Stimulating Private Sightseeing Tours to Get in the Zone in Stockholm

Be stimulated in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, on fantastic private sightseeing tours. This stunning city has often been regarded and called the ‘Venice of the North’ due to the number of peninsula, islands, canals and waterways that make it what it is today.

Stockholm, situated on 14 islands is one of the few places globally that you can find the best of two worlds with waterways, canals, nature around the corner and then a vibrant, lively, fashionable and cosmopolitan city.

There is so much culture and history to be seen and explored in this city. Stockholm has threes UNESCO Heritage Sites, museums which are of world class, the Nobel Institute, art galleries and theatres.

The underground railway system and highly efficient bus network make travelling the city very easy to get around. However, the get the most out of the city and to learn interesting facts; it is highly recommended to take private guided tours to all the top attractions.

Let the activities begin!
Skansen Open Air Museum
1 Take a private guided tour of the oldest open air museum in the world, Skansen located in Stockholm. It is a showcase of Swedish houses and farmsteads from all over Sweden. It is a great place to discover the history of Sweden and see the customs and traditions of everyday life from years ago. Should you plan to be in Stockholm around Christmas, then you must visit Skansen as there are great markets and festivities.  
Vasa Museum
2 A guided tour of Vasa Museum is a unique experience as it is primarily made up of the salvaged Vasa Ship which sunk on its maiden voyage in 1628 and risen 333 years later. This 17th-century ship is the only one so well preserved in the world and is gradually being restored bit by bit. You can see many maritime artefacts found with the ship and admire the beautifully carved features which are all around the ship. 
Drottningholm Palace
3 The private residence of the Royal Family in Sweden is the Drottningholm Palace, but it is possible to visit it on a sightseeing tour. It is located on the Island Lovön and has many magnificent features, salons, theatre and a Chinese Pavilion. The Palace was constructed during the 17th Century and is one of the best preserved for its time. It was the first UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site in Sweden in 1991.
Gamla Stan (Old Town)
4 The Old Town of Stockholm which dates back to the 13th century is known as Gamla Stan. This is a must see area on a city tour and you feel like you step back into medieval times with a maze of cobbled stone streets, alleyways and charming rust and mustard coloured buildings. There are lovely souvenir and gift shops to browse while you are here. The Christmas market, Julmarknad, is a magical and fairytale like experience.  
ABBA Museum
5 The motto of the ABBA Museum is ‘Walk in, Dance Out’ and that is what normally happens to anyone who visits on a guided tour. See the stage costumes, gold records, original memorabilia and so much as you walk around the museum. However, there is more to this museum as it is very interactive and you can experience how you would look in similar stage clothes and thanks to 3D avatars enter the stage with them.
The City Hall
6 On a guided tour visit Sweden’s best example of national romanticism in architecture, the City Hall. Stockholm’s most famous silhouettes is the city hall's tall tower which features on top the Golden Tree Crowns, the national coat of arms. This is a working building for the politicians and council members. The Nobel Banquet is held here, dinner in the Blue Hall and dancing in the Golden Hall which has 18 million gold mosaic tiles!
The Woodland Cemetery
7 Since 1994, the Woodland Cemetery has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is another place to see on a sightseeing tour. It conjures up a Nordic Philosophy on life, death and nature and there are visitors centers to learn wonderful information of the cemetery as well as some beautiful chapels to explore. The are is about 250 acres of boulder rider that is pine-covered and was created from 1915-1940 by famous modern architects.
The Royal National City Park
8 A great place to see on a biking tour is the Royal National City Park which is a six-mile area that surrounds and snakes into Stockholm. It has the honor of being the first National Urban Park in the world and is a great place for everyone, tourist or not o relax. There are sports facilities, museums and castles to explore. Alternatively see nature in the wilderness areas with ancient old trees, canals and lakes hosting amazing fauna.
Boat Tours
9 You can be spoiled for choice on boat tours when in Stockholm as there are so many places to visit by boat. The best trip is a sightseeing boat tour which lazily glides along the waterways with a tour guide pointing out the interesting attractions and explaining the historic background. Another tour is the bridges of Stockholm whereby you get to sail under as many of the 50 bridges located in the city.
Nobel Museum
10 Being the creators of the Nobel Prize it is only right that the capital city, Stockholm, has a Nobel museum. On a private guided tour learn all there is to know about the Nobel Prize, a world event, and previous winners since its inauguration in 1901. The museum first opened in 2001 which coincided with the 100 years celebrations of the Nobel Prize. There are many fascinating exhibits and films to see.

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