Lavish in the Sweetness Found in La Romana on Private Sightseeing Tours

It is all sweetness and delight on private sightseeing tours of La Romana, a destination in the Dominican Republic defined for its fields of sugar cane.

La Romana is the third-largest city in the Dominican Republic and one of the most coveted places to visit. Its town center has famous cigar shops, cute miniature haciendas and busy, lively markets.

The city, however, offers a Latino twist to the Caribbean, it has sugary sandy beaches with glossy palms, multi shades of warm blue waters, water sports activities, lush tropical landscape, history, outback adventure tours and a sultry merengue, exotic nightlife.

The surrounding areas of La Romana offer lovely attractions, excellent tours, new experiences and many more activities on both water and land.

La Romana is also known for its traditional cuisine and there are locals who travel a distance just to enjoy the food here. As a visitor to this city, you should sample this delicious specialty of La Romana.

Let the activities begin!
Cigar Aficionado Experience & Altos De Chavon
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Join us in a tour to the largest premium handmade cigar factory in the world & see the all process required to manufacture the finest handmade Cigars in the world.

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5 hours Scheduling Semi-Private Tour La Romana
Private Soana or Catalina Island VIP Tour From Bayahibe
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Our modern and VIP boat is perfect for groups of up to 8 people looking for a private boat charter experience in Bayahibe.

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8 hours Scheduling Private Tour La Romana
Altos de Chavon
1 Sightseeing tours of La Romana include a trip to Altos de Chavon. This unique village, in the heart of the Dominican Republic, is a short distance from La Romana. It is a purposely built replica of a Medieval European village from the 16-century. The fine details and features in the village were all done by local artists and it is devoted to helping and encouraging local and foreign artists. There is much to see with a guided tour here.
Catalina Island
2 Across the waters of La Romana is Catalina Island or Isla Catalina. This paradise-like island is a great place to visit on a boat tour. It has super sandy beaches with perfect palm trees as their backdrop and excellent snorkeling and diving areas all around it. Spend a great number of hours taking part in the many water sports activities available here, but the best thing is to explore the underwater eco-system when snorkeling.
3 Close to the city of La Romana is a small fishing village called Bayahibe. This delightful village has much to offer when tourist come on sightseeing tours. It has wonderful beaches and great water sports, but it also borders the National Park del Este where you can do outback adventure tours. The village has a charming atmosphere with small restaurants, cafes and bar. Visit at nighttime, the entire village and beach are lit up.
Iglesia Santa Rosa de Lima Church
4 Take a guided tour of the Iglesia Santa Rosa de Lima Church which is located in front of Duarte Park, La Romana. This was a shrine to Santa Rosa de Lima who was the first patron saint of Peru, Philippines and the New World. The stunning architecture along is worth the visit, but the interior has amazing features too. August is the busiest time for the church and area with excellent festivities.
Catamaran Tours from La Romana
5 Enjoy the thrill of doing a boat tour on a catamaran and explore the shores of La Romana and Bayahibe. There are many catamaran boat tours to choose from, but a favorite is to sail the vibrant coast of the National Park del Este. Travel past the mangrove swamp reserve to reach Saona Island. The duration of the tour varies with each trip and if you are on a full day tour, lunch is included.
Cigar Factory Tours La Romana
6 For a different type of tour, the cigar factories of La Romana are worth a visit. This area is home to the best-known cigar found in the Dominican Republic. With a guided tour learn about the factories tobacco farm, the process of how the plants are made into premium cigars, the rolling, aging and fermenting of the cigars. For those interested and like smoking cigars, there are master tastings offered.
Cueva de las Maravillas
7 Close to the city of La Romana is the magnificent Cueva de las Maravillas, an 800-meter underground cavern. On a guided tour you can explore up to 240 meters. These caves are more the 100,000 years old and you get to see hundreds of pictographs with were done by the Taino Indians, stalagmites, stalactites, pisoliths, tapestries and columns. All easy to explore thanks to great lighting and concrete pathway. There is even an elevator.
Paddle Board Safari Tours
8 A novel way to explore the coastline of La Romana and Bayahibe is on a paddle board Safari Tour. This is a very eco-friendly tour and can be great fun with lots of laughs especially when you are unsteady on the board. It is like kayaking, but instead of sitting in a kayak, you stand on a surf-like board. Guides are helping you along the way. You travel close to the shoreline, so you are never in too deep waters.
Zip Line Adventure Tours
9 There are excellent zip line adventure tours to do when in La Romana that involve you swinging over a valley or forest. It is the most extreme way to see the sights of La Romana’s landscape but also the most thrilling. All operators of the Zip lines are professionals and there are qualified instructors there to teach you the rights and wrongs of a zip line trip. This is a true sky adventure of the wilderness.
Diving and Snorkeling Tours
10 The waters along La Romana, Bayahibe and Catalina Island offer excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities to do on an organized diving and snorkeling tour. There will be no disappointment when you see the beautiful coral reef formations, vibrant Caribbean Sea marine life, friendly dolphins, marine manatees and nurse sharks. All tours are with qualified diving instructors who dive along with you.

Travel Tips for La Romana