Desirable Denmark, Hygge, Fairytales and Vikings on Private Guided Tours

There is plenty to be desired when you visit Denmark and take any of the many excellent Denmark private guided tours.

The term 'fairytale' is alive and well in Denmark and not only because one of the greatest fairytale authors was born and lived his life in the country but because of the magnificent palaces and castles.

As you travel through the country on any private Denmark tours, visiting places and meeting people, it is evident why Denmark has been rated two consecutive years to have the happiest people globally by the UN World Happiness Report. There is strong camaraderie and contentment for which the Danish have their own word for ‘Hygge”.

Visit on alternative Denmark sightseeing tours, the number of Islands and Jutland Peninsula that makeup Denmark. It is the smallest of the Scandinavian countries and located close to Southern Sweden. So close, in fact, there is a famous bridge linking the two nations.

The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen and is found on the island Zealand. Odense, a city famous for rearing Hans Christian Andersen, is the island Funen. Some other trivial information, Greenland and the Faroe Islands are self-governing countries but are under the ‘Kingdom of Denmark'.

Let the activities begin!
Copious of Attractions to See on this 3 Hour Copenhagen Walking Tour
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This is a 3-hour private walking tour for groups of 1-6 people in Copenhagen City. Get ready to see the changes of the guards, the royal playhouse, Nyhavn and much more!

3 hours Scheduling Private Tour Copenhagen
1 Hour Copenhagen Segway City Center Cruise
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Imagine cruising through Copenhagen on your Segway with your very own guide! This tour is a fast, fun & green way to see the city center from Langelinie all the way to Nyhavn

1 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Copenhagen
2 Hour Copenhagen Segway Tour
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Experience Copenhagen in a unique, fun & fast way on a Segway! This is our most popular tour & covers all the must-sees. It includes a small break in a 'hyggelig' cafe halfway

2 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Copenhagen
Copenhagen Private Rickshaw Tour
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See Copenhagen from a different angle - In total comfort as your privately escorted around this amazing city! Can also be combined with our standard Segway tours.

Price varies by dates
60 minutes Scheduling Private Tour Copenhagen
1 Hour Private Copenhagen Segway VIP Tour
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Take a private Segway tour of Copenhagen with a guide exclusively for your group! Our 1 hour tour is a fun, fast and green way to see the city center from Nyhavn to Langelinie

1 hours Scheduling Private Tour Copenhagen
2 Hour Private VIP Segway Tour Copenhagen
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Experience all the must-see sights in Copenhagen in only 2 hours on a fun Private VIP Segway Tour with your very own guide exclusively for your group.

2 hours Scheduling Private Tour Copenhagen
Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen
1 A national treasure in Denmark is the Tivoli Gardens and a highly recommended place to visit when going on any Denmark sightseeing tours. It was established in 1843 and has something to offer all who visit. Historic buildings, stunning architecture, impressive gardens, magical rides and live events. The oldest ride, dating back to 1914 is the wooden roller coaster and is still popular even among the more modern and thrilling rides.
Kronborg Castle - Helsingør
2 Culture Tours Denmark will include a visit to Kronborg Castle in  Helsingør. This is the castle where Shakespeare based the famous Hamlet. Since 1420 the castle has been around and even though it has been burned to the ground, it was rebuilt to maintain its significant standing at the head of the Øresund Sound. There is much to learn, explore and see on guided tours including the eerie catacombs and crypts deep under the castle. 
Den Gamle By - Aarhus
3 Enjoy some of the best Denmark private guided tours or Den Gamle By which is located in the city of Aarhus. Den Gamle By translated means ‘Old Town’ and it is an open-air living museum. This is the most pleasurable way to learn Denmark’s history and culture for the past three decades. Explore the historic houses, apartments, workshops, post office, shops, telephone exchange, jazz bar and so much more.
4 Denmark sightseeing tours should include a tour of Skagen with its wonderful picturesque settings, and moving sand dunes. There is a Buried Church in the sand here and nowadays its steeple is the only part visible.The effects of the changing light and different landscapes has attracted famous and novice artistes here since the 19th century. Should you like seafood, you are in for a treat here too.
Frederiksborg Castle - Hillerød
5 See the wonderful Frederiksborg Castle on Denmark sightseeing tours. This Palace is spread over three islets in the Hillerød’s castle lake. During the 17th century, it was originally built by King Chrisitan 4 and is of Dutch Renaissance style. In mid 19th century, there was a fire and much was destroyed, but luckily for history, it was rebuilt by the Carlsberg Breweries owner. The Museum of National History is housed here.  
Egeskov Castle on the island of Funen
6 Culture tours Denmark take a twist when you visit the Egeskov Castle located on the island of Funen and close to Odense. This castle is regarded to be among the finest Renaissance buildings in Europe and has a real moat. There is plenty to see here such as the Knights hall and its content, exhibits on veteran cars, motorcycles and historic dresses to name a few things. The biggest dollhouse in the world is also here to be seen.
Hans Christian Andersen Museum- Odense
7 It would be a disappointment to visit this country and not do a Denmark private guided tour of the Hans Christian Andersen House & Museum. He was the person responsible for some of the worlds best known and loved fairytales. The home where he was born is in Odense historic quarter and makes up part of the museum. The museum opened in 1908 and is among the oldest poet museums. It features Hans Christian Andersen’s life and work.
National Aquarium Denmark - Kastrup
8 Den Blå Planet - the Blue Planet is the National Aquarium for Denmark and the largest in Northern Europe. The idea of the design of this aquarium was to give guests the feeling that they are underwater and therefore there is water on all sides. This new building has five sections leading off from the centre and you can choose your own way around to see the animals, amazing tropical fish of all sizes and coral.
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
9 Another excellent location while Denmark sightseeing tours is the Louisiana Museum of Modern art which is located in Humblebæk. Even though it began 1958 as a museum for modern Danish Art, it fast became a museum of all modern art national and international. Its founder was Knud W. Jensen and the museum is home to some of the most quirky, unique and breathtaking works of art to be displayed.
Little Mermaid - Copenhagen
10 One of the most well-known and iconic features of Denmark and Copenhagen is the sculpture of The Little Mermaid. It was inspired by the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen about a mermaid and given to the city of Copenhagen as a gift by Carl Jacobsen, a Danish Brewer. It was unveiled in 1913 and over 100 years old. She is made of granite and bronze and is located at Langelinje Pier.