Guided Private Tours to the Magical Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan

On a guided private tour to the magical Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan see the scenery hidden from View since 1974, it has now allowed the public entry to see the world so Peaceful and Happy it has to be a magical kingdom surely?

The view from the Tigers Nest clinging to the mountainside with the mist swirling around the temple is surreal, Guided Private Tours to the Magical Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is a must to see this beauty.

Bhutan has the highest mountains in the world including Mount Jhomolhari and has yet to be climbed!

Buddhism is not only their religion, but it is also their way of life. They are drawn towards spiritual ways and therefore look at the world in an entirely different light.

The locals honour all visitors to Bhutan, and for that, we thank you for allowing us to see your awe-inspiring country.

Let the activities begin!
Discover Bhutan in 4 Days
Discover Bhutan in 4 Days
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Discover a tiny Buddhist Kingdom Bhutan known as 'Land of Happiness' with its ancient culture still thriving and pristine natural environment looked upon as source of all life

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4 days Scheduling Shared Tour Thimphu
5 Days Glimpse of Bhutan Private Tour
5 Days Glimpse of Bhutan Private Tour
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See, feel and taste Bhutan with a private expert guide on a 5 Day tour to fertile Paro, capital Thimphu & Punakha Valley!

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Price varies by group size
5 days Scheduling Private Tour Paro
Bhutan Cultural Tour
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This spectacular 7-day tour covers all Bhutan Cultural Activities. Visit the Buddhist Monastery and experience Bhutanese tradition with local sightseeing of each city.

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Price varies by group size
7 days Scheduling Private Tour Paro
An 11 Day Bhutan Luxury Private Tour
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Bhutan Luxury Tour is Mixture Of Bhutanese Culture, Tradition , Scenic View Of Untouched and Unexplored Himalaya which are Main Highlights Of Bhutan Luxury Tour

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Price varies by group size
11 days Scheduling Private Tour Paro
Paro Taktsang Monastery
1 Accessible by mountain only travel the paths to holiest sites and Buddhist Temples in Bhutan.  Hanging onto the cliff's edge over 3,000 meters above the sea level,  this hidden location has astounding views over the emerald valleys below and the surrounding magnificent mountains. This holy and sacred site is a truly unforgettable experience. A guided tour is a must !
2 Thimphu the capital of Bhutan known to be one of the fascinating vacation destinations of the world. The contrast between the conservatism of this ancient town and the unstoppable progress of modern life is clearly seen here with a stark contrast between traditionally dressed robed monks and tourists. Fabulous private tours are available.
Buddha Dordenma
3 High above the Nature Park sits the truly spectacular bronze and gold statue of Buddha Dordenma. Fulfilling one of two ancient 8th-century prophecies by a prominent Yogi and to bring peace and happiness around the world this imposing structure measures nearly 52 metres high. Looking out over the Nature Park it is one of the largest Buddha statues in the world and is a perfect place for meditation in the great hall below.
Mongar and Lhuntse
4 The ancient regions of Lhuentse and Mongar lie in the far northeast corner of Bhutan and have some of the most sacred pilgrimage sites of the country. One of the most isolated regions and home to our ancestral kings its stark landscape is truly breathtaking from Forests and gorges to towering cliffs. Famous for its distinctive textiles and handmade paper these traditional villages and their occupants offer a warm welcome.
5 Lying on the banks of the river Paro this sleepy town is just a short distance from the imposing monastery and fortress of Paro Dzong. Wooden restaurant fronts traditionally painted in beautiful colours line the Main Street only constructed in 1985. Still maintaining some of its own character from years gone by, spend a few hours in this fantastic town wandering the varied shops and cafes.
6 Punakha is a small town with an awesome view of the mountain, river, and the monastery together. To enter the Dzong (monastery), whilst you need to cross the Pho Chhu Suspension Bridge known to be the longest suspension bridge in Bhutan while walking over towards the dzong you get to see the spectacular views of Punakha Dzong and the Pho Chhu Valley. Once inside the monastery, there is an air serenity.
Phobjikha and Gangtey Valley
7 This is a must see for nature lovers and bird enthusiast, a stunning valley with lush greenery and surrounded by huge mountains it is indeed very impressive. The valley is like a bowl in the centre of the huge Himalayan mountains; The Longley Trek is a highly recommended and interesting guided tour, you may be lucky to see the Black long-necked cranes!
Memorial Chorten
8 Peaceful and serene, when you enter from the small gate you may be lucky enough to see the disciples chanting and walking clockwise around the beautiful tall white memorial. The four prayer wheels are fascinating. It says once you enter, whatever you wish for shall be granted! The memorial reflects the faith and respect shown to their Royal family which makes you respect the Bhutanese people even more. Enjoyable tour.
Haa Valley
9 It may be one of the smaller districts of Bhutan. However, Haa Valley is famous for both the Black Dove Temple and the White Dove Temple. Both can be seen whilst looking down from the Dzong fortress; you can also enjoy a breathtaking view of the forest-covered landscape below. The archery ground is also a great place to visit, and the local villagers are more than happy to share their bow with anyone willing to have a go!
Dochula Pass
10 The window to the Himalayas! You cannot visit Bhutan without coming to see the stunning panoramic views, even in bad weather conditions the views are still breathtaking. On a bright day, you may be lucky to see the snow-clad mountain tops of the Himalayas. A small, serene cafe awaits with hot tea to heat you up, as it can be around -2 at the top of the mountain!