Chill Out in Gorgeous Gothenburg on Gratifying Private Guided Tours

‘Chill out’ is easy to do in Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. While it is often overshadowed by the capital city, Stockholm, it is becoming ever popular with tourists on Gothenburg sightseeing tours. It has experienced a recent boom in the cuisine industry and becoming a top spot for food lovers.

Gothenburg is the place of culture and history with picturesque architecture, renowned art museums and galleries and a charming Old Town area called Haga which dates back to the 18th century with cobblestone streets and quaint surroundings.

Socially this city is very lively with a great number of Michelin star restaurants to choose from and a sophisticated bar culture for all who come to visit Gothenburg on tour to enjoy.

Shopping is also a very popular activity in the city and it is known for local clothing brands and vintage shops, there are bargains to be found when you look hard enough.

There is a lot you can experience on a city tour of Gothenburg.

Let the activities begin!
1 The only place to do a Gothenburg adventure safari tour is at Universeum located in the heart of the city. There is an indoor rainforest with different species of monkeys, sloths, lizards and birds. It also is where you find some of Europes largest aquariums. See eight different species of shark in the ocean tank including the sand tiger shark which is the largest here. There are also many varieties of interactive exhibitions.  
Feskekörka / The Fish Market
2 Feskekörka when literally translated means ‘fish church’ and this is the only place to go for seafood. It is located in the heart of Gothenburg and the church like building dates back to 1874. Inside the structure is where you will find the energetic and chatting fishmongers and the some of the best seafood restaurants in the city. Enjoy some delicious take-away shrimp as you continue your Gothenburg city tour.
Gothenburg Museum of Art
3 Come rain or shine a private guided tour of Gothenburg’s Museum of Art is a must when visiting this city. It is known for its unique Nordic Art collection which is among the finest in the Northern Europe and also for works by greats such as Edvard Munch, Picasso, Monet, Carl Larsson, Rembrandt and much more. In the Hasselblad Centre, there are some amazing photo exhibitions too. There are also workshops held here.  
Gunnebo House And Gardens
4 Another excellent Gothenburg guided tour is to Gunnebo House and Gardens. The well known local city architect to design the landscaping of the gardens, furnishing and decorations were  Carl Wilhelm Carlsberg. It is due to his creations that this is now a living cultural environment and a cultural heritage site since 2003. There is much to see in the house and gardens during leisurely strolls before coffee in the cafe.
Haga / Old Town
5 Among the oldest neighbourhoods in Gothenburg is Haga which is located in the west of the city. It dates back from the mid 17th century and it is full of charm and character. There are timber houses which have been beautifully preserved that line the neighbourhood along with cafes and boutique shops. When visiting this area on a Gothenburg city tour, make sure not to miss Brautigam’s, for over 140 years chocolate makers here.
The Gothenburg Archipelago
6 The Gothenburg Archipelago consists of over twenty islands with a number of tours and activities to see and do. The islands look similar to a string of pearls along the Gothenburg coast. There are stunning beaches, nature and charming villages as well as seal safaris and sea fishing activities. Take a Gothenburg boat tour of the islands and enjoy relaxing moments in peaceful and idyllic locations.
The Volvo Museum
7 Given that Volvo was born in Sweden, it is not a surprise to find a Volvo Museum in Gothenburg. The purpose of the museum upon opening in 1995 is to preserve the history of Volvo starting from 1927 to modern day. See a vast variety of cars, heavy trucks, buses, marine engines and also construction equipment. You may see the lego version a Volvo XC90, the world’s biggest lego car but it travels to other Volvo museums worldwide.
Skansen Kronan
8 Skansen Kronan is an old fortification with fantastic views of the city and harbour from Risasberget hill in the Haga district. The building work was completed in 1697 of this fortress and was ready to defend against Danish attacks which never happened. The 23 canons are still found here standing idle. It has served as many things over the years from a prison to a private residence or military museum. 
The Röhsska Museum
9 On a Gothenburg private guided tour visit the Röhsska Museum. This museum displays almost everything to do with design, decorative and fashion art from contemporary to ancient Chinese ceramics. It was established in 1916 to keep a high profile and mix of international and Swedish art and design from experimental onwards. The collections have gradually grown with a wide variety of fascinating things to see and explore.
Liseberg Amusement Park
10 When you want to take a break from Gothenburg sightseeing tours, a perfect place for all the family is the Liseberg Amusement Park. This is where you will have the most fun, thrills laughter and the odd spills. From children to adults there is fun for all. This park also celebrates the Halloween and Christmas with great festivities organized. So for a park fun of rides and attractions, gardens and culture, everyone is happy here.

Travel Tips for Gothenburg