Private Valparaiso Tours of This Captivating Chile City Is So Perfecto

The city of Valparaiso is Chile's second largest city and located along the coast, northwest of Santiago. With this city becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003 there are even more perfecto private Valparaiso tours to enjoy.

Valparaiso is a World Heritage Site because of the incredible natural beauty in and around the city, the historical importance it has and the fantastic original architecture. Also, the layout of the city was a factor. All of which should be experienced with recommended guided tours Valpariso

The main allure for many to this particular city is the way it is rough around the edges but still manages to captivate all who visit.  The mixture of colour seen in the clifftop houses is well known and is probably the most pictured area of the city because they look like a picture postcard in real life.

The Port of Valparaiso is the country’s leading port and therefore much of the Chile’s exports leave from here. Cruise liners are a regular sight too as they use the port for stopovers,

To travel by Trolleybus can only be done in Valparaiso as it is the only city in Chile that still runs one. Still doing its routes is the World’s oldest and in its original state Trolleybus.

Let the activities begin!
Traditional City Tour of Valparaiso
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Visit Valparaiso and feel the atmosphere of this vibrant city! The city has been declared UNESCO World Heritage in 2002, for its picturesque and unique architecture, with countless multi-coloured houses spread over 40 hills in a disordered harmony.

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4 hours Scheduling Private Tour Valparaiso
Stunning sights to see on the Valparaiso walking Tour
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Discover Valparaiso, the "Jewel of the Pacific Coast", with its colored houses and its countless hills and elevators grinding their way up steep hillsides. The heart of the old city and its funiculars (which are unique in the world)

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3 hours approx Valparaiso
Enjoy a Vibrant Half Day Tour Of Viña del Mar, Reñaca & Concón
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Join our tour to the Pacific Coast and explore the cities of Viña del Mar, known as the "Garden City", the lively beaches of Reñaca and the more quiet Concón. The Pacific Coast is renowned for white-sand beaches.

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4 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Valparaiso
La Sebastian Museum
1 Among the top places to visit with Valparaiso sightseeing tours is the La Sebastian Museum. This is one of three houses belonging to the famous poet and writer from Chile, Pablo Neruda. Within the house are lots of wonderful and interesting personal effects and you can explore, at will, all the rooms, nooks and crannies. Neruda was living in this house when he was awarded the Nobel prize for Literature.
Baburizza Palace
2 On guided tours Valparaiso visit Baburizza Palace which is home to the city’s fine art museum. This building was the residence of Pascual Baburizza, a Croatian businessman and became known as Baburizza Palace. It is filled with works of art from both local and foreign artists. The building itself is charming and a tour here is very interesting and enjoyable especially if you have the added interest in art.
National Maritime Museum
3 Valparaiso sightseeing tours are sure to include a visit to the National Maritime Museum. This museum is a must for all history enthusiasts as it hows and tells the visitor the Chilean Navy history with exhibits in more than 17 showrooms. If you are not a history buff, it is still worth a visit because where the museum is located offers wonderful views of the city from its front gardens. The building is stunning too.
Vina del Mar
4 The city next to Valparaiso is Vina del Mar and it is known as the upmarket version of Valparaiso with gardens, high rise buildings and beaches. Take any of the Valparaiso sightseeing tours to this city and see the wonderful attractions it has to offer which include the Museum of Archaeology or Quinta Vergara Amphitheater. It is a great beach resort with lots of activities and great nighttime entertainment.
Lord Cochrane Museum
5 When you visit the Lord Cochrane Museum on guided tours Valparaiso, you get to visit a small museum with collections of naval paraphernalia. However, the main reason many come to visit is the colonial style house that the museum is housed in. It was built by Lord Thomas Cochrane and with its stately wooden columns and red-tile roof, it is among the most beautiful buildings in Valparaiso.
Museo a Cielo Abierto
6 As you travel around the city on Valparaiso sightseeing tours, visit the Museo a Cielo Abierto. This is not your normal type of museum but more a labyrinth collection of outdoor murals. These were created by many various Latin American artists between the years of 1969 and 1973. There are approximately twenty murals that are on walls and side of buildings in Cerro’s lower streets. They are colourful and well worth a look.
Valparaiso Wine Tasting Tours
7 There are great tours to do and there are even better tours to do, Valparaiso Wine Tasting tours comes under the category of even better tours. Take a half day or full day tour to one of the vineyards located in or around Valparaiso and spend a very pleasurable time learning how wine is made and enjoying the tasting of the wine. These are fascinating tours especially if you are a wine connoisseur.
Horseback riding Valparaiso
8 Valparaiso adventure tours are varied and one of the very popular adventure tours in Valparaiso is horseback riding. On a day-long tour, you get to the explore the lands outside of the city, have picnics and lots of fun, The horses are well cared for and in great condition. All tours are led by experienced horse handlers who also have excellent knowledge of the area, pointing out the interesting places as you pass them.
Diving and Snorkeling Valparaiso
9 When you are in Valparaiso, a great way to spend a day pf at least part of the day is on Diving and Snorkeling tours. Again there are a few to choose from with different diving locations. All the tours are certified and with qualified diving instructors. These tours are great fun and the sights you see of life underwater is spectacular.  There is nothing better on a hot day than diving into cold water.
Water activities in Valparaiso
10 There are many other water activities to be enjoyed when you are in Valparaiso. These include fishing and angling tours where you are brought out to deep waters to fish, with all the equipment necessary to achieve your goal available. Kayaking and canoeing are also very popular here. Leisurely sail the shoreline with professional kayakers guiding you along the way. Or just enjoy a day with a luxury boat tour.

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