Guided Private Tour to Rabat the Jewel in the Crown of Morocco!

As Morocco's capital, a guided private tour to Rabat is the jewel in the crown of Morocco. The most stunning museum, the royal palace is situated here. The calmness of Rabat is a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of Casablanca!

The city is so more calm and relaxed than most of the other cities, and you can sit and enjoy a mint tea without the noise of traffic.
Love history? Well, you have come to the right place, you have the excavation site in Chellah which is a lovely place to wander through. Or how about the fantastic 12th-century Oudais Kasbah which is still fully preserved and maintained.
It is easy to be seduced by the ambience of Marrakesh and Morocco, but please take the time to travel to this beautiful city, situated along the sea with gorgeous, clean beaches. You and not too many tourists get a real feel of this Muslim country by strolling around the beautiful Medinas.
Let the activities begin!
Full Day Rabat City Private Tour with Guide and Driver at Your Disposal
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Have your own private guide and driver for a full day to see the sights and shop, at your disposal around the beautiful city of Rabat.

1 days Scheduling Private Tour Rabat
Tower of Hassan
1 The massive Hassan Tower was constructed in 1195 and was meant to be the second largest Mosque in the Islamic world. However, Yacoub El Mansour the was the man behind building this 44 feet high Mosque, died suddenly in 1119 and unfortunately the building was not completed after his death. The inside has been completed and is definitely worth a private tour to see the ornate interior.
Oudaias Kasbah
2 Rock the Kasbah, Oudaias Kasbah with a private tour, and you will love the peace and serenity of this area, situated not far from the medina, this is Rabats oldest area. It was built to protect the inhabitants from the ocean. It is very well preserved and a wander around the little streets all of them painted in gorgeous blue, and white tones makes it an ideal photographers dream. Stop in the tea house and watch the world go by.
Chellah Necropolis
3 The beautiful ruins lay of what was once an impressive Mosque. The Defensive walls are still intact and currently being restored is the main gate into the ancient site. You will see the carved stone tomb of Abou Al-Hassan Ali, who built Chellah, and his wife lie directly behind the mosque The pool attracts visitors worldwide who have a fertility issue, if you feed boiled egg to the eels you will become pregnant soon after!
Mausoleum of Mohamed V
4 2017 ! This will be the year to visit the newly developed Mohammed V as it will be unveiled in a ceremony later this year. It will be opened facing the newly built opera house. It is said to feature many palm trees surrounded by a large ornate fountain. In the heart of Morocco, it is the main feature for the economic capital. Visitors worldwide come to visit the statue of Marshal Lyautey. People can sit and relax .
Rabat Archaeology Museum
5 Built in 1932 the Archaeological Museum is a must-see guided tour while in Rabat. It is the best collection of artefacts in the whole of Morocco. You can journey back in time for an hour or so by marvelling at the old collection from the pre-roman times until today's daily life. The artefacts have mostly been excavated from various sites throughout Morocco, and the Famous 'Drunken Donkey' bronze statue and the ' Volubilis
6 With its exotic fusion of sites and sounds the Souks of Marrakesh assault the senses from every side. Streets are filled wth anything from carpets to bread and vegetables and folk singers and snake charmers wander amongst the crowd entertaining the many. The heady blend of spices and perfume along with the sound of traders shouting their wares can be a bit overwhelming at first but an experience.
Abul Hassan Medersa
7 This very famous building is the Medusa which means religious school. It was built in 1342 just off a small square in town. To gain entry just follow the walls of the city until you come to the Square. The doorway is covered with beautiful ornate designs, upon entering you will see the stunning floors in wooden geometric designs and the prayer hall has recently been restored to its former glory.
Andalusian Gardens & Oudaias Museum
8 Andalusian Gardens & Oudaias Kasbah are both situated within the stunning gardens of the Kasbah. The gorgeous interior is Moroccan throughout and is how is should be in Morocco. It was built in the mid 17th century and is covered in various succulent fabrics such as silk and brocade; this is how I imagined the Moroccans living in such luxurious surroundings.
New City
9 The new city, it is soon to be built, and work will begin to start until 2020. It will be called Ch'rafate. 1030 thousand people will gain work from building a whole new housing development. The new development will cost a whopping 3 billion dollars. What a fantastic will be an excellent start for so many low-income families and new jobs from the industrial area? A whole new infrastructure will be built.
Salé Medina
10 In Sale, there is not much to see other than the stunning medersa not far from Rabat, it is still worth going to visit. If you climb to the top of the stairs, the spectacular views over the town with Rabat and the Atlantic ocean in the background is worth the guided tour. The unique craftsmanship of the interior will take your breath away! The Medersa was built with small dorms for the local boys to learn the Quran.

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