Enjoy Salubrious Private Sassy Tours of Samana for a 'Whale' of a Time

Samana is a beautiful town which is the capital of the Samana Peninsula, located in the northeast of the Dominican Republic. Enjoy many great private tours of the town and its surrounding attractions.

This town is regarded as a natural treasure and has spectacular coves, secluded bays, impressive waterfalls and mountains with great views of the surrounding landscape.

From January to March, Samana is a very popular place due to the number of humpback whales that can be seen as they frolic in the Samana Bay during mating season. There are lots of boat tours that bring you up close to the whales, but there are also areas on the mainland with great viewing points to see the whales in the Bay.

The town itself has history and culture to be explored by guided tours and excellent beaches from which to do water sports activities such as snorkeling, bodyboarding and wading. The cosmopolitan vibe that this town has is even more evident at night in the wonderful restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs.

Let the activities begin!
Cascada El Limon
1 When visiting Samana, go on a trekking tour to see the Cascada El Limon, Salto El Limon or El Limon Waterfalls. The waterfall is are only accessible by trekking or on horseback as you have to travel through the dense forest. Arriving at the waterfall you are met with a majestic sight and the water is very refreshing after the trek. The waterfall is around 40 meters tall with lots of lush greenery surrounding it.  
Los Hiatises National Park
2 One a boat tour visit the Los Hiatises National Park and explore the excellent attractions found here. There are caves which have painted pictograms from the times of the Taino Indians, a sanctuary of birds, natural wildlife, a mangrove forest and beautiful hills offering great views. The movie Jurassic Park had scenes filmed here and it is regarded among the crown jewels of national parks in the country.
Whale Museum Samana
3 Take a guided tour to the Whale Museum or the Museo de las Ballenas in Samana. This museum was set up to encourage, develop and promote the knowledge of the Whale and other cetaceans in the Dominican Republic. There are many exhibits on whale and dolphin but the most impressive is the Humpback Whale skeleton exhibition. This is a fascinating tour and afterward, you can purchase handcrafted souvenirs.
Las Terrenas
4 Las Terrenas is an old fishing town located in the Samana Peninsula and an interesting place to see on a sightseeing tour. This town was difficult to access for many years and therefore has managed to preserve its old town charm although it is developing gradually into a popular resort. It has lovely beaches and beautiful waters with many water activities such as sailing and diving to the underwater caverns.
Cayo Levantado Cay
5 Visit the island of Cayo Levantado while on a leisurely boat tour from Samana. It is located in the Samana Bay and is also known as Island Bacardi due to the palm trees here being the inspiration for the logo for Bacardi. This island is small and it is possible to walk from one side to the other in 15 minutes. The beaches are stunning lined with fabulous palm trees. The waters offer great watersports which you can do.  
Las Galeras
6 Las Galeras is another charming town found not far from Samana on the Samana Peninsula and well worth taking a sightseeing tour to visit. This town is more traditional Dominican style than others with coconut trees surrounding the small houses and restaurants serving mainly traditional cuisine. Again, there are stunning beaches and crystal clear waters with beautiful coral reefs to explore when diving here.
Whale Watching Tours
7 During the months of January, February and March, it is mating season for the humpback whales and the Samana Bay is where many of these whales come. There are brilliant Whale Watching tours whereby you go out on a boat to get close to the whales and where you can watch them play and frolic. It is advisable to be prepared to get splashed from their spray. These are fascinating creatures to watch.
Diving and Snorkeling Tours Samana
8 Within the crystal multi colored blue waters of Samana, there are numerous incredible diving and snorkeling areas where you can explore the fascinating world underwater. On diving and snorkeling tours, explore the many beautiful coral reefs, underwater caverns and see the tropical fish and plantlike. All tours are with professional and qualified diving instructors and you are guaranteed a great time.
Zip line Adventure Tours
9 The zip line adventure tours are for those who seek thrills and adrenaline and these can be done from Samana. A good place to is in the dense forests of Juana Vicenta not far from Samana pier. The zip lines are situated high above the forest and the views are spectacular as you scream your way over them. There are expert professionals to explain everything you need to know.
Beaches of the Samana Province
10 To see all the best beaches that are found in the Samana Peninsula, you will need to do a sightseeing tour for beaches only. There are many wonderful beaches and each one offering excellent watersports such as water skiing, paragliding, kite surfing, surfing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, bodyboarding and wadeboarding. Find your favorite beach on this tour.

Travel Tips for Samana