For Fabulous, Fantastic, Far Out Fun Always Take a Private Tour of Fez

For Fabulous, Fantastic, Far Out Fun Always, Take a Private Tour of Fez, Morocco, the ancient breeding ground for scholars and artisans. Take guided tours in Fez to learn all about the historical and cultural lineage that will intrigue any visitor. Hence why Fez is regarded as Morocco's cultural capital.

Fez is also in competition with Marrakesh for the title of Morocco’s most exotic city. Despite the encroachment of moderation, Fez has managed to maintain it authentic appeal and holding onto its stately name as an Imperial City.

The city is full of timeless minarets, dome-roofed buildings and crumbling Islamic architecture that draw tourists in and for the tourists that can not get enough historical sights, there are monuments or historical buildings at the end of narrow alleyways or on every corner.

There is something very beguiling about Fez and it is hard to put into words exactly what it is so better for everyone to visit for themselves to understand!

Let the activities begin!
Full Day Fez Private Guided Tour
Full Day Fez Private Guided Tour
10 reviews

Full-day private tour of Fez. Enjoy a guided walking tour of the medina and see the highlights of Fez outside the Medina by private car.

6 hours Scheduling Private Tour Fez
2 Days Desert Tour From Fez With Camel Ride and Overnight in Desert Camp
2 Days Desert Tour From Fez With Camel Ride and Overnight in Desert Camp
4 reviews

Enjoy an overnight desert trip from Fez. En-route you will pass the cedars forest, Ziz oasis, Middle Atlas mountains and the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi.

2 days Scheduling Shared Tour Fez
Chaouwara Tanneries
1 On a city tour of Fez, see the the city’s most iconic sights, The Chaouwara tanneries. A tour here offers you a unique window into the pungent, natural process of producing world-class leather. See the locals using methods that have changed very little since medieval times; there is no intrusion of modern technology here thankfully. After a much-needed restoration, the tanneries kept all their character and atmosphere.
Royal Palace
2 On a sightseeing tour, you will get to see the Royal Palace or Fez’s Palais Royale. This Palace is a stunning example of modern restoration in a good way. While tourists cannot see the whole 80 hectares of palace grounds, it is still a lovely place to visit especially the fabulous Brass doors. You guide will no doubt take fruit from the lemon trees and demonstrate the juice’s astringent cleaning properties on the palace gates.
The Medersa Bou Inania
3 Take a guided tour to one of the few religious buildings in the city of Fez, that allows non-Muslims to enter, the Medusa Bou Inania. Built by the Merenid sultan Bou Inan in 1357. This is an architectural gem and regarded as one of Morocco’s most gorgeous buildings especially after its complete restoration. The carved woodwork and stucco decoration are just some of the things that are magnificent to look at here.
Fez el Bali
4 A sightseeing tour that is strongly recommended is the one to Fez el Bali. It is the oldest neighbourhood in the city and it is said to be the largest surviving intact Medina (an old walled town) in the world. You approach it through an old, grand gate and from there you get to see the city’s famous landmarks, the rambling streets divided by a meandering river. This is a fascinating tour and very enjoyable.
Burj Nord and the Merenid Tombs
5 On a guided tour visit the Borj Nord and the Merenid Tombs. When you walk up the steep hill to the Borj Nord area, which is just outside the city, you get to see the best views of the city. You are also standing in the remains of a 16th-century fortress that is the home of a very impressive arms Museum. The tombs themselves are in a heavily ruined state; it is still a wonderful place to walk knowing its history.
Qaraouiyine Mosque
6 Take a sightseeing tour to the Qaraouiyine Mosque. When built in AD 857 by Tunisian immigrants, it was one of the most distinguished universities of the medieval period. Nowadays it is a working mosque and one of the largest centers to worship in Morocco. One of oldest surviving Libraries in the world is found here and contains 30,000 books. Although you cannot enter the mosque if you are not muslims, the views are excellent.  
Batha Museum
7 Situated inside a Hispano-Moorish summer palace that was built in the 19th century, you will find the Batha Museum. On a guided tour through this museum, you get to see a selection of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship. The centrepiece exhibit of the museum is the ceramics room where you can see the famous Fez blue ceramics, coloured with cobalt. The internal courtyard garden is lovely and a refreshing added bonus.
Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Crafts
8 On a guided tour, see the Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Crafts. Located in an old Fondouk (old style hostel) which was transformed into the museum to display Moroccan wooden arts and crafts. Where there was once traders sleeping on their trips to town, see the exhibits of engraved granary doors, dowry chests and lattice screen window frames. The central courtyard of the Fondouk has sturdy pillars and carved wood decorated balconies.
9 Visit the atmospheric old Mellah which is the Jewish Quarter of Fez. On a guided tour, walk through the compact district with lanes that are lined will examples of the early 20th century houses. They maybe a tad dilapidated but still well worth a look and see. There is a restored Synagogue that is open to tourists and on the edge of the Mellah a Jewish Museum with collections of objects representing  Moroccan Jewish life and culture.
Medersa el-Attarine
10 Another great sightseeing tour to take in Fez is the one to Medusa el-Attarine. This building is a fantastic example of fine Merenid architecture that was built in 1325 by Abu Said. The courtyard is an excellent display of the intricate decoration from this period showing elaborate zellige tilework and cedar wood carvings. From the warren of cells on the upper floor, you can reach the roof, and from here there are fabulous views.

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