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Yerevan is the Capital of Armenia, and it is full of buildings that were constructed in the Soviet era that are still visible today. Yerevan is a vibrant city full of contradictions with top class cars sharing the roads with old cars that are so old they should be in a museum. There are tea houses that sit next to European style wine bars and many street fashions from Hipster to Babushka and various others to choose. It is a beautiful place to visit, tree-filled boulevards and the musical fountain in the famous Republic Sq is the core of the city.

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10 days Scheduling Private Tour Yerevan
Cafesjian Center for the Arts
1 The Cafesjian centre for the Arts is surrounded by stone steps known as the Cascade; it is one of the city’s main cultural attractions. It was initially built in the 1920s by a Soviet architect Alexander Tamanyan; he planned to modernise Yerevan. He worked on the monumental structure that was constructed in the 1980s but was halted after the 1988 earthquake. Gerard Cafesjian funded its completion and transformed it into a multi-level Arts Space Centre.
Erebuni Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve
2 This is an archaeological site in Yerevan that dates back to 782 BC; it was established three decades before Rome was built. With an amazing insight into what daily life in the Palace of Argishti I, The great king of Urartu. The beginning of the hill is a Soviet-era museum that has displays of artefacts that are from the Palace excavations with many silver rhythons and also some other objects that were found when an Urartian tomb was uncovered in 1984 when there was a construction of a factory.
Armenian Genocide Memorial & Museum
3 This museum commemorates the massacre of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire from 1915 to 1922; it offers all its visitors a powerful museum experience. It is a two storey exhibition that’s built into the side of a hill, the story of this horrific event is told through photos, documents, newspaper reports and films. There is a pathway 100m long engraved wall with all the names of the people that were massacred that was built in 1967. 
History Museum of Armenia
4 This history Museum has a magnificent collection of Bronze age artefacts that make this museum Armenia’s most popular and is an important place to stop at when on a visit to Yerevan. There are many artefacts that were excavated at the Necropolis of Lchashen close by to Lake Sevan in the 1950s. The beautiful collection includes carved stone, bronze sculptures, four-wheeled wooden chariots with metal decoration, weapons and armour including arrows, quivers, helmets and shields.
Mother Armenia Military Museum
5 This museum in Yerevan is a magnificent memorial above the Cascade. It is twenty-two meters high and is Armenia’s military stance. Armenia had there fair share of massacres, invasions and repression and it will continue to fight to save its nation and the lives of their citizens. In this museum, there is a military museum that has documents of Armenia’s involvement in WW2 to which 300,000 Armenian’s died and also the bloody Karabakh war in 1988-94 with Azerbaijan.
6 This is a museum that the Armenians hold dearly and take great pride in. It is Yerevan's most magnificent avenue. The first book called the Matenadaran for Armenian texts and was built in the 5th century by  St Mesrop Mashtots at Echmiadzin it holds hundreds of manuscripts. There were many invasions over the years that led to massive losses from burning and looting, but 1800 documents survived, and they are the foundation of the beautiful collection here.
Sergei Parajanov Museum
7 This museum is unique it has many collections including collages, drawings, photographs and assemblages that were created by a filmmaker he is famously known for his 1969 film Sayat Nova. It is based in a 19th-century timber house. The collection shows the magical talent and enormous difficulty artists, writers and filmmakers were in under the Soviet regime.
Hovhannes Tumanyan Museum
8 This museum in Yerevan proudly showcases the work of a fantastic writer, humanist and translator and is also known as Armenia’s greatest poet. The Tumanyan’s famous work is the libretto Armenian Tigranian’s 1912. The museum also has huge exhibits about other works with documents and photographs on his life. There is also a reconstruction of his apartment on the top floor.
G.U.M Market
9 The G.U.M market has many displays of fresh dried fruits. This market is viabrant in colour the local stall holders not minding tourists taking photos of their stalls and produce. In summer the fresh fruit is extrodinary  with  cherries, apricots and berries intriguing and tempting to all visitors and shoppers. In winter you can find cured ham and huge blocks of cheese at this market.
Centre of Popular Creation
10 The centre of popular creation is a museum in Yerevan that is one of many important places to see  when visiting this beautiful country. It is home to hundreds of the best folk art collection, with two floors deadicated to showcasing collections including silverwork, embroidery, woodcarving, and carpets. There is also 19th-20th century  carpets. 

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