There Is More Than Just Tulips to See on a Private Tour of Rotterdam

There is more than just tulips to see on a Private Tour of Rotterdam, there is great fun to be had even though the city is usually overshadowed by Amsterdam, Rotterdam is well worth checking out.  

The city pride's itself on its exclusive building design, port region, contemporary artwork, impressive food, as well as modern city centre.  

The location itself is extremely multicultural and also exhibits a cluster of festivals and then shows that are free of charge. Reap the benefits of custom touring in the summer months, since many festivals, as well as live shows, take place from mid-June throughout late August.

Reap the benefits of touring in the summer months, since many festivals, as well as live shows, take place from mid-June throughout late August.

You will thoroughly enjoy a guided private tour of Rotterdam's canals and waterways.

Let the activities begin!
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Erasmus Bridge
1 This platform is a popular tourist attraction. To some degree similar to a harp, it towers over the biggest harbour in Europe. It’s an excellent point to secure photographs of the city or take a private trip and get some great shots from the water.  Close to the Euromast (around a ten-minute stroll) is the prestigious suburb of Delfshaven. You’ll see museums together with the original mill from the Mayflower.
Rotterdam Summertime Festival
2 If possible, make it out for the Rotterdam Summertime Festival, which comes up the final weekend of July, which is made up of dancing, celebrations not to mention colourful processions. Additionally, pay a visit to the De Parade in your guided & private tours of Rotterdam, that is a circus trip that entertains with activities, melodies together with circus-related routines.
Museum Biojmans Van Beuningen
3 The museum, established in 1849, houses a rich, and wide assortment of exhibitions which are arranged into four wings with masterpieces akin to Pieter Brueghel the Elder’s The “little” Tower system of Babel (1563) and also an essential selection of surrealism, outstandingly showcasing Salvador Dalí together with René Magritte.
Oude Kerk
4 This really is one among the several places that made it through wartime bombings and also destruction—which makes it an excellent location for architectural attraction. The Ancient Christian church is one among the biggest attracts right here because it is reported to be the site in which the Pilgrims finally prayed before leaving for the Americas.  Check it out on a guided private tour. 
Rotterdam Walk of Fame
5 This walkway, much like that in Hollywood, CA, is a haven for hand-prints of numerous superstars as well as starlets from all over the world.  You’ve most likely not heard about this attraction in Rotterdam so book a guided private tour and see if your hands match any of the stars.
Harbour Trip
6 The harbour in Rotterdam is among the biggest in Holland and also heavily populated.  Moving on a Rotterdam harbour private tour motorboat trips a good way to see the action on the rivers.  View the city from some other vantage point.  The many trips are reasonably priced, and you can go for as short a time as half an hour or make a day of it.  
Euromast Tower
7 On your custom private tour see the rotating elevator that takes you 185 meters upward, giving you the ability to see Rotterdam from the gods.  Have a bite to eat in the upmarket restaurant to round off your trip or if you are a thrill seeker arrange to ab-sail down the side of the building.....awsome!!!!
Rotterdam Zoo
8 The Rotterdam Zoo was set up in 1857, as well as being one of the most well-liked day tours in the Holland it is a fun filled day with a guided private tour.  A remarkable feature of Rotterdam Zoo is the Oceanarium, which has a sizable selection of fish from all over the world.  It's a must see tour with so much to see and do you will be occupied for the whole day. 

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