Discover Sihanoukville on a Private Tour and Recharge Your Batteries

Discover the palm-fringed beaches of Sihanoukville discover Sihanoukville on a private tour and recharge your batteries.

After the dust and craziness of Cambodia's cities and villages what could be more welcoming than the sight of the sparkling sea indeed a sight for sore eyes.... 

This small Peninsula town of Sihanoukville on the Gulf of Thailand offers a welcome break in your private tour.  

Welcome to Cambodia's most famous coastal city and its stunning tropical islands, mangrove jungles, and palm fringed beaches…check in and check out one of the secluded beaches for a well-earned beer and recharge your batteries…

Let the activities begin!
Water Sports
1 In need of a bit of adventure and excitement then head to this idyllic location for some serious water sports. Scuba dive amongst the coral reefs and hunt out the fish and other creatures hiding in the warm ocean waters. If just a bit too strenuous try a private guided tour snorkelling and float blissfully around the surface or if you want a bit more of a thrill try a bit of kitesurfing or other activities like windsurfing and kayaking.
2 With a reputation as being Sihanoukville leading beach resort, it has a vast array of beaches to wander, relax and enjoy. With their stunning views over the Gulf of Thailand and their fine white sand beaches and with such exotic names as Serendipity, you could truly be in paradise. Mainly deserted you could be left with the whole beach to yourself, but most have a beach bar for that obligatory sunset cocktail.
Wat Leu Temple
3 Known for its hugely important religious significance this Temple is a perfect example of Cambodia's spiritual culture. From the colourful pointed temple roofs of this temple to Angkor Wat with its stone green tinged walls there is a diverse array of architecture here. Taking a sightseeing tour of its elaborate golden decorations, peculiar three-headed white elephant and a black statue of Buddha make it truly a temple not to be missed.
Buggy Tours
4 When lying on the beach becomes a real chore in this hard life then why not have an adventure on one of the many buggy rides around Sihanoukville and explore hidden Cambodia. Get off the beaten track on a custom tour and visit villages and farms. Fly down dusty, muddy tracks to see how life is lived here much of which has not changed for years. Why not try driving the buggy yourself if you are feeling really brave enough.
Kbal Chhay Waterfall
5 Surrounded by majestic green forest and largely undisturbed this spectacular waterfall is well worth the 7-kilometre tuk-tuk ride out from the centre. When you get to this cool, shady spot, you won't be disappointed by the amazing flora and fauna that makes up Cambodia's stunning landscape. If you time your visit during monsoon season, you will see it in its full swollen flowing glory.
Khmer Cookery Classes
6 As Food is an important part of everybody’s lives why not try a private tour traditional Khmer cookery class. Here you can learn some of their many culinary specialities. An experienced chef will teach you using authentic ingredients some of the many delicious dishes and of course after you get to eat them. You will get to keep the recipes you have been shown, and what a fantastic way to spend a day while learning at the same time.
7 From its fabulous night market selling a huge variety of handicrafts to the local farmers market every weekend, there is always a bargain to be found. Being a Beach resort, of course, there are the obligatory swimwear and souvenir shops but also a cafe/bakery that also sells their own unique bags made from recycled sacks. Or join the local tradition of buying fresh fruit and eat them on the beach what more could you ask for.
Victory Beach
8 If a beautiful, secluded beach is what you are looking for, far away from the craziness of the resort, then Victory Beach is maybe the place for you. A bit far from the town centre but it is quiet and hardly visited so you could make it your very own piece of paradise. Some small stands are serving delicious, cheap local food you can eat directly on the beach before having a nice relaxing snooze or swim.
Golden Lions Roundabout
9 Probably the most iconic landmark of Sihanoukville it is hard to miss this humungous golden coloured statue at the centre of the roundabout. Its unrealistic proportions and quite scary facial expressions make this lion and lioness a major focal point of the town. Once photos have been taken there is not really much else to see, but the surrounding bars and restaurants, however, are definitely worth a visit.
Starfish Bakery and Cafe
10 Well known for its equal opportunities in employing the disabled along with, or course, its delicious freshly baked goods and refreshing coffee its a great place to fill up but also to support their many projects including healthcare and housing. You can either make a donation or buy some goodies…what could be a better way to help the local economy ...go on you know you want to.

Travel Tips for Sihanoukville