseeing tours.  Watch out for the animals here such as elephants, lions, zebras, wildebeest, hippos, birds and much more photo opportunities are everywhere as you go on adventure safari tours.  Due to poaching sometimes the animals are hard to find but your guide will take you to the many hotspots on the reserve.   
Vamizi Island
5 Vamizi Island tours are an excellent way to see how important this island is to the world's ecosystem and health.  Vamizi is a unique ‘Hope Spot,'  which means any positive efforts regarding the environment has succeeded and has a positive spin on the planet.  There are over 170 species of coral and hundred of species of fish indigenous to this island.  
Wimbe Beach
6 This famous beach is located in the most northern region of Mozambique in the Cabo Delgado province.  Very popular with holidaymakers and locals there are many watersport activities and tour guides will recommend this beach for some rest and relaxation after being on any safari's, bush walks and sightseeing tours.  There is a lovely selection of quaint hotels with restaurants and bars full of locals and tourists. 
Ibo Island
7 The best known of the Quirimbas Archipelagos Islands is Ibo because of its many historical sights and popularity with private sightseeing Island tourists.  On tour, you will see the lovely old moss covered homes and buildings with years of history and take on a weird look at night time. There are not too many beaches around, but the port and dock make up for it.        
Quirimba Island
8 Just south of Ibo, Quirimba is full of coconut plantations, factories and is the most eco-friendly and eco-active islands off Mozambique.  There are some lovely beaches and walks at low tide along the sea front which mainly attracts tourists on guided island tours.  Watch out for the tidal pools and mangroves which are usually included in many of the tours.        
Medjumbe Island
9 Beautiful and Idyllic Medjumbe Island has the most stunning white crisp sand with coral tones and the most perfect shade of bright blue in the sea that is just waiting to be explored.  There is a seasonal hotel resort, old lighthouse and an airstrip on the Island but no permanent resitants which make is unique regarding the cluster of adjacent islands.   
Matemo Island
10 Matemo is one of the larger islands in the Quirimbes group, and it lies about 20km to the north of Ibo Island.  The inhabitants on the island have been around for generations right back to the 27th century when cloth manufacturing was the primary source of income to the island. Matemo Island has great camping site which is perfect for tourists on private budget tours.      

Travel Tips for Cabo Delgado Province