Princely Sights to Be Seen on Puerto Princesa Private Sightseeing Tours

This beautiful city on Palawan Island claims that it is the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines and has much to offer with its crocodile farms, diving spots and underground rivers. Discover the princely sights on Puerto Princesa private sightseeing tours.

See all the major attractions with Puerto Princesa city tours. Visit Bakers Hill, the Crocodile Farm, Plaza Cartel and the city’s beautiful Cathedral.

Explore the Subterranean River National Park with private boat tours Puerto Princesa and paddle your way through the amazing underground river which has one of the world’s most impressive cave system.

With Puerto Princesa diving tours you can explore Tubbataha Reef which is one of the best diving sites in the world, and as you dive among the coral, you will encounter a high density of marine species.

For adventure tours Puerto Princesa will take you on a fantastic hike to the top of Cleopatra’s Needle where you will experience breathtaking sights of Honda Bay and the South China Sea.

Let the activities begin!