Learn About the War Warsaw Saw on Fascinating Private Guided Tours

In present day Warsaw, you see a revitalized city with a transformed skyline. However, this city is very careful to recognize and acknowledge the monstrosities it endured and prevailed. A truly wonderful place to see on private guided tours.

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland as well as the country’s largest city. The varied architecture styles from Gothic churches to neoclassical palaces reflects the long history of the city. The bustling metropolis and modern features are a sign of its future.

This city is an exciting, modern, vibrant, welcoming and affordable place to visit. There is something interesting here for all kinds of people with all sorts of interests.

The symbol of Warsaw is a Mermaid with a sword in her hand to indicate the fighting spirit of the people. There is a stunning sculpture of this mermaid in the Market Square. Many think it strange to have this symbol when the closest sea coast is some 300 km away, but it works for Warsaw!

Let the activities begin!
The Old Town
1 The Old Town in Warsaw is unique in that it is the newest ‘old Town’ in Europe. This is because it was reconstructed from rubble after being destroyed in World War II. Experience the charm and tranquillity that Old Town emits on a city tour. Walk the cobblestoned streets and browse in the small souvenir and craft shops. Head to Market Square and admire the Renaissance buildings. Find the hidden courtyards or relax in the cafes.
Lazienki Park
2 Lazienki Park is a gem and not just a park. Located in the city, there are many tours to do; you can take a guided tour of the stately buildings or just a general sightseeing tour of all it has to offer. There is a vast central lake which has a Palace, an amphitheatre, an orangery and much more. There are many facilities for activities to do, walking trails on winding paths, biking routes, paddle boating and these are just a few.
Warsaw Rising Museum
3 Take a guided tour of The Warsaw Rising Museum and be educated on the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. The result of the uprising was the destruction of the city. The museum was opened 2004 which was the 60th anniversary of the uprising. In the museum, surviving insurgents recount their experiences through old telephone receivers, photographs, posters, newspapers and many other artefacts can be seen and investigated.
The Palace of Culture and Science
4 Another interesting place to visit with a guided tour when in Warsaw is the Palace of Culture and Science. This impressive building is the tallest in Poland standing 230 meters and houses a theatre, cinema, Congress Hall and Museum. This building is not very popular with the Polish purely because it is a reminder of the 45 years of Russian suppression after World War II. There is a viewing terrace from the 30th floor.
Royal Castle - Warsaw
5 A top attraction to visit on a guided tour in Warsaw is the Royal Castle which is found in Castle Square. This castle began with a tower and wooden building in the 14th Century and then construction in the 16th century started what you see today as it was added to over the next few centuries by different rulers. The features inside and outside of the castle are impressive and you learn and see so much in the museum.
Wilanow Palace and Museum
6 The Wilanow Palace is a Baroque royal residence since April 1677 after King John Sobieski III took over the village. Starting off small it, gradually grew into the massive structure that still stands today. On a private guided tour visit the White Hall, the Chapel, The King’s Library, the Kings Bedroom and many more rooms. As you walk, you are greeted with beautiful statues and sculptures. The museum has many artefacts and information.
Copernicus Science Centre
7 For a guided tour that is different see the Copernicus Science Centre. It started back in 1990’s when polish Radio organised outdoor science and culture events where families came and had fun with hands on experiments. Permanent displays gradually grew and in 2010 the Copernicus Science Centre officially opened for anyone enthusiastic about science. There is so much to see, experiment and learn on tour here.
Fryderyk Chopin Museum - Warsaw
8 To quote another piece, the Fryderyk Chopin Museum is a modern masterpiece with an air of a bygone era. The museum was founded in the 1930’s and remodelled to mark the 200th anniversary of Chopin’s birth in 2010. On a guided tour see the largest collection of memorabilia relating to Chopin in the world. It is the most innovative museum, artfully re-creating the work and life of this famous composer.
Jewish Historical Institute
9 Visit the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, the only one of its kind in Poland which is reason alone to visit on a guided tour. There is so much information, photographs, memorabilia and artefacts to do with Jewish life in Poland, past and present. The building even has its own history to tell, with traces of the Nazi's attempt to destroy it. A tour ofhere is both fascinating and educational.
The Holy Cross Church
10 The Baroque architecture and features found in the Holy Cross Church are worth a guided tour but the main reason is to visit here, is to see the final resting place of Fryderyk Chopin's heart. When he died in France, his sister, upon his request before dying, removed his heart from his body and smuggled it back to Warsaw in a jar of alcohol. She brought it to this church where it was buried and a monument later erected.

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