Find Your Zen on Mount Zion on Your Visit to Jerusalem on Private Tour

Find our zen on Mount Zion on your Visit to Jerusalem on a private tour. The extent of its history is staggering, and its crucial place in the customs of all three monotheistic religions has led to it being fought over regularly throughout the centuries. 

For followers on guided private tours, a visit to Jerusalem is a place of pilgrimage to one among the holiest sites in the world. The number of sights here may be confusing for first-time visitors, but the majority of the top attractions for tourist are tucked inside the lanes of the Old City district. 

With so much to see, the best means to handle a trip here is to decide on some significant attractions which are must-dos and break your sightseeing tours into sections of the city. 

Do not attempt to do a lot of and wear out yourself; it could take a lifetime to see everything Jerusalem has to offer.

Let the activities begin!
Haram Al-Sharif/Dome of Rock
1 On your guided private tour enter one of the holiest places in the world. Lauded by Jews, Christians, and Muslims.  This is where Abraham is said to have offered his boy up as a compromise to God, where Solomon built the first temple for the Ark of the Covenant, and where the Prophet Muhammad is said to have ascended to paradise during his early years of preaching Islam. It is a spot of profound importance for all those of faith.   
The Wailing Wall
2 The Wailing Wall is the living retaining wall of the First Temple of Jerusalem. Usually called the Wailing Wall because of the individuals' laments for the lack of the temple in AD 70, it continues to be a place of pilgrimage for the Jew people since the Ottoman era and is now the holiest site in Judaism.  The Jew Quarter of the old town runs approximately from the Zion Gate East to the Western Wall Plaza.
Church of the Holy Sepulchre
3 For pilgrims that are Christian, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is the holiest site in Jerusalem and is said to be the place where Jesus was crucified.  On your guided private tour see where Empress Helena decided the place the church dedicated to Constantine the Great during her tour of the Holy Land. She was the one who declared in the Byzantine world that this area was to be the  Calvary of the gospels.    
Armenian Quarter
4 South from the Citadel, the Armenian Patriarchate Road is the main street of the small Armenian Quarter of the Old City.   Take a sightseeing tour and see inside the narrow lanes here are the St. James Cathedral and St. Mark's Chapel, which receive substantially fewer visitors than others in the old town. Armenians have already been part of the community for centuries of Jerusalem, first arriving throughout the 5th century in the city. 
Via Dolorosa
5 For many Christian visitors on a private tour, the Via Dolorosa is the highlight of the visit to Jerusalem. This walk follows the path of Jesus after his disapprobation as he carries his cross towards execution. You can do the walk alone or join the procession on the road guided by the Italian Franciscan monks.  Following like the Stations of the Cross, some are based on tradition on the Gospel accounts, and some mark the course of the Via Dolorosa.   
The Tower of David
6 The Citadel or Tower of David, erected by King Herod in the shield the palace he assembled in about 24 BC. His first Citadel had three towers called after his wife Mariamne, his brother Phasael, and his friend Hippicus. After Titus conquest of the city in AD 70, the Romans positioned a garrison here, but after the citadel fell into disrepair.  The building you now see was constructed on the bases of the first Phasael Tower in the 14th century.
Mount of Olives
7 With beautiful churches and home to the oldest continuously used graveyard in the world, the Mount of Olives holds particular interest to religious pilgrim travellers in Jerusalem.  Even the non-devout may value the magnificent Old City panoramas from the summit. This holy hill is considered to be the spot where God will start rising the deceased on Judgement Day. For Christian followers, this can be where Jesus ascended to paradise after his crucifixion.
Mount Zion
8 Mount Zion is home to Muslim and Jewish shrines and some churches. Since Byzantine times, it continues to be revered as the spot where Christ observed the Last Supper. For Jews, the value of Mount Zion comes from this being the position of King David's Tomb. If you climb the stairway from the courtyard of the grave, you will come to the Last Supper Room, which has functioned as both the church and the mosque through its long history. 
The Western Wall Tunnels
9  The western tunnel walls are a fantastic placeto visit. Excellent tour guides explaining over 5000 years of history, and architecture. Learn and understand more of Jerusalem's history. Roman Age underground tunnels, they are over 2000 years old. It is best to purchase a ticket online. Not advised if you are claustrophobic. Private tours are really good and reasonable priced.
Yad Vashem
10 One of the most powerful and moving museums in the world; the Yad Vashem Museum is a must see on your visit to Jerusalem.  On a guided private tour see this beautiful memorial dedicated to the 6 million Jewish people who died during World War II.  As you enter the area, you will see the hall of names with the details of many of the victims, it is very powerful and will make you take a minute to think.    

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