Riga Private Sightseeing Tours of a Historic City With a Modern Heart

Explore this enchanting city with its old world charm and modern architecture with Riga private sightseeing tours. The capital of Latvia, Riga, is most known for its Art Nouveau architecture which dates back to the late 1800’s. This historic city with a modern heart has everything to offer from awe-inspiring sights to a thriving nightlife.

There are many historical buildings, museums and monuments to visit with Riga cultural tours. Visit St Peter’s Church where the view from the spire is not to be missed. Refresh your history at Riga’s Museum of the Occupation where you will see a haunting memorial to the victims of the Holocaust.

Enjoy the Old Town and the Art Nouveau district with Riga walking tours. Stroll along the cobbled streets with amazing restaurants and souvenir shops in the former before visiting the colourful 19th-century buildings with detailed sculpture in the later. Not to be missed is the Art Nouveau Museum where you will see one of the most impressive staircases in Europe.

Let the activities begin!
St Peter’s Church
1 One of the oldest monuments in the Baltic region is St Peter’s Church which also hosts one of the most impressive views of the city. Originally built in 1209, only some pillars remain today. Take a step back in time with Riga cultural tours as you explore this historic site and enjoy the 360-degree view from the top of the spire. There are also many art exhibitions and concerts held in the church.
Riga Central Market
2 Get closer to the belly of the city with delicious Riga food tasting tours. This impressive market is one of the largest in Eastern Europe and is the place to be to try out the countries regional cuisine. In 1997 the market was awarded a place on UNESCO’s “World Heritage” list. Not only is there a vast variety of cuisine to sample; you will also find a good selection of souvenirs and crafts on offer.
Museum of the Occupation
3 The people of Latvia have been occupied three times in recent history. Go back in history with Riga cultural tours as you learn about oppression, power, the Nazi and Soviet regimes before finally learning how the country gained its freedom in 1991. Documents, photographs and mementoes all tell the story of the terror that Latvians faced during the occupation. This tour is educational and fascinating.
Riga Old Town
4 With Riga walking tours visit the old town and its diverse architecture from different eras. After the countries independence, many of the buildings were reconstructed to keep with the historic look of the area. It is here that you will find restaurants and bars along with numerous souvenir shops along the quaint cobbled streets. There are many streets that are so narrow you can touch both sides with your arms outstretched.
The Art Nouveau District
5 Riga has one of the largest centres of Art Nouveau in Europe and over a third of the buildings are examples of this school of design. As you stroll around these streets with Riga walking tours, you will find some of the nicer bars, and restaurants the city has to offer.  There are many 1900’s apartment houses that are still inhabited, and it is best to take your time exploring this district; taking everything in.
Moscow District and Jewish Ghetto
6 Located near the Old Town, this district has been used as a backdrop for many movies. Steeped in Jewish history and with wooden architecture, Riga sightseeing tours will take you back in time as you wander around this lesser known area of Riga. The area is unique as it has hardly changed in the last seventy years. Here you will find stands with the names of 70,000 Jews who were excited in Latvia in World War 2.
Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum
7 Located only 30 minutes from Riga, this museum is one of the largest and oldest open-air museums in Europe. Take Riga sightseeing tours and experience how people used to live in the various regions of Latvia. With over 118 buildings ranging from farms, churches and houses, this museum makes for a great family day out. You can also participate in many activities as well as taking part in traditional games that were once played.
Art Nouveau Museum
8 This museum is unique for its kind in the Baltics because it shows a complete picture of the history of Art Nouveau. The early 20th-century apartment gives visitors an opportunity to see how former residents lived and every room is decorated in the style and fashion of the time. Join in the fun for all the family with the many interactive events found here. On Riga walking tours, be sure to stop at this fascinating attraction visiting. 
Riga Pub Crawls
9 Riga has a vibrant nightlife and with pub crawl tours Riga offers you can enjoy the experience of visiting many bars and nightclubs allowing you pick your favourites to return to again and again. Pub crawls are an excellent way of getting to know the local nightlife, especially at the start of your holiday.  Riga is fast becoming a popular spot for Hen and Stag parties, and remember; you must be over 18 to take this tour.
Riga Cathedral
10 On Riga Cultural tours you are sure to visit Riga Cathedral. This Cathedral is where the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Archbishop is seated. The Riga Cathedral foundations were laid in 1211 and during the 14th-15th centuries it was changed into a Basilica with major construction. The architecture style features Baroque, Romanesque, art nouveau and early gothic. There are beautiful features to be admired when you enter

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