Travel to the Tropical, Tasteful and True Tel Aviv on Private Tour

Travel to the tropical, tasteful and true Tel Aviv on private tour.  Tel Aviv is Israel’s commercial and political heart with beautiful sandy beaches, restaurants, outstanding architecture, museums and contemporary art galleries ready to be explored on a guided private tour. 

Tel Aviv has become a most cosmopolitan city in the Middle East, among its youngest and most energetic cities; although Israel is most likely best known as the home of historical cities like Jerusalem and Nazareth. 

Travel to Tel Aviv on private guided tours and take in the modern, somewhat European lifestyle in this metropolis that is the Middle East.  Book a private sightseeing tour and investigate its many beaches that are stunning, famous Bauhaus buildings, curated museums, and exciting nightlife.  

On a guided tour see the residents of “The White City” take great pride in their hometown’s modern culture and are always excited to share its many sights and attractions with visitors.  Make sure to prepare all your guided private tours before taking in the finest of this Mediterranean city.

Let the activities begin!
Private Day Tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem From Tel Aviv
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A private day tour from Tel Aviv. Visit Jerusalem and Bethlehem to see the spiritual sights of Jesus's birthplace to his place of death!

10 to 12 hours Scheduling Private Tour Tel Aviv
Private Day to The Sea of Galilee and Nazareth From Tel Aviv
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See the very heart of Jesus's life in Galilee and visit the locations in which taught and inspired him, also see where he conducted his famous miracles!

10 to 12 hours Scheduling Private Tour Tel Aviv
Return Private Tel Aviv Airport to Hotel Transfer
30 to 40 minutes Scheduling Private Tour Tel Aviv
Beit Hatfutsot Museum
1 One of the biggest museums in the world specialising in the history of the Jewish People; The Jewish Diaspora Museum is a must see on private tour.  This Museum offers activities, works of art, and other artefacts of culture, which tells the story of Jewish communities from around the world.   The museum offers information from as early as 2,500 years ago about the Jewish History; when the Jewish tribes were exiled from the land of Israel.  
Eretz Israel Museum
2 Tel Aviv Eretz Israel Museum is spread across a beautiful campus in the Ramat Aviv district of the city, overlooking the centre of Tel Aviv.  On your private tour of the Museum, you will see the amazing exhibits relating toJudaica, archaeology, ethnography, history and culture and arts and crafts.  Each exhibition housed in a pavilion, of which there are many spreads across the museum site it is a fantastic tour.   
Tel Aviv Port
3 The Tel Aviv Port has recently been upgraded and is now one of the hottest places to visit in town.  On your private tour of the port, you will see that during the day, the cafes and stores at Namal Tel Aviv, host some of the city’s richest and trendiest stores.  While at night, Namal Tel Aviv transforms into one of Tel Aviv’s most popular nightlife and romantic venues. 
Yarkon Park
4 The Yarkon River, Israel's longest coastal waterway emerges in Yarkon National Park in hundreds of beautiful springs.  On you guided private tour in the shade of huge old eucalyptus tree's you'll see the el-Mir water mills, which first ground grain in Roman times.  You can take the Romantic Trail along the quiet stream or enjoy a picnic while the little ones romp in the playground.  Sit by the pond where water lilies bloom from May to September.
Tel Aviv Promenade
5 Take a stroll down Tel Aviv’s promenade and awaken all the senses with a feast of colours, sights and smells.  Every private tour will tell you nothing beats walking – or cycling – along with the seaside promenade, breathing in the fresh, salty air of the Mediterranean. Take a seat on a bench and watch Tel Aviv life unfold before your eyes with beach-goers, joggers and paddle players doing their thing as the sounds of the waves gently crash on the shore.
Ramat Gan Safari Zoo
6 The Ramat Gan Safari Park private tour is the top zoo in of the Tel Aviv area and is home to the largest collection of animals in the Middle East. Arranged as a 250 acre African Safari Park, unique in the world as the African animals who live here can roam around the park freely. Visitors can have an African safari experience, just minutes from the centre of downtown Tel Aviv.   
Luna Park
7 The Tel Aviv Luna Park, with countless attractions and adventures, can be a thrilling and fascinating experience for everyone, big and small! A visit to the Luna Park is an opportunity for the whole family to experience together with an atmosphere of freedom you will feel like a child again.  One ticket gains you entry to all the rides at this park which is great and very easy for parents and children a must see custom tour.
Meir Park
8 In the center of the busy city, some fresh air, blue skies, grass and trees. This park is a sanctuary of greenery in the busy bustling city.  Located on the central and noisy King George Street just off Dizengoff Center, is one of the most popular havens for children, dogs and people, who are tired from the city's white buildings and honking cars.  There is also a lovely little pond covered with Water Lilies of all different kinds. 
Palmach Museum
9 Take a private tour of the Palmach Museum, an experiential museum that relays the incredible story of the elite striking force of the Hagana-the underground military organisation of the Jewish community in Palestine. The presentation is highly innovative with three-dimensional décor, films and special effects bringing to life the documentary material; a real one off tour.
Kibbutz Headquarters
10 The kibbutz headquarters is one of the most iconic society in modern Israel's history check it out on a guided private tour.  There is an aura of spiritual authenticity that still pervades over the kibbutz image.  Founded in 1976, Samar started out as a new social experiment that proposed individual enhancement instead of the strict collectivist rules that characterised the original kibbutzim movement and it is still going to this day. 

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