Sun, Fun, Romance and Sights to Bank on, a Private Tour of Casablanca

Sun, fun, romance and sights to bank on with a Private Tour of Casablanca. The vast deserts and warm hospitality where you can ride the desert on a camel, surf its Atlantic coast or even ski its snow-capped Atlas Mountains in one private tour.

Of all the Medina joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine. Aw, the Beautiful Casablanca is it not what we think of when you hear the name Casablanca? However, the film was actually shot in Hollywood! 

Visiting the real Casablanca with a private tour, you could be forgiven for thinking you are in chic Paris when walking around, due to the beautiful art deco buildings and little expensive boutiques and restaurants. 

The city is full of Moroccans and not tourists, so you get to see and breathe in the real culture of Morocco. The city is always buzzing from morning until evening, with so much to see, and so it has to be on your bucket list for 2017.

While you're in Morocco, please try and plan a tour to Marrakesh, this ancient land of stunning beauty where time seems to have stood still.

Let the activities begin!
Morocco Tour
Morocco Tour
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Enjoy cultural experiences and desert adventure on this 9-day circuit of Morocco beginning in modern Casablanca or Marrakech. Explore souks, markets, and medieval kasbahs...

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Experiences In Morocco & Sahara Desert for 15 Days
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Live the experience of a complete trip throughout Morocco and Live the experience to spend a wild night in the Sahara Desert

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Hassan II Mosque
1 Hasan II Mosque is situated by the Atlantic Ocean on three sides. It stands tall and proud and is the largest mosque after Medha and Mecca., and is the tallest building in Morrocco.It can take thousands of people outside alone, and inside can hold around 250,000! It is stunning in the evenings, and you can take fabulous pictures as the sun sets behind the mosque.
Place Mohamed V
2 2017 ! This will be the year to visit the newly developed Mohammed V as it will be unveiled in a ceremony later this year. It will be opened facing the newly built opera house. It is said to feature many palm trees surrounded by a large ornate fountain. In the heart of Morocco, it is the main feature for the economic capital. Visitors worldwide come to visit the statue of Marshal Lyautey. People can sit and relax.
3 The stunning Boulevard de la Corniche, is an upmarket area of Casablanca dotted around the Atlantic Ocean. It's a popular destination for locals and tourists who come along and enjoy the expensive clubs and bars. A lovely stroll along the waterfront you will see the many restaurants, hotels, and cafes. As you near the end of your stroll you will come upon the Sinbad amusement park, with the old fashioned rides such as the dodge
4 With its exotic fusion of sites and sounds the Souks of Marrakesh assault the senses from every side. Streets are filled wth anything from carpets to bread and vegetables and folk singers and snake charmers wander amongst the crowd entertaining the many. The heady blend of spices and perfume along with the sound of traders shouting their wares can be a bit overwhelming at first.
5 SAFI is the oldest coastal town in Morocco, with a beautiful fishing port situated along an amazing coastline. It is steeped in history and definitely worth a visit while in Casablanca. Fabulous local markets sell nice and unusual handmade colourful pottery, which is famous as the giant pottery works are built here. Lovely little town with beautiful tree lined boulevards and white washed homes create the perfect look.
6 An old town with the infamous Red Coloured walls around the city is very well maintained than any other city in Morocco, once inside the gates wow !! The red disappears, and everything is white, yellow and blue! It's worth a visit to see the Jewish quarters and the ancient Kasbah. The local cafes are plentiful and serve cheap make but lovely delicious meals.
Casablanca Cathedral
7 This stunning cathedral, church of the sacred heart of Jesus was built in the 1930's, created with a mix of Art Deco and Moroccan architecture it is a beautiful ornate structure. Although no longer used by the church this beautiful building remains empty but can be visited and toured. The many steps to the top must be taken to see the most amazing views over Casablanca. The church was built while under the french ruling.
El Jadida
8 Miles of beaches and no sunbeds in sight! Just little children are having the odd donkey ride and local traders selling their wares along this stretch of seafront. Not too far along you will find many Hotels and restaurant. There are a newly opened casino and golf course which is attracting tourists and locals. cultural wise, you have choices of many to visit including the Portuguese cistern and the Chapel of St. Sebastion.
9 Mohammedia knew mostly for having the biggest Oil refinery in Morocco, Samir Refinery, is alongside the Atlantic Ocean and it around 30 kilometres away from Casablanca. The area has become very popular with locals looking for jobs and what was a shanty town is now a modern wealthy city due to the economic development of the area. Situated on a hillside the locals spend their free time playing various sports such as soccer.
Central Market
10 A visit to Casablanca isn't complete without a tour of the Market, built in the late 60;s it can be entered through 4 very large gates which are decorated throughout in various colors of flowers. it is a huge market, and it is visited not by just the locals and tourists, but by the royal family and many famous people. The local vendors sell many things including spices, vegetables, kitchen items and flowers of every variety.

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