Meet Marty and Melman on a Mega Private Madagascar Tour

Madagascar is unique and not like any other place in the world, in recent years the Island has been made famous by the Children's Popular Movie "Madagascar."  With relatable characters like Marty (the lion), Gloria (the hippo) Julian (the lemur) and Melman (the giraffe) popularity for this holiday destination shot up with tourists wanting to book Island private guided tours for their families.

Five percent of every known plant and animal on the planet can be found on the Island with many strange looking complex creatures including Lemurs and Chameleons.  Private tour guides will take you on an unforgettable journey through rare rainforests and across delightful desert plains on this unique Island.

Sightseeing mountain and valley tours are very popular in Madagascar with extreme views of limestone karsts, sandstone canyons, mountains, and lush green hills perfect for great photographic opportunities. Positioned on the terraced hill are fertile rice paddies and forests rich with red soil giving the Island its nickname "Red Island". 

Let the activities begin!
11 Day Island Hopping in Madagascar From South Africa
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If there's one park not to miss in Madagascar its Andasibe, and the lemur-filled forest and is an excellent wildlife addition to your beach hopping.

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11 days Scheduling Shared Tour Antananarivo
12 Day Madagascar 1000 Vies Tour From South Africa
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Madagascar is a beautiful island full of plants reptiles and the famous lemurs. This truly is a great tour where you will see a variety of plants and the adorable lemurs.

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12 days Scheduling Shared Tour Antananarivo
3 Day Nosy Be Island Cruise
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Sail the bays of the Be! Nosy Be features the most stellar marine and coastal landscapes of Madagascar, the second largest tourist draw of the island today.

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3 days Scheduling Shared Tour Antananarivo
The Avenue of Baobabs Sunset Tour
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If you're in Morondava, don't miss the opportunity to see the sunset on the Avenue of the Baobabs, one of the most emblematic and spectacular corners of Madagascar!

2 hours Antananarivo
11 Day East Circuit Tour: Culture, Rainforests and Island Escapes Madagascar
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Welcome to Madagascar - A whole other planet on one Island! Enjoy an 11 day tour of the East Circuit: Culture, Rainforests, and Island Escapes!

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11 days Scheduling Shared Tour Antananarivo
Tranquil Honeymoon Experience at Villa Sakina
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Have your honeymoon at the beautiful magical nosy be, an island off Madagascar at villa sakina which is a revelation of talent, serenity, elegant simplicity, usability!

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8 days Scheduling Private Tour Antananarivo
Madagascar Yacht Charter Safari 7 Nights
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It Is the ‘island Factor’ That Makes This 7 Day Madagascar Yacht Charter Safari So Fascinating. Visit 2 or 3 Islands in the Nosy Be Archipelago!

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8 days Scheduling Shared Tour Antananarivo
South Circuit - Classic Tour Route: Route 7, Anja, Isalo Mountains, Desert Dunes, and Baobabs
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Explore the 13 Days Tour South Circuit - Classic Tour Route: Route 7, Anja, Isalo Mountains, Desert Dunes, and Baobabs at Beautiful Islands of Madagascar!

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13 days Scheduling Shared Tour Antananarivo
West Circuit – Baobab Avenue, Riverboat Voyage, and Rainforests
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Our Journey Takes Us Through the West Circuit of Madagascar and Explores the 13-day Tour to Baobab Avenue, Riverboat Voyage, and Rainforests!

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13 days Scheduling Shared Tour Antananarivo
Andilana Resort
1 The best tour beach resort in Madagascar is at the northwest tip of the Island at Andilana. With a long stretch of sparkling white sands and clear blue turquoise water, this is as close to the divine on earth as a person can get.  It is perfect for swimming, wacky water sports and relaxing while watching the gorgeous sunsets and smooth waves. Andilana comes to life on Sundays when the expat community dance and party til dawn.
Pirates Cemetary
2 The Pirates Cemetary is a must see tour when visiting Madagascar it is a fascinating tour. The cemetery overlooks the old pirate hang out of Baie de Forbans just to the south of Ambodifotatra.  Some of the gravestones are engraved with the pirate insignia, a skull and cross bones.  There are still remnants of the pier where many ships docked for repairs and pirates came to stay for some R&R.    
Cape Nature Reserve
3 Cape nature reserve is a very well known private reserve that contains nearly one-third of the remaining gallery forest on Madagascar. Closely nestled between oxbow lake on the Mandrare River, it was one of Madagascar’s first and fabulous ecotourism destination tours.  Explore the captivating forest on a walking tour.  Look out for the Lemurs and other forest animals ambling around.        
Antananarivo (Capital)
4 Private Tana tours usually involve a little bit of history and a whole lot of shopping and restaurants.  The city has some lovely walking city tours around the many colonial buildings and history museums.  While a lot of tourists bypass the capital take note and try to visit even for a day, you will love the local characters, and the shopping is great.      
Haute-Ville in Fianarantsoe
5 Fianarantsoe Haute-Ville is the oldest and most attractive area in this lovely quaint town.  Tours of the city will show you the stunning architecture with beautiful brick houses.  A walking tour along the cobbled streets that lead to the Ambozontany Cathedral with six small churches along the way.  The heritage foundation is working on reconditioning the houses to bring a little culture and history back to the town.  
Andasible National Park
6 Parc National Andasibe Mantadia on Madagascar Island is one of the most visited Parks by locals and tourists on guided walking tours.  Home to the largest Indris (Lemur) on the Island of Madagascar many people come to the park to spot him among the 60 or so other residents in his community. There are many other species of Lemurs to see and hundreds of birds, chameleons, and other indigenous Island animals.          
Millot Plantations Ambanja
7 Established in the 1900's this beautiful plantation is the leading producer of spices, essential oils and organic cocoa in the world. If you want to elevate your senses then a private sightseeing tour of the Plantation is for you.  You can taste and smell the spices and cocoa beans and see how they develop the essential oils for the market.  As part of the tour, you will have lunch with all the produce coming from the farm.     
Rova Palace
8 The Rova Fortress Palace is positioned on top of Ambohimanga hill, famous for using millions of eggs to make up the cement this is one unique Palace.  Originally a wooden hut with a thatched roof it was updated in the 19th century and stands with a single rosewood trunk in its center. Tour guides will talk about the history of the Palace, and it's residents while you take in the strange decorative symbols everywhere.     
Marojejy National Park
9 Marojejy Park is the most beautiful and rare rainforests on the Island of Madagascar.  It is a unique dense jungle rainforest with sheet cliffs and species of animals that are only found in this region. Private guided tours can arrange for you to camp out in the park for up to 3 days with mountain and hill walking treks.  The scenery and views are second to none and worth the visit.  
Tulear Gardens
10 One of the only major sightseeing tour attractions in Tuléar Madagascar, the 400,000 square meter forest has a vast collection of over 900 species of flora and plants.  A popular guided tour with visitors to the region, it was established in the 1980's by a Swiss-born botanist and has an educational interpretation center and small museum explaining the many varieties of plants at the centre.