Samba Your Worries Away in Seductive São Paulo on Private Tours

Samba your worries away in seductive São Paulo on Private Tour. Sampa as the locals call it is the largest city in the region and the New York or Tokyo of South America.  Situated near the Piratininga plateau and surrounded by many rivers and forestry this city is unique.

Immigrants from all corners of the world can be found in São Paulo, and the influence of Spanish, German, Portuguese, Jewish, African, Japanese and Arab residents can still be felt in its way of life and culture. The Japanese Immigration Museum is one such cultural building dedicated to the Japanese culture and a unique guided private tour.

Any foodies or gourmands will love the restaurants and smart bistros on your guided tour of the city, Sao Paulo is food heaven and world renowned for its eclectic food scenes.

One of the most difficult things to understand about the city is its size.  On your São Paulo custom tour of the beautiful 46-story Itália Building on Avenida Ipiranga is a great way to get an idea of how far it the city spreads on the observation deck.

Let the activities begin!
São Paulo Aquarium
1 The São Paulo Aquarium located in the Ipiranga region is an exciting guided private tour. Opened in 2006 it is the biggest themed aquarium in Latin America.  With over three thousand animals housed here, it is a must see escorted tour.  See the dinosaur replicas, marine animals, reptiles, mammals and birds living in this happy place.  The top attraction here is the fish of the Amazon, rays and sharks, see them as you walk through the glass tunnel its fantastic.     
Ibirapuera Park
2 Opened in the 1950's, during São Paulo’s four hundred year celebration, Ibirapuera Park private tour will show you the park at its best.  With over 500 species of plants and fauna, with many threatened by extinction, the park is working to keep these species sprouting life.   Not just know for the beautiful nature the contemporary art museums, Japanese pavilion and the auditoriums have a wealth of information and excellent exhibitions.     
Pinacoteca do Estado De Sao Paulo
3 The Pinacoteca Museum was open in 1905 and is the oldest art museum in the city of São Paulo.  Its art collection has approximately 1900 artistic, bibliographic, archival and art exhibitions.  On your guided private tour see the art gallery displays with works from Mestizo and Tarsila do Amaral.  Listed as a historic site, the Parque da Luz and the museum’s garden displays multiple sculptures of contemporary artists a must see tour.  
Itália Building
4 While it is not the tallest tower in São Paulo, on your guided sightseeing tour see what the Edifício Itália tower offers, with some of the most beautiful views from its central position of this unique city.  This building with it's vertical style design, has a tower overlooking the cities historic center which also allows you to view the many unique designed buildings in the city and the spectacular surrounding areas.  
Sé (Cathedral)
5 Take a guided private tour of this famous neo-Gothic cathedral. The construction was interrupted by two worlds but was but was finished in the 1960's. On the façade see the statues of the Old Testament prophets and Jesus Christ's disciples. This Cathedral has tombs and crypts below the church on your tour you will see these haunting features. Start your sightseeing walking tour from here and enjoy the delights of this city.    
Mercado Municipal (Market)
6 This famous covered market is a belle époque confection of vast domes and beautiful stained glass.  While inside this urban market most of the stalls specialise in all things edible.  If you want to sample local Sampa delights like mortadella sandwiches and individual fried pastries made with dough, meat, cheeses or fish.  Spend a lovely afternoon strolling around this fantastic market.    
Paulista Avenue
7 Now they closed the Avenue you have all of it to explore!! All kind of people, culture, behaviours forms a unique atmosphere! Besides that, you have the places, museums, bookstores, coffee shops to see. All types of street artists performing in everything you can imagine.  The outdoor markets in the park are lovely and even if you just grab a seat and people watch you will not be bored.
Samba Saturday Weekly Festival
8 This is a must! Live Samba music is played in most of the city’s bars on Saturdays afternoon through to the evening and night,   Eating some lunch, having some drinks, and dancing to live Samba music is a way for Paulistanos to unwind after a busy week.  For the best live Samba and traditional Saturday food (feijoada) go to Bar Samba in Vila Madalena. The mix of local people and tourists in the crowd are fun, but remember–don’t bring your inhibitions.     
Outdoor Markets
9 On most Sundays, the area around MASP on Avenida Paulista hosts two fabulous eclectic outdoor markets.  The area under the museum becomes a huge antique market, and the area across the street is a handicrafts market where great street food is also sold.  If you’re in the Bixiga neighbourhood, try the antique market at Praça Don Orione on Sundays.
Street Refreshments
10 Dotted around the streets of Sao Paulo are fun little stalls and food trucks and most if not all of them sell the famous Brazilian coconut water.  There is a huge variety of flavours so try a few and see what you think.  As well as the water they also see juices, most are made from the pulp of the fruit directly from the Amazon so get one with sugar as they can be really tart but fun to try.  

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