Boogie at the Crazy Colourful Carnival on a Brazil Private Tour

Boogie at the crazy colourful carnival on a Brazil Private Tour.  Brazil is South America's largest country with heritage and culture full of life excitement and colour.  

Locals say that "On the Eight Day God created Rio" and you will see why if you go on a guided sightseeing tour see one the most stunningly beautiful tourist destinations on the planet.  

The famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival takes place every year, where millions of visitors and locals go to Rio to party, samba and dance all day and all night.

The landmarks, beaches, mountain treks and escorted tours are some of the most breathtaking tours and sights in the world.  

While Brazil is famous for Carnival their other passion is Football, they are some of the most dedicated supporters of their national team.  

Their passion for the "beautiful game" is second to none,  the national stadium "Maracana Stadium" can host over 100,000 supports, it is a sight to see.  

On your visit take a guided tour you will understand why Brazilians say that football comes a close second to family.    Read More...

Boogie at the Crazy Colourful Carnival on a Brazil Private Tour

Experience the Greatest Carnival in the World with over 2 Million excited people on your Rio guided private tour. The parties on the streets never stop they are going night and day, and quite a sight to see.

The Rio De Janeiro Party Carnival's is one of the most visited and famed party hot spots in this region. While attending the carnival, throwing and catching beads you will meet and see an eclectic mix of nationalities from all over the world.

Make sure to book your Rio Private Tours in advance as city tours and accommodations are books months in advance.  

Top Things to See and Do in Brazil

Rio De Janeiro Carnival
1 With over 2 million visitors attending the famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival, this is a must do private tour when you holiday in Brazil.  Party all day and night with people from all over the world and enjoy the celebrations and traditional bead throwing as the parades boogie along the streets.  Most holiday makers plan their custom tours around carnival time so they can experience this unique celebration.    
2 The oldest city in Brazil; Brasilia is located in the highlands and became the capital in the 1960's.  On a sightseeing private tour, you will see this cosmopolitan city at it's best.  The city is famed for being shaped like an aeroplane and split into districts.  The many new buildings were designed to enhance the aircraft design, and it looks great from the sky, so book a guided private tour in the air to appreciate it.      
Pantanal Tropical Wetland Area
3 Pantanal is located in the Mato Grosso do Sul district of southern Brazil. Extending into Paraguay and Bolivia this sightseeing tour is something to see, and a must do.  See the largest national reserve in the world; this trip will open your eyes to an array of nature with over 9000 species including reptiles, mammals and birds.  Try a horse riding tour and see these beautiful wetlands at their best.  
Sao Paulo
4 Sao Paulo in southeastern Brazil and is the third biggest city in the district of South America.  With over 17 million residents for many countries all over the world, on a guided San Paulo Private Tour you will visit the many eateries and see how diverse the cuisine is here.  The nightlife is on another level here so after a night out take a stroll around the many parks and you might end up in many of the adjoining rainforests.          
5 Manaus is the main gateway to private tours of the Amazon Rainforests; located in northwestern Brazil, this city has a lot to offer.  The Amazonas Opera House and  Rio Negro Palace are located here, and they are real must see tourist attractions.  See where the two famous rivers Negro and Solimoes run side by side but never mix, this area is a photographers dream.  Manaus is a great pit stop before you head on you Amazon adventure.           
Christ the Redeemer Statue
6 Towering at the summit of Mount Corcovado in Rio De Janeiro the "Christ the Redeemer" statue is an Iconic loved symbol of faith for the Brazilian people.  Completed in the 1930's it stands at 30 meters tall with its outstretched arms spanning 28 meters. Take a guided private tour, and as you drive up the winding road to see the statue, you will appreciate the work and effort put into its construction, and admire the panoramic views of the city.     
7 Take a custom tour in Bonito and visit one of the most amazing areas of natural water in the world.  With over 80 caverns, you will see some of the most beautiful blue lakes and clear rivers.  The many waterfalls serve as natural aquariums for the array of animal species and fish in this area. Take a swim or go snorkelling down the clear rivers and admire the colours and exotic greenery relax and just enjoy!    
Copacabana Beach
8 Know as the hottest spot for fun and R&R Copacabana beach is the place to be seen.  This beautifully scalloped beach is 4km long and is alway a hive of activity with street performers, shops and lovely restaurants.  On the boulevards sit back have a cocktail and watch the local children showing off their soccer skills and singing their favourite team's anthems.  The street vendors are always trying to get you to buy a bargain.    
9 Salvador is the first city and cultural capital of Brazil and has such beauty and energy its a must see on any Private Tour of Brazil. Located on the northeastern coast, this city is also well-known as the ‘capital of happiness’. Most visitors enjoy the colonial architecture and the easy going atmosphere of the city. With its wild festivals and happy atmosphere this city is begging any travellers to come visit. In the mid-1980's UNESCO cited Salvador as a world heritage site.  
10 Recife is the second largest city on the northeastern coast of Brazil. This city is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in this region. Recife is an incredibly beautiful city with lots of restaurants and great establishments.  It has a vibrant cultural, entertainment and restaurant scene, an intriguing historical centre (Recife Antigo), an impressive coastal setting and a fabulous Carnaval.  It takes its name from the offshore recipes (reefs) that calm the waters of its ports and shoreline.
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