Visit the Majestic Gold Buddha Dordenma on a Thimphu Guided Tour

Visit the Majestic Gold Buddha Dordenma on a Private Tour. While travelling towards Thimphu, the capital, you can see as you are entering the city your first glimpse of the stunning 69 foot Buddha Dordenma standing tall and proud on the hills above Thimphu. It makes you want to get there faster just to take him in his full glory.

The windy road taking you towards the Buddha is hard going if you're walking but worth it. Once there you feel like you are standing at the top of the world! The great Buddha has been placed as though he is overlooking the whole city of Thimphu.

The size is just astounding, and you feel like an ant standing next to him!The views down to the city are overwhelming, and I can understand why he was placed here, between the views, the skyline it's the most serene place to visit. 

There is a chamber under you can enter, and it is filled with over 120,000 Buddha statues, and again it gives you a sense of peace visiting this great Buddha.

Let the activities begin!
Discover Bhutan in 4 Days
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Discover a tiny Buddhist Kingdom Bhutan known as 'Land of Happiness' with its ancient culture still thriving and pristine natural environment looked upon as source of all life

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An 11 Day Bhutan Luxury Private Tour
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Bhutan Luxury Tour is Mixture Of Bhutanese Culture, Tradition , Scenic View Of Untouched and Unexplored Himalaya which are Main Highlights Of Bhutan Luxury Tour

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Dochula Pass
1 Dochula Pass is around a  45 mins drive out of Thimphu. The memorials are fabulous, and once you get to the top, the view of the Himalayan mountains are just breathtaking. There is a temple to visit as well with a small cafe for a cup of well-deserved tea. Best time to see this area is on a clear day with a guided sightseeing tour. A photographers dream come true you can take the most stunning photos from the top.  
Buddha Dordenma
2 Look at the Buddha statue from any angle; you will always feel he is looking at you with those very kind eyes.... bow before him and pray for your heart & soul not only for yourself but for the entire sentient beings for their well-being and liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth...Excellent views, the stunning statue of Buddha and the calming spiritual experience. Well worth a guided tour.  The central staircase and the marble flooring is still under construction. 
Thimphu Chorten
3 The Memorial Chorten was constructed by HM The 3rd King of Bhutan, but he passed away in the 70's, a little before he could begin the project. A few years later his mother The Queen Mother took upon herself to finish the project,  and after it was called The Memorial Chorten.This place is now a hub of Spiritual activity, and most of the senior citizens, as well as all the religious people.
Motithang Takin Preserve
4 If you have time, visit the Takin Preserve tour is a must! You can really get up close and personal and pet these strange creatures which are a mix of two species and cannot be found elsewhere .It is not a zoo, but an animal sanctuary solely for the "Takin", which is deemed as a mythical type creature, go and see them support the local efforts in preserving such a unique and cultural animal.
Thimpu Dzong
5 The unique Dzong architecture of Bhutan on a sightseeing tour. On such a massive scale, with incredible wood carvings, with bright colours set off by the beautiful white, washed walls. The temple in the Dzong was stunning. Fabulous area to tour around and absorb the atmosphere and feel a sense of history. Situated atop a mountain in the beautiful valley, the mountains are stunning and looks absolutely breathtaking from a distance.     
Phajoding Monastery
6 The fantastic 3.5-hour climb through the thick forest is just excellent. It is very tiring, but worth every step you take on the trekking tour. If you love being part of nature, this is the place to visit, inside the temple; there is the famous statue for prayer and religious purposes. On a clear day, you can see the Himalayas and is breathtaking sight and also when you look down below at the city of Thimpu. Book a private tour today you will love it.
Simtokha Dzong
7 The locals of Bhutan as it is the first Dzong in Bhutan built by the Zhabdrung, who was imperative for implementing the modern Bhutan. It is situated at the intersection of 3 dzongkhags. There is a steep flight of around 26 stairs from the car park to the level of the huge prayer wheel; it is said if you turn in a clockwise direction you will receive good luck. Lovely sweet smelling flowers at the dzong entrance make it an ideal opportunity for photographs. See the young monks chanting prayers of worship when
National Folk Heritage Museum
8 Situated beside the Royal Textile Academy, this museum was built in 2001. The Folk Heritage Museum is a three-story, 19th-century home. The museum lets you see how the traditional Bhutanese lifestyle was, and see the artefacts from various homes. See the demonstration on how the local wine, which is called ARA, is made from rice. No photographs allowed within the museum. Visit the cafe and shop selling souvenirs outside the museum.
Choki Traditional Art School
9 This is definitely worth taking a guided tour to see; the students are all from disadvantaged backgrounds are all given free entry to study at this art school to learn various crafts and trades. It has been funded by a wealthy local however they still need to rely on selling their local handicrafts which are incredibly cheap and beautiful. You can wander around and see the students in their classes. The amazing paintings and sculptures are truly unique.
Tango Buddhist Institute
10 It says that any monks that have passed their education must go to finish their studies at the Institute. The monks are lovely and unfortunately, speak no English so go on a guided tour so the guide can ask them any questions on your behalf. The trek will take around 50 minutes to reach the top, and it is very relaxing and peaceful at the Institute. Shoes must be removed and no photographs allowed within the monastery. 

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