Discover Muscat the City of Old and New on Private Guided Tours

You will be amazed at how the clean the beaches and streets are in Oman’s capital city Muscat. All greenery is tended to regularly and with a Muscat private guided tour you can see for yourself just how well this city is maintained as you discover this charming city of old and new.

With a Muscat private sightseeing tour, you can visit the Grand Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world and which was a gift to the nation from Sultan Taboos.

Explore the cities Mutrah Souq on a Muscat walking tour and marvel at the items for sale in this chaotic market with its old world charm.

There are many museums for you to discover with a Muscat cultural tour and which displays a huge range of exhibits from modern art to rare antiquities.

Whether you explore the old town, shop in fantastic malls or even take a Muscat boat tour at sunset, You will never forget your holiday or the welcome that you will be given in this magical port city.

Let the activities begin!
Muscat by Night With Dining at Al Angham Opera House Restaurant
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Enjoy Muscat by night tour with a delicious dinner experience in Al Angham, Opera House restaurant for a high-end Oman culinary experience!

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5 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Masqat
Full Day Nizwa Tour
Full Day Nizwa Tour
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Nizwa is the treasure city of Oman! One of the most amazing historical tours to know better about the different dynasties tour available in 5 languages.

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9 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Masqat
Muscat Dolphin Cruise
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One of the best experiences you can have in Muscat. The contact with the dolphins is a once in a lifetime experience and totally unforgettable!

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2 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Masqat
Muscat Sunset Dhow Cruise
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This short trip will take you all along the beautiful promenade of Muscat and provide you with ample opportunities to film some of the landmarks of this amazing city!

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2 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Masqat
Grand Mosque
1 Sultan Qaboos gifted the Grand Mosque to the people of Muscat to celebrate his 30th year as Sultan of Oman. With rich Persian carpets, the mosque can facilitate 20,000 people including 750 in the prayer hall (which is usually used by women). When you visit the Mosque on private guided city tours of Muscat please wear appropriate clothing and women and girls must cover their hair and respect the religion of Oman.   
Sultans Palace
2 The Sultans Palace is situated on the site of the former British Embassy and is on most if not all guided city tours around Muscat. The Palace is now mainly used for Ceremonial parties and events. The Sultan's primary residence is in Seeb which is preferred by the family as it is quieter and near the seaside. The photo opportunities are fantastic and loved by locals and tourists alike.     
Bait Al Zubair
3 Bait al Zubair is located in the heart of the old district and is newly emerging as a famous cultural quarter of Muscat's harbour district. The harbour district has a long history and remains one of the cultural hubs of the city. High on rocky cliffs that shelter the dark blue waters of Muscat Bay, two ancient forts, Al Jalali and Al Mirani, stand guard at the entrance.
Mutrah Corniche
4 Muscat’s famous panoramic promenade stretches to nearly 2 miles along the seafront. Lined with little markets and traditional cares and restaurants this is a must see when you visit Muscat on any kind of private or group tours. Also home to his Majesty’s dhow, visiting cruise ships and the ferry to Musandam The Mutrah Corniche is a must see. 
National Museum
5 The National Museum is lovingly located in the heart of Old Muscat and is very popular on city sightseeing tours. While this is not a big museum compared to many others the artefacts on display here are of the highest quality and will educate you on the heritage of this beautiful country Oman. There are many interactive devices for all visitors to use and see when tours around the museum.       
Marina Bandar Al Rowdha
6 Offering a full range of fantastic boating trips, custom tours and amenities, Marina Bandar al Rowdha is a favourite launching point for a unique variety of watersports, including fishing and diving and is the place to be for adventure tourists. With many harbour activities, many sightseeing tours will stop off here so people can have a relax and enjoy some lunch by the sea or take on some of the watersports.   
Mutrah Souq
7 Mutrah Souq is very popular with tourists visiting the capital on private city tours. This famous market (Souq) is situated under a roof to protect the tourists and locals from the sweltering weather conditions. Bargaining is part of the charm of this market, and the traders are happy to haggle with customers for their unique products, have a coffee in one of the traditional coffeehouses and experience the unique traditions of this city.   
Ghalya Museum of Modern Art
8 This utterly delightful little museum located in Muscat encompasses both a modern art gallery and a lovely vintage furnished house. The Ghalya Museum of Modern Art encapsulates the excitement of the new modern country of Oman and is also tinged with the sadness of a pre-Renaissance world that has so quickly been left behind. The museum looks like a puzzle, wrapped around a unique central courtyard, with exhibits from the 1950's to the 1970's.  

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