Float Your Troubles Away on the Dead Sea in Israel on Private Tour

Take a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Idyllic Israel on Private Tour. Explore the archaeological treasures and spectacular natural wonders of Israel from biblical times to present day. Take private guided tours of Israeli's Holy Land; they offer tours for both lay and religious people

Admire the breathtaking beauty of all its natural features: the green hills, dead sea, and valleys of the Israel National Trail or the canyon of Makhtesh Ramon.  There are many religious devotions for Jews, Muslims and Christians who come to the Holy Land's sacred sites.  

There is a lot of places to unwind in here, the cafes, bars and beaches of the cosmopolitan Tel Aviv or the little boutique wineries of the Galilee region. 

Book all your private tours of Israel prior to your arrival as many tours are booked out early.  One thing's for sure, spending time here never fails to challenge ideas and provide the most amazing experiences.

Let the activities begin!
Private Day Tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem From Tel Aviv
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A private day tour from Tel Aviv. Visit Jerusalem and Bethlehem to see the spiritual sights of Jesus's birthplace to his place of death!

10 to 12 hours Scheduling Private Tour Tel Aviv
Private Day to The Sea of Galilee and Nazareth From Tel Aviv
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See the very heart of Jesus's life in Galilee and visit the locations in which taught and inspired him, also see where he conducted his famous miracles!

10 to 12 hours Scheduling Private Tour Tel Aviv
Return Private Tel Aviv Airport to Hotel Transfer
30 to 40 minutes Scheduling Private Tour Tel Aviv
City of David
1 Site excavations at the City of David began in the mid eighteen hundred's.  It was a settlement in the oldest area of Jerusalem where it is said David brought the Ark of the Covenant to over 3000 years ago. On a guided private tour of Hezekiah's Tunnel, you will see the main attraction on this tour; the deep water pools, bring your swimming clothes as you can sometimes bath in the clear beautiful water.  
Church of the Holy Sepulchre
2 On you guided private tour of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, you will see how it is the Christians most meaningful churches.  Pilgrims have been visiting and worshiping at this site for over sixteen centuries.  The Church building does not look very regal but its unique nativity has made it a must do visit on your tour.     
Israel Museum
3 Take a sightseeing of Israel's most impressive cultural assets; this beautiful museum gives an excellent insight into the region's 5000 years of history.  The fine arts wing has a collection of international and Israeli art, the museum's grounds feature an art garden, and there's a dedicated pavilion showcasing the museum's prize exhibit, the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Dome of Rock
4 The Dome of Rock is the jewel in the Temple Mount's crown.  On your private guided tour, you will see the gold-plated Dome which is an enduring symbol of the people.  It is the most photographed places on the planet as it was here that Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son and the Prophet Mohammed ascended into heaven.  This is an awesome tour and a must see.     
Basilica of the Annunciation
5 The Bisicalla of Annuation dominates the old city with its lantern topped cupola.  Built in the late 1960's many Christians visit the site as they believe it to be the home of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The Dome in the shape of an inverted Lilly is in glory to the Mother of God, and it is just spectacular with its mosaic panels.  
Baha'i Gardens
6 The gardens on the slopes of Mount Carmel are quite a sight to see on your custom private tour.  Visitors are asked to cover their shoulders and knees as a sign of respect for this beautiful holy place.  The 19 terraces have a classic feel with the iron gates leading to lovely flower beds, fountains, sculptures, soothing pools and fantastic panorama views of Haifa Bay.    
Ein Avdat National Park
7 Ein Avdat National Park on a Private Tour is a great day out.  This park is unusual in that it is a Park in the middle of the desert with a flowing freshwater spring and lots or green areas.  You can trek into the park from two entrances and explore the day away. Swimming is prohibited in the spring so be aware!         
Western wall in the old city of Jerusalem
8 The builders of the Western Wall would never have thought their creation would be a major religious shrine.  When it was built some two thousand years ago, this holiest of all Jewish sites was just a retaining wall supporting the outer section of Temple Mount.  Even though the Temple was destroyed, the wall remained, it is believed due to a divine presence that never left it, you decide on your private tour.
Mount Zion
9 Mount Zion located outside the old city of Jerusalem is famed for housing David's Tomb.  On your guided private tour you will enter the Cenacle and see the room where it is said The Last Supper was held.  As you go through the courtyard, you will come to the memorial site to the victims of the Holocaust, the plaques with the names of the many victims is a chilling place.        
10 The kibbutz represents one of most iconic movements of modern Israel's history check it out on a guided private tour.  There is an aura of spiritual authenticity that still pervades over the kibbutz image.  Founded in 1976, Samar started out as a new social experiment that proposed individual enhancement instead of the strict collectivist rules that characterised the original kibbutzim movement and it is still going to this day.