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The most northern city of Chile is Arica or also known as the City of Eternal Spring. It is a city where you with wonderful coastal activities, exciting Arica adventure tours, amazing sightseeing tours Arica of attractions and beaches to relax on.

A visit to Arica offers all varieties of activities for everyone to enjoy. The sun seekers have stunning beaches for sunbathing and relaxing. Thrill seekers have surfing, bodyboarding, climbing, abseiling, parasailing, trekking and more.

For anyone interested in history and culture, there are excellent Arica guided tours of a range of many Museums, a Cathedral and galleries. There are surprises to be found in many of these attractions.

When you come to the end of your busy and active day, the local cuisine is the perfect pleasure. The mix of dishes and flavours in the city are a reflection on its streets rich diversity. Eating a delicious meal watching the stunning sunset, what more could you wish for?

Let the activities begin!
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Morro de Arica
1 The top attraction to visit with city tours Arica is the Morro de Arica. This is a steep hill that reaches approximately 190 meters high. There is so much fascinating history which is attached to this hill such as it being the last point of defence for the Peruvian army during the War of the Pacific. It was declared a National Monument and is the iconic symbol of the city with spectacular views from its summit, a bonus.
St. Mark’s Cathedral Arica
2 The Catholic church found when on city tours Arica is called San Marcos Cathedral or St. Mark’s Cathedral or Arica Cathedral and it is a stunning building to see especially when lit up at nighttime. The creator of the Eiffel tower was also the designer of this building and it is made of concrete and metal structures except for the wooden doors. It was inaugurated in 1876 and was declared a national monument in 1984.  
Archaeological Museum San Miguel de Azapa
3 Arica guided tours of Archaeological Museum San Miguel de Azapa are amazing due to the cultural heritage found here. There are over 10 thousand years of culture and history to be explored including anthropological vestiges with native flora and fauna surrounding them, petroglyphs, exhibitions split into 3 sections that graph the population's development with over 20 thousand pieces to aid the exhibit visibly.
Cuevas de Anzota
4 Enjoy amazing sightseeing tours Arica of Cuevas de Anzota. Explore these caves which are within the cliffs perched high above the sea. The views are spectacular with the Ocean to your west and the desert to the east. The walks in the cave are on well marked out trails and you learn fascinating facts from your tour guide such as how ancient cultures rock climbed to gather bird manure to trade with the Incas!  
Museo Momias Chinchorro
5 Take a visit to see the oldest mummies in the world when you take Arica guided tours of Museo Momias Chinchorro. These mummies are said to be twice the age of the mummies found in Egypt. These are fascinating to see however they are also heartbreaking see as there are mummies of stillborn babies which their mothers kept. With your very knowledgeable tour guides, you learn so much about the Chinchorro culture.
Museo de Sitio Colon 10
6 Just below the El Morro / Morro de Arica are 32 Chinchorro mummies which were excavated that are in situ in a tiny museum. They were only discovered by accident when an architect bought this private home intending to convert it into a hotel. All the mummies are in glass protecting cases as they were found which was in the sand under the floor, with their funerary bundles and in all different positions.  
Ex Aduana De Arica
7 Enjoy another one of the city tours Arica with a visit to the Ex Aduana De Arica which is now the Culture House headquarters but once the Customs building. It is worth a visit because it is one of three buildings by Gustavo Eiffel, manufactured by workshops and then assembled in the place on the foundations. The bricks were stamped with Eiffel’s name on the not visible side. Nowadays see exhibits, arts or live music.
Chungara Lake
8 Arica adventure tours are the exceptional way to explore Chungara Lake and from Arica is the main access road. Lake Chungara is the 31st highest lake in the world and found in the Lauca National Park. See the majestic landscape, exotic flora and fauna found around the lake that is 4571 meters above sea level. The snowy peaks of the mountains are on all sides and especially great for bird watchers are the rare bird species
Water Sports Activities
9 Arica Adventure tours include all water sports activities and when you are in the city of Arica and its surrounding coastal areas, the quantity and quality of these tours are second to none. This city is a well-known surfing region and body boarding. There is also diving, snorkelling, fishing, sailing, paragliding, kayaking, windsurfing, jet skiing, water skiing and if that is not enough leisurely and relaxing boat tours.  
Lauca National Park
10 The Lauca National Park is a fascinating place to visit for Arica adventure tours or relaxing sightseeing tours Arica. Not far from Arica, you can reach this park easily on tours. Visit the villages and settlements which make you feel like you have stepped back in time, explore the caves, lagoons, archaeological sites, volcanoes and do any of the wide range of activities which are available in Lauca National Park.  

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